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Are U an Online Tutor? 

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If, when u created ur Tutoring Match profile, u selected Online as a Tutorial Type, ur profile is now visible to parents and students for online tutoring. To see ur profile, Find an Online Tutor.

Now take a moment to ask urself the following questions: 


Are u ready for online learning?


Have u ever taught online?


Have u had whiteboard training?


Have u ever used Skype? 


Have u read our Online 50+ FAQs?


If u answered "YES" to ALL of these questions, u are almost ready to use our services to tutor online.     

First, U need to sign up as a Premium Tutor  

Go to your Tutor account to view ur 3 membership options.  


Secondly, you need to demonstrate ur online expertise.  

To do so, please contact (email or call 800-775-4881)  

to schedule a LIVE session.


If you replied with a "NO" to any of these questions, and still want to be considered an online tutor, then you need to sign up for as a Premium Tutor and schedule some training. 

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  • more students 
  • easy to use 
  • webcam   
  • audio / video
  • whiteboard
  • real time 
  • share files 
  • math tools
  • calendar
  • 90% split 
  • tips/resources 
  • exercises 
  • advertising
  • referral bonus

Training / Support

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Online Learning

 How it works   

Whiteboard Video
Calendar Video
3 Types of Instruction  

Ways to get students 

Become an online Tutor  

Read more FAQs 

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Ur Online Rate


U will notice that we have chosen $30 as a default rate for online tutors. Of course, u may raise or lower ur pricing by changing it in your profile.

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March 1st Deadline:


To remain an active online tutor, you either have to demonstrate your online skills or receive training from us.

After March 1st, all tutors who haven't elected to be online tutors will simply have their online tutor status made inactive.