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refer a friendWord-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful marketing and advertising tool, and it usually happens when someone has a positive experience and wants to share it with others for FREE.

As you know if you refer a student or a parent to Tutoring Match, we offer you a reward of 5% for every tutorial hour you help create, but we have decided that that reward isn't enough incentive for many of you. So we have decided to give you a choice:

either you earn $100 every time we match one of your referrals or you earn 5% for each tutorial hour over the life of each tutorial. You choose.

Referrals don't take much work; in fact, all one has to do is tell someone about our service.
Who are potential referrals? See more Referral FAQs below.

What are some possible referral scenarios:  


Scenario #1 When a parent contacts you and you aren't able to tutor his or her child because you are too busy or it isn't the right fit, you mention Tutoring Match.

You will either earn yourself a tutorial or a referral check when the individual writes in your name or initials in the Referred By field in a new account.


Scenario #2 A tutor was working with a student in a library (common place where other tutors congregate after 2:30 PM!!!!) when one of TM's tutors gave out his TM business card to this tutor and said, "If you are looking for more tutoring possibilities, you might try Tutoring Match." THE RESULT: The tutor signed up a few days later and began to receive  tutorial requests and matches. The referring Tutoring Match tutor earned a monthly commission check and the new tutor some new students.  


Scenario # 3  A parent sees one of your business cards or flyers you have placed around town, and when he or she requests a tutor, he or she includes your initials in the PROMO CODE box when they create an account.  


faqHow does it work?  What is residual income? 
Can you supply some examples?
What do I have to do?
How do I get credit for the tutorial match?
How much money can I expect to earn?
How often do I get paid?
Who are Tutoring Match Promoters?  


REMEMBER: When you earn commission on your referrals, it could become significant money because we pay out commission checks upwards of 6% for every hour your referral has a tutorial with us. Read more... 

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