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Within the next 2 -3 weeks, Tutoring Match is not only making some cosmetic improvements, but we're also introducing significant additions to tutor memberships, tutor profiles and website functionality.  There will be numerous new features, new tools, valuable options, discounts, and savings and even a new contract agreement. Many of the changes will provide tutors with many more benefits that will improve tutoring opportunities as well as increased flexibility, marketing opportunities, billing options and tutorial support and training.  We have even tweaked our mission statement


 Here's some of the

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Revised Tutor FAQs  


How will these new changes help tutors? 

Tutors can earn more while receiving greater marketing assistance , training and support and payment and billing options. Tutors will have increased flexibility and opportunity. Each level of membership will offer greater value. Parents will have easier access to and communication with tutors. 


How will these changes affect present Premium Members?  

While most of the changes will not affect Premium Membership, tutors who join for FREE will have 19 benefits (profile tools, marketing options and support services) available to them. Premium members will have 24/7 profile visibility, an 80/20 pay split for each tutorial, an online time sheet, payment and billing services and online resources. 


What are the biggest changes for a Premium Member? 

Each Premium (BASIC) Member will have to complete his/her profile to remain active and visible. Profiles with photos will show up higher in all search results. A Premium Member will no longer have access to his/her profile's 330+ social media apps, profile email, Facebook Like feature or your Views counter. These features along with a tutor's resume and video upload functionality will be offered only to paid members. All those tutors with resumes uploaded prior to August 1st will remain viewable. Premium members will be awarded Premium+Plus and Professional Membership extension credits instead of percentages for their Referral Rewards. Only paid members will have access to an additional 51+ features available.


Do you have any new rules, or restrictions or regulations for member tutors? 

Actually we have fewer. Our business plan now calls for TM to become a place where tutors come to attract students, but also a place where they use our tools and features to build their tutoring business. We no longer want to be in competition with our tutors. That is why we scrapped much of the contract and are now offering our Premium+Plus and Professional tutors 100% of their hourly rate. 


How will tutorials change for Premium+Plus and the new Professional tutors? 

Now paid members will have numerous options with any tutorial they create through TM. Tutors may opt to have parents contact them directly and make all the arrangements themselves or have us negotiate on their behalf. Tutors may elect to collect their pay directly from their client or use TM's Payment and Billing Services for a flat monthly rate. View the Membership Benefits Comparison Chart.  


How has TM's contract changed for tutors? 

The major change will be that paid tutors now can take home 100% of their rate for every tutorial they create through TM. This means that for paid tutors there is no longer any "fee addendum" that requires them to charge Tutoring Match students the same rate as they charge their own private students. The "non-compete" clause has now been removed; now paid tutors have no restrictions in building their tutoring business.


Where does Tutoring Match advertise and promote itself?

Click to read answer in Tutor FAQs for Marketing & Advertising. 


Why should I pay for Tutoring Match's tutoring and marketing services?
Tutors with paid memberships will receive 50 more benefits than free members.  A tutor's profile will become his/her own mini-website; each will have a customizable URL that gives more marketability. Tutoring Match will also provide paid members with customized 1-on-1 marketing, training and support services. With discounts, credits, rewards and membership extensions, paid membership costs between $12 - $20 a month or the price of a bottle of wine or large pizza. And finally, paying members provide Tutoring Match with more opportunities to advertise their profiles. See our Value Chart.   


What is TM's Pre-Pay Pre-Activation Discount?

If a Premium Member becomes a Premium+Plus or a Professional Member prior to September 1st, 2011,  he or she receives a 3-month membership extension. See Discounts   


Will anything change for new tutors? 

New tutors now join without being screened or interviewed, but they will have more required profile fields before they become visible to prospective parents and students. If new tutors become paid members immediately upon sign-up, they receive a 3 month paid membership extension. See New Tutor Introductory Offer in Discounts / Credits / Rewards.  


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