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             Did you know ? 


Most tutors join Tutoring Match because they are looking for fast, easy and inexpensive ways to...
  1. find more students.
  2. market and advertise their services.
  3. provide clients payment & billing services.
  4. make money.

But Tutoring Match offers much more.  

did you know



  •  you can now earn 100% of your rate? 
  • parents/students can find your profile with 7 different search features?
  • you can be paid weekly or immediately?
  • your profile can be featured on our homepage?
  • Tutoring Match has over 3,000 visitors per month?
  • we'll help you advertise your profile everywhere?
  • you have a scheduling calendar in your profile?
  • your profile's URL address can be personalized?
  • you have 7 membership discount options?
  • when you refer students and/or tutors you can extend your paid membership? 
  • you can receive 1-on-1 marketing guidance?
  • your profile can be found at the top of all searches? 
  • we help you create and upload your own video?
  • we have tutoring and marketing tips located on our website? 
  • you now have a referral invite feature?
  • you can put a "hold" on your membership anytime?
  • you have an option to display your whole name?  
  • you can advertise on our homepage?
  • video is the fastest way to promote your services?
  • you can be paid with direct deposit?
  • we help you receive tutor certification?
  • you can earn +Plus Membership without spending any money? 
  • Tutoring Match offers whiteboard training?
  • your profile can have 340+ self-marketing tools? 
  • you can create more than one profile?  
  • when you get interviewed, your profile indicates that you have been pre-screened?   
  • your testimonials only appear if you are a +Plus or Professional member.    
Did you know...continued...
  • you will be able to receive a TEXT message on your cell phone when you receive a tutorial request?  
  • you can have Tutoring Match place your video in at least 8 online locations? 
  • you can upload your own resume to your profile?
  • you can use our services for your private tutees?
  • you can negotiate fees by yourself?
  • we collect testimonials on your behalf?  
  • your account keeps record of all your requests & referrals?
  • you have access to 100's of tutoring resources from our website? 
  • you can now indicate on your profile that you have a background check on record? 
  • your profile can be featured in our parent and tutor newsletters?
  • you can have your references on file for parents?
  • online tutors can use 5 online tutoring tools and receive 1-on1 online training as part of their membership?
  • you can receive 70+ benefits for the cost of less than a cup of coffee a day?  


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Hope these questions help give you a better idea what Tutoring Match offers you. Contact us if you have any questions. 

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