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   Are you open for business?


     Where are your store hours?  

 open for business

If your tutor profile is visible on our site, you are showing "shoppers" that "your store" exists and you are "open for business". Most window shoppers then assume that you have "store hours" and are seeking tutorials. But what if your hours aren't posted?  


What would your potential "customers" assume if they don't see any hours? 


 Your profile now has a calendar to show parents and students how available you are for tutoring. Your calendar looks like this: calendar Henry


Obviously, when your profile attracts attention, parents and students will check out whether or not your times match up with theirs. If your calendar is blank, they may move on to the next tutor.


How do I alter my availability? ....It is easy and quick.  

  • Sign in to My Tutorial Account.
  • Click on My Profile 
  • Go to Features (your calendar will soon move to the Tutoring section.)
  • Click on My Availability Calendar and then the time of each day you want to start to tutor.
  • Hold down your mouse. Pull down the "shade" to create a block of time that shows your availability. Release. Repeat for each day. 
  • The calendar automatically saves when you click on the X in the upper right corner.
  • If you make a mistake, right click and remove. 
  • DONE
  • ONE LAST REMINDER: You can also write in your narrative box announcements when you are "OUT to LUNCH" or "ON VACATION FROM NOW TO THEN" or "LIMITED TIME SPECIALS"...whatever!
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