Tutoring Match
   You decide how & when you get paid.         

As an independent contractor, you choose...



You also choose...


your percentage. 

Either 80% or 100% of your hourly rate.

who pays you.

Tutoring Match or Your Client

how you get paid.

Check, PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Cash

when you get paid.

1st of month, 1st and 15th, Saturdays, or Immediately

how frequently you get paid.

Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Weekly or each tutorial.

how quickly you receive payment.  

US mail (5 days), Direct Deposit, or Immediately.

how quickly a check clears bank.

3-5 Business days, 1 Business Day, or Immediately

how you invoice clients.

TM's Billing Services or Create Them Yourself

how you collect payments.

TMs Billing Services or Collect Payments Yourself 

payment options for tutors1
For more details, click Tutor Payments.

NOTE: Only those tutorials that commence after you become a +Plus or Professional Member will qualify for the 100% hourly rate.

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