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 Tip # 11 Creating a Lasting Impression


"There are no second chances to make a first impression."  


Studies show that when people meet each other in person for the first time, it only takes seconds to form some lasting impressions. This is also true online.   

 We suggest you take a hard look at how your profile can attract more visitors.


More views = More requests = More matches   


TOP 10 FEATURES / FACTORS that help a tutor create a lasting impression:  

    1. a clear head shot photo with a smiling face   
    2. skills, experience and credentials that match a student's needs  
    3. a timely response to a tutorial request
    4. a profile appearing prominently in all 5 of our search tools
    5. a recent resume posted to a tutor's profile  
    6. a narrative that says something interesting about tutor's approach and personality  
    7. a few powerful parent or student testimonials   
    8. a clear explanation of his/her fee ranges and Payment Options 
    9. a short, interesting video 
    10. a complete, updated and professional profile  

While some tutors are chosen soon after they join Tutoring Match, many tutors have to wait. Many of these tutors hope some parent or student will select them even without a complete profile. Hope isn't usually strong enough to attract potential clients on its own.  


Tutors who have been matched have... 

Of course, each tutor has to determine if our help will be worth it. Actually, we have never experienced where our assistance hasn't helped.  We can only say, you will never know unless you try us out. Read what other tutors have said: Tutor Testimonials.  


Read about the benefits of: 

See Comparative Benefits Chart.


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