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Is the training manditory? 

What is included in the training?

Does Tutoring Match supply tools and resources?

How can I receive more tutor training and certification?

Do you have online guidelines? 


The Whiteboard

How does the whiteboard work?

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What subjects can I tutor? 


What types of online instruction does Tutoring Match offer?

How do I plan and start a class?

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How do I invite students?
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Can I invite more than one student at a time?


How do students find me? 


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What is the Calendar?

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When is Tutoring Match "open"?

When would I work?

Can TM guarantee work on a regular basis?

How many tutorials may I expect?

Is there a minimum number of hours you have to commit to each week?

Tutor Rates

What factors should I consider when choosing a tutorial fee?

What do I charge for my tutorials and/or courses?

What if I want to alter my fee?

How will I be paid?

When will I get paid?

Do you offer a "referral fee" or "finder's fee" if I refer a tutor, parent or student to your website?

March 1st Deadline


To remain an active online tutor, you either have to demonstrate your online skills or receive training from us.

After March 1st, all tutors who haven't elected to be online tutors will simply have their online tutor status made inactive.


Your training starts soon after you activate your online status.


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