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Marcus Aurelius was the last of the Five Good Emperors of ancient Rome, and sought to epitomize the Platonic ideal of the philosopher-king. A devoted Stoic, Marcus Aurelius' reign is considered a high point in antiquity, despite the fact that during his regnum he fought wars against the Parthian Empire, Sarmatians, and Germanic tribes. His greatest legacy is Meditations, which was written in Greek and provides for readers a compendium of Stoic wisdom of a variety of subjects. The book emphasizes service, duty, benevolence, cheerfulness in the face of adversity, and has been a source of inspiration since Aurelius completed it. Below, I've reproduced some quotes from the Meditations that I think tutors and parents would find encouraging and enlightening in their quest to educate.

"Execute every act of thy life as though it were thy last."


Tutors, encourage your students to put all their energy into what they do. Only then can they reap the rich rewards that you and their parents say await them.




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July 4th 

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Actor Matt Damon performs and discusses the Declaration of Independence.  


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