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Dear Parents,

Check out what parents and students have been saying about Tutoring Match!  We invite you to read some of their testimonials below, and to submit any comments, requests or feedback you may have regarding Tutoring Match's tutors or service. You can use the red Feedback form on the left side of our homepage, our contact form or email us

If you ever are interested in finding a tutor, each of our tutor profiles on our website has testimonials from satisfied parents. And we collect comments from each tutor's references; so if you ever need more information about a tutor, we can share their remarks as well. If you are interested, read some of our math tutor testimonials.

Henry Lane
SAT answer sheet

SAT Testimonials 


"My brother Isaac did very well in the SATs; he improved in all areas and his Math was very high! Thank you so much."

-- Angela, sister and guardian of HS junior


"Greg has received his third college acceptance so far. He's been accepted to Fordham University , Providence College , and UConn so far, with 5 more schools waiting to come in. Greg did well on his SAT's: 650 verbal, 630 math, and 730 writing - we were all very pleased!"

-- Sue, mother of senior at Trumbull High


Amy ended up with a 600 verbal and 690 math. She just successfully completed her 1st semester at Trinity College in Hartford CT. She had a great first term and is very happy there. Thank you for your help.

-- Bianca, mother of HS senior


"My only regret is that we didn't find you sooner! As you know, Kat's original SAT scores - before Learning Core - were competitive but she felt there was room for improvement in math. Thanks to Jeanette's support, she felt so much more confident going into the second round. After just 7 weeks, she improved by 30 points.. It was always so convenient, low key and stress free."

--Tina, parent from Norwalk

"We were 100% happy with your service and think that Jeannette is the absolute BEST. She met with Julia twice specifically to focus on the strategies for taking the Math SAT. As I recall, the improvement was 70 points. There's no denying, that's an excellent result."

-- Happy parent

Tutoring Woman and Child


Multiple Subject Testimonials 


"Hilary didn't require a lot of tutoring in Math, but the help you gave her assisted her in understanding some of the fundamentals that she had not picked up in class. This gave her theconfidence she needed. She finished up Pre-Calculus last year with an A- and will be taking AP Calculus in her senior year at the high school! You were there when she needed help, and I would recommend Jeanette to anyone looking for some help."

-- Pamela, mother of senior at Staples High School


"I am happy to say that Blake is also studying at least two hours every evening - required. His indicator grades, which are verbal from his freshmen advisor, are putting him in honors.He is definitely trying very hard... that has been an adjustment.

Henry, thank you for the time and continued effort in working with Blake.The time you spent with him has certainly helped him adjust to this new academic environment."

-- Shelly, Greenwich parent of middle school student

"Your prices are very competitive, since your tutors do go to the student's home. Esther is doing well this year - she is taking pre-calculus and chemistry, which seem to be more intuitive for her - or maybe she just has better teachers... The tutors she worked with were all good; I think the key is finding someone that is a good match for the student's learning style. Thanks for all your help."

-- Kathy

"As you know, Jeanette tutored Annie on her calculus these past 2 years. While Annie has always been strong in math, she did struggle a bit with calculus and called on Jeannette quite a few times, often at the last minute before an exam. I know Jeannette was always very accommodating and flexible and was able to help Annie with her questions. Annie always found the sessions helpful--Jeanette knew the materials and knew how to get the concepts across well."

-- Hsiao-lien, mother of high school senior

"Zachary greatly benefited from his tutoring experience. The one-on-one time spent with Henry enabled him to grasp math concepts that he had trouble with in a traditional classroom environment. I am sure Zachary achieved better test scores as a result of tutor times. Henry was reliable, timely and always courteous with our appointments."

-- Barbra

Read more testimonials, from our satisfied parents.