Tutoring Match

Referrals have Legs 

what parents sayFrequently, when we place a tutor with a student and his or her family, it's a good match. And usually when a tutorial is successful, the parent and/or the student share their good fortune and/or success with others. When this news spreads rapidly, the tutor frequently receives additional requests. We describe this as "tutorials having legs".

As a placement and referral service, we rely on our referrals. When we place the right tutors in the right places at the right times, we are successful. And since word-of-mouth has been our best form of advertisement, Tutoring Match has been alive and thriving for close to 12 years.

Once you, as a tutor, have joined Tutoring Match, we don't limit your tutoring. You are still able to work with your own private clients outside of our referrals.  We just ask that when potential clients seek your services, you find out how they discovered you.  

How you discover a potential client has "legs" can usually be determined by the questions you ask them and in the order in which you ask these questions:  

  • Where or how did you hear about me?  
  • How did that person or organization hear about me? 
  • If they state something general or don't remember, ask them if they have heard of Tutoring Match or Learning Core, LLC.   

If a potential client came to you through any connection legsto our services, we ask that you steer them through Tutoring Match and we will in turn refer them back to you.  Here are all of the ways a student and/or parent might come to you that would have "legs" to Tutoring Match: 

  • any-word-of-mouth (from our present or past client, neighbor, relative, schools, etc)
  • guidance counselor suggestion
  • educational consultant
  • newspaper
  • associations or organizations
  • Facebook, Twitter or other social media 
  • Welcome Wagon
  • TV or newspaper advertisement
  • video (such as on You-Tube or Viddler)
  • business card
  • bulletin board
  • certificate or coupon
  • direct mailing
  • Googe or Yahoo Ad
  • Internet search
  • our website
  • flyers
  • expo or exhibition
  • sponsored workshop
  • conference
  • banner
  • billboard or sign
  • radio commercial
  • any of the above related to Learning Core, LLC 

If you have any questions whether a referral is connected to us, contact us and we will help determine if there is any connection.