2010 Year In Review

Volume II, Issue 1Jan/Feb 2011
Wow, where has the time gone?  It doesn't seem like we have slowed down since Thanksgiving and February is almost over.  We have been so blessed with all of your offers of help, donations, and volunteer time that we cannot thank you enough.  We are so encouraged at what God is doing in our community.  We are seeing the ones being served become the servants.  We are seeing lives being transformed by CONNECTING, SERVING, GROWING and LEADING.  I encourage you to please take the time to read all the exciting things happening with Jesus Was Homeless.  I think you'll be in awe of God.

Over 20,000 Meals Served 

This past year Jesus Was Homeless delivered or served over 20,000 meals and toiletry bags to more than 25 weekly and extended stay motels and homeless sites in the Branson area.  Jesus Was Homeless is not just a ministry feeding hungry people, it is a ministry working to change the culture within our community by meeting needs and loving hurting, broken people right where they are in life....continue reading 


Area Businesses Called To Serve In 2010

On January 6th, 2011, Sight and Sound Theatre presented Jesus Was Homeless with a donation check.  Sight and Sound Theatres chose Jesus Was Homeless to receive a portion of all tickets sold for one week during the month of November.  "The cast, crew and staff were very excited to be part of helping Jesus Was Homeless continue their mission", said Guest Services Manager, Cynthia Carson...continue reading

"Thanks" Giving 2010

Here are just a few of the wonderful comments we received from those volunteering and giving of their time at our 3rd Annual "Love Your Neighbors" Thanksgiving Day Dinner.


I just want to thank you for allowing me to be a part of Jesus heart with all of you during the Thanksgiving feed the homeless!  When we are giving in the Lord, we are receiving cause that is how Good our Lord is!!...continue reading


Motel Survey Results 

We held our first motel survey in 2010 to give us a snapshot of the situation regarding Branson's weekly and extended stay residents.  Based on the survey responses, here are some of the conclusions we reached:  Click Here 


Yellow Bike Program

We soon will be providing free use bicycles at several of the weekly and extended stay motels, as well as repairing and providing bicycles back into the community.  We are in need of a location to collect and repair the bikes, volunteers to work on the bikes, and bicycles to be repaired.  If you know of a space that we could trade a tax deduction for please contact us.  We already have 5 bicycles to repair and we know that the Yellow Bike program will help meet a transportation need that was identified through our survey. 


Donation Cafe

We are also looking for a location for a Donation Café.  This is a relatively new concept yet one has been open in the Denver, Colorado area since 2006.  The idea is that there is no charge on the menu, everything is by donation and if you can't donate you can work in the Café for your meal.  We love this concept as it empowers people, trains people, and gets others involved.  We envision a location with tables, free internet computers for job surfing, a food pantry and meeting place.  We would love to have this location, currently Golden Dragon, but we need God to make it happen for us.

Gateway at City Perks

We have begun meeting at City Perks, formerly Starbucks, at Music City Centre the first Sunday of each month to hang out, drink coffee and watch Gateway Church online.  Gateway Church is out of Austin, Texas and the lead pastor there is John Burke.  John wrote the book "No Perfect People Allowed".  Gateway has really helped mentor us and focus us on being aligned with Jesus' mission.  Their principles are to serve and then grow spiritually.  Check them out at gatewaychurch.com or show up the first Sunday of each month at 11:00 am for coffee, Christ and Gateway!


Discussion Groups

We began our Life Support discussion groups in two area weekly motels and have been averaging 20-30 and as many as 50 people each week.  This is a group setting in a motel room where we bring in a meal and share our struggles and challenges with our faith.  There is a huge desire and need for more of these groups in the motels...continue reading


Service Projects

We are excited for the day in our community when we see hundreds of people that we have been serving becoming servants themselves...continue reading


Current Needs

We have a current need for cans of shaving c

ream for our toiletry bags.  The smaller the better.

We would also like NLT (New Living Translation) Life Application Study Bibles (Large Print) for our LIFE SUPPORT Discussion Groups.

 A BIG THANK YOU to a group of College of the Ozarks students for donating some of these bibles to us just before Christmas.  The group really appreciated having a bible they could read and understand.


Like To Cook?

Do you like to cook?  If so, we could use your help.  Our LIFE SUPPORT Discussion Group at Good Shepherd Inn is in need of volunteers to help provide a meal each week, main dish only, for 10-15 people.  If you like to cook this is for you.  Your service will provide a hot, home cooked meal for many that don't get one very often.  If you are interested in helping please give us a call.


Our Website Has A New Look

 We can't say enough about how great the website looks!  Our sincere thanks to the team at Imagemakers.  It's so much more user friendly, interactive and easier to keep you updated.  Please let them know how much you like it and be sure to check it out at www.jesuswashomeless.org

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To build community (relationships) within our own community thru serving, from the volunteers to the people we serve.  To serve those that are hungry, homeless and hurting in our community by sharing hope, love and compassion.  To preach the Gospel through our actions and if necessary use words.

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