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   Building Trust and Confidence      
Because parents need to feel confident that the tutor they hire is:



      • smart
      • talented
      • personable
        • communicative
      • perceptive
      • patient  
      • punctual  
      • talented
      • trustworthy


...each tutor needs to ask...


How do I build this trust and confidence?  


Of course, it takes much more than simply creating a tutor profile and having it placed on our website. It usually takes...


 ...establishing trust with Tutoring Match. 


If we get to know YOU as a tutor, then when potential clients contact us to request a tutor, we are better able to describe you and your skills. Some tutors seem to believe that they will attract students simply by displaying a profile...that students will immediately line up for their services. Most of the time, potential clients call us or we contact them and have a conversation so we can refine their request and find the best fit. Obviously, when Tutoring Match has "met" our tutor members and become familiar with them, it is easier to promote, support and even recommend their services. In fact,... 


...the better we know a tutor,  

the better the chances that tutor has of being chosen. 


So, to establish trust and confidence, here's a dozen suggestions:   

    1. post a photo that conveys confidence and approachability.   
    2. email us 3+ references for your file.
    3. place testimonials on your profile. 
    4. upload a professional resume on your profile.
    5. post your tutor certification and/or teacher certification.
    6. display a personal video.  
    7. encourage parents to rate and review you after a tutorial.
    8. offer a "no-risk" or "free-first" hour session.  
    9. present a complete profile.
    10. place a background check on file.
    11. introduce yourself + interview with Tutoring Match's staff.
    12. upgrade to a +Plus or Professional Membership