Your Profile can be a Website!


You can personalize your profile with your own distinct web address. 


In your Features Section of your tutorial account, you have a Personalized Profile Link. 


For Example:


You can make your URL (web address) include your name, nickname or your tutoring company's name. See image with arrows below:


personalized URL


You also have a Display Full Name Feature which gives you the option to show off your full name if you chose to do so. If you check the box, your profile will display your full name so you can be more identifiable.   


What does this mean?

By creating your own unique web address, you can drive internet traffic to your profile, essentially making your unique profile into its own website and a marketing tool.


How can these features help attract students?  

  • You can use them to increase your visibility. You can help drive internet traffic to your Tutoring Match profile. Internet searches for your individual tutoring services will grow.
  • You can copy & paste your unique link on social media. Announce to the world that you are open for business; use Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin to show off your profile.
  • Place the link on any business cards, fliers or brochures you have promoting your business.
  • Your profile will stand out more on our site if you choose to use your full name.

Are these features available to all membership levels? These features are only available to +Plus and Professional members.  


Find your Hold Feature in your tutor account.  
TM logo without website address
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