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 "Sticking Points" - How to Attract More Students

We use the term "StickSticking to Adhesiveing Points" to refer to those areas of a tutor's profile that "sticks to" or that adhere to a parent's or student's tutorial request.

The 5 main "sticking points" have always been: 

  1. Subject Area / Expertise
  2. Availability / Time
  3. Location
  4. Rate
However, whenever a prospective parent or student views your profile for the first time, what really "sticks out" are:        


5. your Narrative
6. your Testimonials
7. your Resume
8. your Payment Options
9. your Photo 

So you might ask, "Would you hire YOU as a tutor without #5-#9?"

We want you to attract more attention, receive more views and get more requests and ultimately more tutorials.  But these will only happen when your profile "sticks out" so parents and students can view you as credible and professional. 

So, if you want your profile to "stick around" and you want us to "stick by" you,  you will have to do your part to "stick with it".

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Henry D. Lane


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How does your profile
"stack up" or "stick out" compared to other profiles?

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by number of students and by hourly rate. 


Some tutors frequently return to their profile's VIEWS. See the number in the bottom right hand corner of your public profile? This feature enables tutors to gauge how many people have opened up their profile since the date of their interview. As more and more potential clients visit our site, you should be able to see how much interest your profile is generating.  


If your views are low, there are many possible explanations.  Whatever the reason, you may want to consider enhancing your profile so it has all the possible information a parent or student would need to know to make an informed choice.  

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More about the social media links and the Like button in future tips. 


Premium+Plus Tutor Spotlight   

Jill G joined Learning Core in 2003 as a college senior at Fairfield University, and when we changed our name to Tutoring Match in 2008, she became one of the first tutors to build her profile. Jill has been a Premium+Plus Member since last year.