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Fall 2011Vol 2, Issue 4
Director's Message

The McGaughy Center's Internship program continues to play a significant part in Longwood's College of Business & Economics' preparation of tomorrow's business leaders.


Working with our faculty and advisory boards to expand students' classroom experiences and exposure to the real world of business is another function of the McGaughy Center's professional development role. Executives on campus bring reality to textbook topics. Here is a list of some of this semester's visitors to the CBE; notice the number of alumni who returned to campus to share their experience with students:

  • Becky Tres ('93), with Wells, Coleman & Company, LLP
  • Brad Watson, with Davenport & Company LLC
  • Candice Dowdy ('69), with Hampden Sydney College
  • Charles Collie, with BoldStroke Consulting
  • Cherry Hedges, with the Virginia Credit Union
  • Crystal Huddleston and Alan Walker ('85), with Virginia Asset Management
  • Dale Baake ('06) and Erica Seredni, with Northwestern Mutual Financial Services
  • Duke Rollins ('82), with ADT Federal Systems Division
  • Edgar Jones, with State Farm Insurance
  • Gwen Eddleman, Centra, Southside Community Hospital, retired
  • Heather Brown ('11), with Dell @ Owens & Minor
  • Jay Carpenter, with Advancement Concepts
  • Joe Bartholomew ('96), with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
  • LeAnne Emert ('88), with Benchmark Community Bank
  • Marlys Collis, with Verizon Wireless.
  • Matt Paciocco ('04), with First Capital Bank
  • Rudy Garcia, with Rivanna Woods Financial Services
  • Tom Laughon, Melissa Laughon and Gayle Turner, with Catch Your Limit Consulting
  • Will Winston ('04), with the Dr. of Techno Marketing

Visiting executives make the College of Business and Economics come alive for students whether speaking to a class, having an informal coffee with students, sharing an insider's knowledge of an industry, teaching business meal etiquette, or being a Mock Interviewer. Let us know if you are interested in helping us shape tomorrow's leaders!


William Baxter


McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center 
Etiquette Dinner
    CBE students, faculty and guests at a recent Etiquette Dinner.


Rudy Garcia
Rudy Garcia, with Rivanna Woods Financial Services.


In This Issue
2011 Alumni Awards
CBE Internships
Employer's Corner - Virginia Asset Management
Internship Seminar - Company Opportunities
From Intern to Employee - Emma Zieverink
Internship Success

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2011 Alumni Awards

Brent Boone 

Kevin Cox, Chair of the Awards Committee (right), presents Brent Boone the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award.  

Will Winston 

Kevin Cox, Chair of the Awards Committee (right), presents Will Winston the 2011 Rising Star Alumni Award.


At the recent Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) Oktoberfest reception, Brent Boone (Class of 1991) received the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award and Will Winston (Class of 2004) received the 2011 Rising Star Alumni Award. 


Boone is a CFM, assistant vice president, financial advisor for Merrill Lynch in Annapolis, Maryland.  Winston is president of Doctor  Techno-Marketing in Richmond, Virginia.  The recipients of these awards are nominated by fellow alumni and selected by the AAB. 

CBE Internships
Internships are an important educational requirement for all College of Business and Economics students.  They are carefully monitored and evaluated for academic credit, ensuring that intentional learning objectives are structured into the experience.  In addition, each internship includes opportunities for observation, reflection, evaluation and assessment.

An internship must be at least 80 hours in duration, but may be either a part-time or full-time experience and may be paid or unpaid. The flexibility of these requirements helps balance the needs of both the student and the internship host company. 
Employer's Corner - Virginia Asset Management
VA Asset Management

Virginia Asset Management representatives, Alan Walker, CMO and Crystal Huddleston, Director of Professional Development, spoke at a recent internship seminar.


Virginia Asset Management (VAM) is a comprehensive financial services firm.  They offer a diverse range of programs encompassing the types of protective and planning methods businesses need as they develop and change.  They also develop customized planning solutions to assist individuals, professionals and business owners reach their financial goals.


Alan Walker ('85), Chief Marketing Officer and Crystal Huddleston, Director of Professional Development spoke at a recent internship seminar at the College of Business & Economics.  Walker is also the Executive Director of the SNVC Institute for Leadership and Innovation at Longwood.


"At VAM we have an Advisor Internship Program which is a ten week experience offered each summer," states Huddleston.  "There are three phases to this program: advisor marketing, sales training and development, and the potential to ultimately join the firm full-time.  Each phase is designed to give an intern the support and resources to build the skill sets and experiences necessary to launch a career as a financial advisor."


As one of the partners of the firm, Alan Walker is actively involved in the growth of the firm.  "In addition to the internship program, states Walker, the firm also hires entry-level associates to participate in their 3-year Financial Planning training and development program.  It's a great opportunity for recent college graduates to embark on a new career path while being paid, being trained and also given the opportunity to work with experienced Financial Advisors as mentors.  VAM is a locally owned firm looking to grow organically, with a focus on developing citizen leadership while giving back to the community.  We welcome students to visit our website at and apply online or contact us directly." 

Internship Seminar - Company Opportunities
Would you like to promote your company's internships to our students?  Students begin the internship process with a compulsory internship seminar where they learn the details and requirements of the program.   


During our four Internship Seminars each academic year -- two in the spring and two in the fall, we encourage featured companies to present their unique internship opportunities.  We further enrich each company's Longwood experience with a full, productive and involved day on campus where they:      
  • are given 15-20 minutes in multiple classes to tell their company story to CBE students.
  • are given 20 minutes (+/-) to tell their internship story at the beginning of the afternoon Internship Seminar.  Typically there is a lot of interaction with students at these seminars and company representatives usually leave campus with a number of qualified resumes, both for internships and for post graduation jobs.
  • go on a student conducted tour of Longwood's Farmville campus (another chance to interact with students).
  • have the benefit of an informal lunch with the business school's student leadership and selected faculty. 
If your company offers internships and would like to participate in one of our seminars, we'd like to hear from you. 
From Intern to Employee - Emma Zieverink

Social Media Tools and Technology with GE Capital 

Emma Zieverink

This past summer I was fortunate to do an internship with General Electric's  finance department, GE Capital.  GE Capital is one of the world's largest providers of financing for customers in more than 50 countries around the globe.  In 2010 GE had a net income of $3.3 billion with $576 billion in assets.  There are over 50,000 employees, 1 million commercial customers and over 100 million consumer customers. 


My main project was to focus on social media and how to bring the Information Technology department (IT) "up to speed" on social media tools and technology and why integrating these sites into the way GE does business would be most valued.  This project opened up new insights for me.  I gained considerable knowledge on the best professional practices of social media and how to use that knowledge to succeed individually and as a business, and experience greater return on investments and have more opportunities to succeed and grow than those who do not use social media.  The staggering growth and adoption of social media globally proves that it is now a way of life and a preferred communication media.  Social media, when used professionally and appropriately, is a better way of doing business and giving consumers what they want.  In these rigorous economic conditions, it is difficult to stay resilient, but adopting social media tools to differentiate an organization from the others and to manage a positive reputation to satisfy customers and build loyal customers are the right steps to business survival.


The best feature of my internship with GE Capital was that they treated me as a co-worker who could add value to the business. As a result of my internship I was offered a social media communications analyst position with GE Capital which I gladly accepted. Being from Ohio, I am very fortunate and have the unique advantage of starting my career with GE financing the rest of my education at a university in Ohio.


It has been a pleasure and privilege to have been a part of Longwood University's College of Business and Economics.  No other school or faculty could have prepared me better to take on such a challenging internship and succeed in doing so.  Through my Longwood education and background, I gained the professional and articulate skills necessary to understand problems and business needs, evaluate next steps, and identify solutions - which makes a great team player and valued asset in any company.  I am grateful that Longwood gave me the confidence to work at ease in all areas of business and all levels of employees and leadership.

Internship Success 

The Long & Foster Experience 


Allison Guerin

Long & Foster real estate opened its first Virginia office in 1968.  They are headquartered in Fairfax and they have over 80 real estate offices throughout Virginia.  With more than 12,000 sales associates serving seven states and the District of Columbia, Long & Foster is the largest independently-held real estate company in the United States.  Sales figures for 2010 totaled $24 billion.


My internship at Long & Foster of Fredericksburg was a valuable experience that will help me far more than just being a bullet on my resume.  I was given a wide variety of responsibilities such as creating websites for agents, assisting agents with computer problems, attending broker's open houses, and helping with the recruitment process of new agents.  I attended sales meetings, manager meetings, and used many of my business skills that I learned through Longwood.


This internship was a great way for me to experience the day-to-day challenges in the real estate world at one of the area's top companies and I appreciate the opportunity to gain real world work experience.

Our newsletter is designed to keep our internship partner companies, friends, faculty and students informed of the latest happenings in the McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center.  Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. 


Nancy Postans, Editor
Internship Coordinator
McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center