Tutoring Match

Ever  been "stiffed" on a payment? 

  • Ever have difficulty collecting payments for one or more of your private clients?
  • Ever feel uncomfortable discussing financial arrangements or payments with a new parent? 
  • Ever need to send  an invoice, but don't have the time or the software to create an invoice? 
  • Ever need some help calculating your tutorial payments around tax time? 
  • Ever feel uncomfortable raising your rate with a present client?
  • Ever feel uncertain when you are going to get paid? 
Would you like some assistance with any of the above?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, Tutoring Match is now providing tutors who have their own private clients with the following services:
  • fee negotiation  
  • invoicing
  • bill collection
  • tutorial payments  
  • payment security
For 5% of your hourly rate for each or any private tutorial, Tutoring Match will take care of the financial

Tutoring Match is offering our payment services as a benefit to all of our tutors, and we never market or solicit our services with any of a tutor's private clients.

It is easy to arrange and can be implemented immediately for weekly, bi-monthly or monthly payments.

Contact us so we can discuss the possibilities or if you have any questions.



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Tutoring Match
Tutoring Match
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