Tutoring Match
December  13, 2010

Due to an increase in the number of unresponsive tutors, we have decided to make some changes.

Effective Immediately - 2 New TM Policies for Tutors
1. Tutors who fail to respond in a timely fashion (within 24 hours) to a tutorial request, an email or a phone message will be assumed to be inactive and deactivated from our tutor database.  * unless there are extenuating circumstances. 

Tutoring Match offers tutors a free service and provides great value to tutors who are serious about finding tutorials, but our network of tutors is only as good as those tutors who are available and responsive. Our tutor's credentials and effectiveness rarely have been questioned, but our credibility with parents and students is frequently based our tutors' availability and their  communication skills.

  • Whenever you do not want to be considered for a tutorial request, sign in to your account and decline the request for your services. Parents / students want to know as soon as possible whether or not you can assist them. The key is to let them know if you are interested or not as soon as possible. 
  • When you receive a referral request for a tutorial in your area, please respond.  A simple email tells us you received and read our correspondence. Tell us if you forwarded it to other potential tutors so we can be prepared to accept them into our network. Also, don't forget you can receive Referral Rewards.  
  • If you are not interested in receiving tutorials, you can either keep yourself active by simply stating in capital letters within your profile's narrative your availability's limitations OR we can deactivate you now and reactivate you when you are receptive to receiving requests.
2. If your profile is missing a photo, a narrative, testimonial(s) or a clear payment policy, your profile will be deactivated from our tutor database.

Our tutor profiles reflect on the quality of our company so we ask you to take the time to present yourself in a professional manner so we can market you, you can market yourself and so parents and students can get to see how you will be a great match.

If we have contacted you about making changes to your profile and you don't respond either by making the changes or by email or phone, we will assume you are not interested or too busy to improve your profile to attract potential clients.

If you wish to reactivate your profile, please call us at 800-775-4881.

If you haven't received many views or any requests, it may be, in part, due to your profile. When was the last time you made any improvements or changes to your profile? Narratives, testimonials, fees and fee option explanations are essential for your profile to be considered by potential clients. You want more exposure? Become a Premium Tutor. Try a Trial Membership.


1.    We assume you are actively seeking tutorials if your profile is viewable on our site.

2.    If your availability or location changes significantly, update the changes on your profile.

To the majority of our tutors, thank you for being responsive and viewing us as a valuable resource and service.

Your response to this email is welcome. We always appreciate your feedback.

Henry Lane
Tutoring Match Founder/Owner/Director