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Vol. 1, Issue 10September 2010
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Wow, what a busy last couple of weeks.  We want to thank everyone that volunteered their time to help with our Motel Count/Survey and the Project Homeless Connect event.  These things could not of happened without you!
God Bless,

Bryan & Amy Stallings
Our Vision for the Future
If you've been around Amy & I much, then you know how we can get passionate about Jesus Was Homeless and all the things that we want to do.  I thought I would share with you what some of our hopes and dreams are for Jesus Was Homeless, not in any particular order:

1.  We have identified 42 weekly or extended stay motels and we currently only deliver food to about 16 of them and 2 homeless camps, 390 meals.  So as you can guess we would like to encompass all of them, which would be a HUGE undertaking of close to 1000 meals per week.


2.  We began our Life Support discussion group about 11 weeks ago and have been averaging 12-15 people each week.  This is a group setting in a motel room where we bring in a meal and share our struggles and challenges with our faith.  There is a huge desire and need for more of these groups in the motels.


3.  A bicycle ministry.  We found from our survey that one of the top needs was transportation.  We would like to have 15-20 bicycles that we could place at 5-6 motels along the strip where the folks could use them for free.  I would envision being able to track the usage with an odometer and maybe someday we could build a case for public transportation.


4.  A "Donation Café" and food pantry.  This is a relatively new concept yet one has been open in Denver since 2006.  The idea is that there is no charge on the menu, everything is by donation and if you can't donate you can work in the Café for your meal.  I love this as it empowers people, trains people, and gets others involved.  We envision a location with tables, free internet computers for job surfing, a food pantry and meeting place.


5.  Transitional housing/motel.  We would purchase a motel located on or near the Strip, create a "Habitat for Humanity" project getting the community involved, and make it eco-friendly.  We find that people get into their situations in desperation and just need time to get on their feet.  Too many ideas around this to list but I am excited how this could work.

"Be Heard & Be Counted" 2010 Results
30 Motels Surveyed for a total of 236 Rooms.
An average of approximately 8 rooms per motel.
12 Motels NOT surveyed.
Of the 30 Motels surveyed 90 rooms were not available to be surveyed.
There were 386 adults and 61 children for a total of 447 people.
An average of approximately 1.90 people per room.
If you took the average number of people per room x the average rooms per motel not surveyed along with the number of rooms unavailable to be surveyed you would be right around the number we have been estimating of 800-1000 people living in motel rooms in the Branson/Hollister area.
More data to come soon...See all the volunteer pictures here.
Life Support Discussion Group
Join us each Wednesday at Motel 9, 210 Gretna Road, here in Branson, from 6:00-7:30 pm as we discuss real life and all it's issues.  Discover your purpose, how to make changes in your life, and fellowship with others.  We have a home-style cooked meal, real and authentic conversation. "Come As You Are"...there's just got to be more to life than this? 
Come With Us to Austin
Amy & I are going to this exciting event and would love to have as many come with us as possible.  We can carpool and take a JWH van.  Experience ELI's Cultivate Program and Core Training Event
October 22-25, 2010.  The heart of Cultivate is a Core Training event at Gateway Community Church in Austin, Texas for church leaders, church planters and their teams.
You will:

- Learn how to create a culture of grace and truth that produces transformation.
- Interact with people who have come to faith and are sharing their new life with others.
- Meet like-minded leaders who share your passion for seeing the culture become the church.

Cultivate Core training is available to anyone who wants to learn about leading a church out of the culture.  Cost: $195 for the first person | $95 for spouses and additional team members.  For more information visit

S. Truett Cathy Poverty Summit
Be sure to register for this year's Poverty Summit to be held at College of the Ozarks Keeter Center, October 18th-21st.  The Poverty Summit provides programming for teachers, ministry leaders, church staff members, and government officials who want to be more effective in helping struggling individuals by revealing the "hidden rules" of class and by providing practical tools for reaching those in need.  The Summit is named in honor of Mr. Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A and friend of College of the Ozarks.  Reservations required; please call 690-2242 for more information. 
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