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 Tip # 12: Profile Matters    

puzzleYour profile is one of your most important tools for attracting tutorials so we want you to know about this summer's changes and improvements to your Tutoring Match profile.

Because Tutoring Match offers parents and students a database of dynamic tutors to chose from, we are asking all tutors who haven't already done so, to complete their profiles to improve their chances of being viewed, requested and matched for tutorials.

Starting August 1st, only those tutor profiles with a Narrative, Education, Testimonials, Availability, Tutorial Locations, Payment Options and Photo will remain activated and visible 24/7.

Tutors with incomplete profiles will still be able to access their accounts, but their profiles will no longer remain visible on our homepage or within any of our 7 search tools. Of course, once a tutor supplies this information, his or her profile will be reviewed, reapproved and reactivated.

If a tutor does not add the necessary information by September 1st, that tutor's account will be deactivated and his or her email will be removed from our mailing list.



  • All profiles will have 2 calendars: one for a scheduling and another for showing availability.    
  • A tutor's Last Login will be added to his or her public profile to show parents a tutor's level of activity and / or interest.        
  • All resume and video / podcast uploads will be reserved for Premium+Plus and Professional Members.   
  • All 330+ Profile Self-Marketing Tools and Number of Views will be available only on Premium+Plus and Professional Members' profiles.          
  • Interviewed / Background Checks / References on file: New icons indicating these will appear on Premium+Plus and Professional Members profiles.    

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View Old + New Profile Features & Benefits  

(Listed by Membership Type)


PTM Rocksremium Membership: 

  • Free Profile - Customize to suit your business.
  • Photo Upload - Adds credibility, confidence and identification.
  • Calendars - Use them to show your availability and your schedule.  
  • Web Presence - Have others view your profile 24/7 on our homepage.
  • Searches - Have parents / students find your profile 5 different ways.  

Premium+Plus Membership:  

  • Online Tutor Profile - Use your online profile to attract online requests.
  • Featured Profile - Make profile more noticeable on our homepage and all 7 searches.
  • Video & Podcast Upload - Post a video and / or a podcast on your profile.       

 Professional Membership    COMING AUGUST 1, 2011.

  • Profile Review & Feedback - Have us provide suggestions to increase traffic.  
  • Direct Client Contact Option - Allows parents and students to contact you directly.  
  • Advertising - Advertise your profile in a number of ways with our 1-on-1 help.
  • Optimization - Create your own brand. Customize your profile's URL.
  • Review & Ratings Features -  Feedback about your past tutorial sessions.
  • Homepage Video & Podcast - Share these on our homepage to increase visibility.
  • Display Full Name Option - Enable full name display on profile and all search features.
  • Interview Option -  Request an interview; places an indicator on your profile. 
  • References Available Indicator - References on File icon/symbol on your profile.  
  • Background Check - Symbol on profile indicates a completed background check  
  • Spotlighted Profile - Highlight your profile on homepage and in all 7 search features.
  • Newsletter Spotlight - Your profile appears in our newsletter; use the URL to promote. 
  • Testimonials Collection - Have us collect and post reviews on your profile.

See  Comparative Benefits Chart.


 Contact Information

Toll Free                  800-775-4881 | 330-2TutorU | 330-288-8678  

Fairfield, CT             203-366-3396  http://www.tutoringmatch.com/newhaven-ct
Boston, MA              617-622-4040  http://www.tutoringmatch.com/boston-ma
Philadelphia, PA      215-525-2020  http://www.tutoringmatch.com/philadelphia-pa
New York, NY          646-213-0233  http://www.tutoringmatch.com/newyork-ny
Denver, CO              303-223-6000  http://www.tutoringmatch.com/denver-co
San Francisco, CA   415-762-2220  http://www.tutoringmatch.com/sanfrancisco-ca