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How Recruiting Tutors Helps You

Do you knreferrals ow teachers, tutors and/so professionals who would be great additions to Tutoring Match?
  • If so, help us reach a critical mass of tutors (3-5 in each academic subject) in your area of the US. It will benefit you!

  • Just so you know....some of our most successful tutors have come directly from our clients and active tutors.
We can help you spread the word about Tutoring Match's Tutor Benefits.  See below.

benefitHow you benefit:
  • You receive referral rewards.referral chart
  • You can earn residual income.
  • You help support your own tutoring business . 
  • You help other tutors benefit
  • You help students you are too busy to help.
  • You help us spread the word so more people hear about our service which in turn gives your profile more exposure (Views).
What you can do:

Encourage prospective tutors to take a look at our website and fill out an application. If they become active and make successful matches, you earn referral $$$. Make sure they use your name when they fill out their application or mention your name during their interview so we can give you credit!
helpHow you can help:
  • Spread the word. Email your profile (use the link on your profile page) to those tutors you know.
  • Forward our emails to tutors you know (See the forward buttons below)

  • Use Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin
  • Distribute fliers to prospects. We can send you copies. 
  • Post fliers on bulletin boards. (Make sure you write your initials in the tear-off tabs) We can send you the template so you can print more out.
Call us so we can discuss the possibilities.

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