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   Referrals have Rewards.      
referrals " Earn months of membership benefits on all tutorials you helped create."

How does it work?

Whenever you refer a new student/parent or tutor who gets matched, you earn membership credits or additional membership months.  


How do I generate referrals?  
  • Spread the word by mentioning Tutoring Match.
  • Email your Tutoring Match profile to people you know. 
  • Invite other tutors to become members. (Use the Referral Invite Feature.)
  • Twitter about Tutoring Match...use various social media to spread the word.
  • Hand out Tutoring Match business cards. (We supply these if you are a Paid tutor.)   
  • Post flyers on bulletin boards. (We supply these if you are a Paid tutor.)  
  • Contact us with potential clients or tutors, and we will give you credit.
  • Use video email feature to promote your profile - COMING SOON   

Who are potential referrals?   


   1. friends and family

   2. teachers / tutors  

   3. parents / PTA organizations

   4. educational leaders / school administrators / principals / school heads

   5. guidance counselors

   6. after-school program directors

   7. day care centers

   8. camp directors

   9. community leaders & organizations

  10. educational consultants

  11. corporations / business owners / educational businesses

  12. marketers / sales respresentatives

  13. persons of influence in your geographical area and/or on the internet.

Where can I access a record of all my referrals and matches?

You can use our Referral Invite Feature to invite students, parents and/or tutors to our service. Using this feature also enables you to keep a record of your referrals and your membership credits and/or extensions. Sign in to your tutor account to view the list of your referrals and matches.   


referral invite
Referral Invite Feature

How do I get credit for the tutorial match?

There are 4 ways you can receive credit:

  1. When your referral creates an account with Tutoring Match, he or she places your name in the "How did you hear about us?" field.
  2. When someone you invite via our Referral Invite Feature, signs up for our service, you are automatically given credit
  3. Call us with the tutor or parent / student's name. 800-775-4881
  4. Email us that person's name.
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