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"You teach best what you most need to learn." -- Richard David Bach


I like this quote because it is open to various interpretations. I take it to mean what students very often fail to understand: that during a lesson, it is never just the student who is learning, but the teacher, too. In a sense, a teacher is merely the more experienced of a group struggling to ascertain greater degrees of knowledge. He may lead, but he does not necessarily give. He is a part of the group, like captain leading his crew through waters he has only studied on a map to a land unknown by both crew and captain.






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July 16, 2011                                         Click here to visit our website 

investing in self tree

Investing in Yourself


Recently, I read a blog written by  promient communication consultant, Mark Jeffries, in which he commented on why businesses are not spending wildly in this fragile economy. Actually, he wrote that businesses are spending money by investing in themselves. Many businesses are focused on adding value to their product(s) and/or services.


"Why is this approach so smart?", Mark asks, and then he queries, "What are you worth?"


Reminding us all, Mark answers...   


"Never forget that people buy people - and every time that you explain the benefit of your offering, the value of your products or the brilliance of your service -  people are really choosing whether they buy YOU or not."   

 "There is no greater way to invest in yourself than to stop focusing on what you want to sell and really concentrate on what you know your customers, your colleagues and your bosses want to buy." 


This seems true for Tutoring Match as we extol our tutoring benefits to parents and tutors as well as invest in what our company can offer others. And this seems especially apropos of tutors who might market themselves differently if thought about what parents and students are looking for when they look for a tutor.


So I ask you to consider how you have invested in yourself - your profile, your image, your brand, your credibility, your knowledge, your stories, your value for providing a tutoring service. 

Keys to Successful Tutoring

Twenty-One Keys

 to Successful Tutoring


1.      Extoll your pupil for good behavior; ignore half the bad behavior, and reason with them regarding the half. Don't, however, debate over a clear violation of the rules.
  2.      Have a positive attitude. If you can't be engaged and enthusiastic, your pupil will find it hard to be so, too. You are, after all, a role model.
  3.      Always bear in mind the reason why you tutor, why you seek knowledge, and why you want to disseminate among others.


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