Save on Paid Membership


You determine when membership works for you.


Membership Hold provides you, the tutor, with the ability to place your membership "on hold" any time you want to suspend membership. If you are on vacation or unavailable to tutor for any length of time, you can place a "hold" on your account without losing membership time. 


It doesn't deactivate your profile; it keeps your profile visible without appearing in search results so parents or clients won't choose you while you are inactive. Parents and students will appreciate that when they are searching for the right tutor. 


Extend your 1-year  

professional membership over years.



This feature allows you to be viewed, but not chosen. When a you return to tutoring, you haven't lost any membership time while extending the value of your benefits. In fact, you most likely will have more benefits available to you the next time you take yourself off hold. We add benefits all the time.

Find your Hold Feature in your tutor account.    

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