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How Premium Benefits benefit YOU!

16 Reasons 4 Premium

Sets your profile apart

Gives your profile added visibility

Advertises your services

Displays your commitment

Reinforces your value as a tutor

Increases your selection odds

Costs you next to nothing

Helps TM pay for our services

Adds another 8 benefits

Why not try it?

After you become a Premium member, your profile will be highlighted immediately on our homepage within your geographic area. The beginning of each a tutor's narrative will appear on our Featured Tutors' spotlight which rotates every 20 seconds so every tutor receives optimum parent and student views. It will also be highlighted with a red frame and yellow background and placed at the top of all 4 search results pages.

You will also receive an email about our setting up direct deposit, helping you create a video, scheduling your trainings and providing you with some marketing tips.

See Paula L's and Eileen W's Premium Profiles. Their profiles appear on our homepage in searches in and around the Fairfield & New Haven, CT areas.

We look forward to helping you attract more students.


Henry Lane
Tutoring Match

To Become a Premium Member, sign in to your tutorial account and then click on the Premium Membership tab to start receiving ALL 38 benefits today. Try 3-month Trial.

Note: Only tutors who have been screened, interviewed and approved have this opportunity.

Only tutorials that begin after Premium membership has started qualify for the additional rate split.

8 Benefits Listed:
85% Cut
Direct Deposit
Profile Spotlight
Video Placement
Referral Bonus
Whiteboard Training Tutor Training
Marketing Guidance


8 Benefits Valued:
adds 5% to your pay
saves $25 fee
adds visibility
increases views
makes referrals 6%
gives online practice
improves skills
helps promote

Paula's Premium
Paula Premium
When Paula became a Premium Tutor last week, her profile received more views than in
the previous 3 weeks.
View Paula's Profile

Eileen's Premium
Eileen has been a coach, teacher and tutor for almost 15 years; she became a Premium tutor last week
View Eileen's Profile

Cup of Coffee Premium Option
$60 for 6 months
$10 / month
33 / day

...about 1/5
cup  of

Dunkin Donuts coffee.

1st Class Stamp Premium Option
postage satmp
$100 for a year!

$8.33 / month
27 / day

...about 1/2
1st class US postage stamp.

up to 40%
trialmembershipTry a Trial Premium Membership...see the value it adds!

For a limited time we are offering a 3-month Trial Premium Membership. For $35 you can choose any 3 of the 8 Premium benefits for 90 days. That's only 38 cents per day!! Still less than a 1st class stamp.!

All you do is sign in to your Tutorial Account. Click on Premium Membership tab in your account and chose the 3-month Trial Option. You will receive a confirmation email from Tutoring Match and an another email asking what Premium benefits you are choosing.
Offer Expires: December 31, 2010