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7 Marketing Tips 4 Your Tutoring Services
Tip #1 - Advertise Your TM Services

Word-of-Mouth is a powerful FREE advertising and networking tool, but it is usually the result of people learning about you via parents' testimonials, newspapers, magazines, Craig's List, radio, direct mailing, etc.  There are other free or inexpensive techniques you can use to spread the word about your tutoring talents.

Use Bulletin Boards to post Tutoring Match posters, brochures, business cards and fliers. (More info to follow.)

Attend Networking Meetings, Community Meetings and PTA Meetings - Here's where you can swap and distribute your Tutoring Match business cards. Need more? See message below.

Create your own fliers or advertisements with discounts listed on your Tutoring Match profile page. Make sure your profile page is mentioned on your flier (For example, you would write your first name and initial of last name and the town(s) + state or zip code so parents can find you on our site. It is up to you whether you use any last names in your ads.)

If you offer discounts, make sure your profile's Payment Options section describes the discounts clearly. (Let us know if you need assistance.)

Request a business card or flier template so you can personalize your services; we will email you some possibilities to suit your tutoring business. Contact Us.

Tip #2: Create your Own Video   
impactvideoWatch: The Impact of Video

Youtube Logo
How does a personal video help grow my business?
Tip #3 - Use Your Social Networks
Links for Profile
Build more
 awareness; post your profile on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other social/business media sites. Did you watch the impact of video ?

To post your profile, you don't even have to log into your Tutoring match account.  Just access your profile on the Tutoring Match homepage  Use the buttons on your profile page (see the icons in the yellow box above) while encouraging others to click on them as well.

SUGGESTION: Return to your social sites as often as once a week and share some tidbit of news about you as a tutor. The more frequently you share info about your tutorial services, the better chance you have to build your own following. Don't forget to include your profile's URL address any time you write about your tutoring.

Easier still, return to your profile to use the icon features to
send your profile's link automatically. (Then you don't have to cut and paste your URL.)

Tip #4: Bookmark & Share
share and bookmark
Use your profile's Bookmark & Share features. Right now there are over 320 different apps that can help you access more potential contacts by utilizing the power of the web.

To learn more about how to make sharing easy,
watch What's This - a short video.
Tip #5 - Ask Friends a Favor (or 2)

Invite friends to visit your profile using the envelope icon in the upper
right corner of your profile's intro. rectangle (See arrowed image at left).
Then ask each friend to forward your profile's link using the same feature.
It's easy to forward your link now. Anyone visiting your profile can do it from your profile.

Like ThisAsk your friends to also click on the LIKE button. Doing so will send your profile to your friends' Facebook pages and give you more visibility. Each time a visitor to your profile clicks on your profile's Like button, it not only gives your profile more views (located in the bottom right), but also adds to the number of people liking your profile. The higher these numbers rise, the greater your profile's exposure.

Tip #6 - Refer, Recommend & Receive
refer a friend

So how does a Tutoring Match tutor benefit by recommending students, parents, or tutors to others? You prosper by sending the message that you are more than just a single tutor; you are actually part of a network of tutors! So in many ways if you encounter someone looking for tutoring, you not only will be helping them, but helping yourself.

As you know, whenever a tutorial is created with any of your referrals, you receive monetary rewards.  You can reap $$$ rewards and build your business at the same time when you...

  • refer student(s) to Tutoring Match whenever you have too many tutees.
  • refer student(s) to Tutoring Match whenever you encounter students outside of your expertise.
  • refer other Tutoring Match tutors in your geographic area by sending that Tutor's link to that student or parent. You just call or email us to credit your account.
  • refer new tutors to join Tutoring Match.
  • encourage parents to create a parent account on Tutoring Match and fill in your name in the Referred By field.
  • refer parents and students directly to us so we can help them through the process.
Tip # 7 - Tidy Up Your Profile 
tidying up
  • Upload a clearer or newer photo.
  • Spruce up your narrative. When you apply to tutor on Tutoring Match, you prepare a short narrative that explains who you are and what you teach. By reading it, parents and students find the tutor who's the right fit. Read examples of other tutors' narratives to understand what works. To make your profile effective, mention your tutoring style, teaching certifications, degrees, tutoring experience, interests and any special qualifications that set you apart.
  • Include recent and relevant testimonials and recommendations.
  • Clarify your fee range and/or consider offering some payment plans.
  • Make sure your resume is clear and accurate. Sometimes tutors need to rearrange their resumes to suit a parent and student audience.
  • Get additional certification. While tutors with Tutoring Match are not required to be certified tutors, note that many clients value certification. Consider getting certified as a tutor by a national association, or taking classes in online instruction. After you complete certification, add it to your Tutoring Match profile. 

Hope you found these tips helpful. They really do work! And there are more tips to come.


Stay tuned...one of our next emails will highlight those tutors who are attracting more parents and tutees using these tips and strategies.

Remember, we are here to help you be successful so feel free to contact us.

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