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Fall 2010Vol 1, Issue 3
Director's Message
Town of Farmville


Longwood's business students have historically faced a challenge in finding internship opportunities in the Farmville area.  Recently, the McGaughy Center joined the Farmville Area Chamber of Commerce, Longwood's Small Business Development Center and area businesses to begin sowing seeds for downtown business growth. 


The potential is huge.  Combined, Longwood and

Hampden-Sydney enroll 5,872 students.  If you only assume that each student has $100/month in discretionary spending capacity (the national average is $361/month), our college students represent $587,200 per month in potential business for the local economy.  


In addition, how many communities other than Farmville have a state park running through them (High Bridge Trail State Park)?  If Richmond can attract 15,723 people to run in a marathon, why couldn't Farmville have 500 bike riders come to town twice a year for a bicycle-athon?  Riders who bring their families to town will sleep, eat, shop and generally spend money with local businesses.


The McGaughy Center is seeking ways for the community to engage Longwood's College of Business & Economics to research, identify and make recommendations on:

  • The kinds of businesses our college students would support.
  • The types of businesses that would likely do well based on the makeup of other successful small college towns throughout America.
  • Businesses to specifically target for each of downtown's vacant buildings. 
It's a Win-Win!  When we help Farmville's businesses grow, they will create local internship opportunities for our students.

William Baxter
McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center

What's New - Etiquette Seminars

We believe that students who know how to properly present themselves at a business meal will have an advantage over their competition.  So expanding on the "Professional Development" role of the McGaughy Center, this fall we added to our Internship Seminars an Etiquette Seminar presented by Longwood's Academic & Career Advising Center. 


But in spring of 2011, we will continue to push the "What's New" envelope by hopefully adding an evening Etiquette Workshop Dinner tied to one of our junior level classes.  There will be exciting sponsorship opportunities available with the new spring evening event and we will keep you posted as the program develops.

Employer's Corner - Stage Stores
Stage Stores
Stage Stores representatives answer retail questions from CBE students.


Stage Stores was the featured company at a recent McGaughy Center internship seminar.  With over 787 stores in 39 states and reported sales of $1.4 billion in 2009, they are the leading small town retailer, offering private label and brand name apparel, cosmetics, footwear and accessories that are moderately priced.  Buying offices are located in Houston, Texas and South Hill, Virginia. 


Stage Store representatives Bria Worthington, Training & Recruitment Director, and Casey Worley, Training & Recruitment Coordinator, spoke at the seminar and noted that Stage Stores may operate under five names (Bealls, Goody's, Stage, Peebles and Palais Royal) but they have one concept - to bring name brands to small markets.  "What makes us unique is our focus on consumers in the small to mid-size markets that are underserved and less competitive. With approximately 13,000 employees, the career opportunities with Stage Stores include executive trainees, summer interns and the store manager trainee program," said Ms. Worthington. 

Job and Internship Fair
Job Fair
Job and Internship Fair

Over 225 Longwood University students attended the Job and Internship Fair held recently on campus. Thirty-three employers, including 17 alumni representing their companies, were on hand to answer questions, share information and collect resumes.

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What's New - Etiquette Seminars
Employer's Corner - Stage Stores
Job and Internship Fair
2010 Alumni Award Recipients
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Internship Seminar - Company Opportunities
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2010 Alumni Awards 
John Pastino
  Kevin Cox,  
  Chair of the
  presents John
  Pastino the
  Alumni Award.
Dustin Dwyer
Kevin Cox, Chair of the Awards Committee (right), presents Dustin Dwyer the 2010 Rising Star Alumni Award.
At the recent Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) Oktoberfest reception, John Pastino (Class of 1998) received the 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award and Dustin Dwyer (Class of 2008) received the 2010 Rising Star Alumni Award.  Pastino is currently the program manager and contracting office representative for the Assistant Secretary of the Army.  Dwyer is a business analyst with SNVC in Fairfax, Virginia.  The recipients of these awards are nominated by fellow alumni and selected by the AAB.
CBE Internships
Internships are an important educational requirement for all College of Business and Economics students.  They are carefully monitored and evaluated for academic credit, ensuring that intentional learning objectives are structured into the experience.  In addition, each internship includes opportunities for observation, reflection, evaluation and assessment.

An internship must be at least 80 hours in duration, but may be either a part-time or full-time experience and may be paid or non-paid. The flexibility of these requirements helps balance the needs of both the student and the internship company.
Internship Seminar -Company Opportunities
Students begin the internship process with a compulsory internship seminar where they learn the details and requirements of the program.  They are also introduced to a featured company whose representative(s) elaborate on internship opportunities. 

Featured company benefits:  There are four Internship Seminars during the academic year -- two in the spring and two in the fall.  We encourage featured companies to present their unique internship opportunities at the Seminars.  We further enrich their Longwood experience with a full, productive and involved day on campus where they:      
  • are given 15-20 minutes in multiple classes to tell their story to CBE students.
  • are given 20 minutes (+/-) to tell their story at the afternoon Internship Seminar.  Typically there is interaction with students at these seminars and company representatives usually leave campus with a number of qualified resumes, both for internships and for actual jobs.
  • go on a student conducted tour of Longwood's Farmville campus (another chance to interact with students).
  • have the benefit of an informal lunch with the business school's student leadership and selected faculty. 
If your company offers internships and would like to participate in one of our seminars, we'd like to hear from you.
From Intern to Employee - Heather Brown
Heather Brown
Heather Brown

Rewarding Internship Experience With Dell Services


My internship last summer was with Dell Services at Owens & Minor in Mechanicsville, Virginia.  This is an IT firm that is under contract with Owens & Minor, a medical and surgical supply distributor.  My primary job responsibilities were to facilitate weekly intern project status meetings, monitor the intern project budget, create weekly status reports for the intern project, monitor the progress of the project, and assist the project manager and PMO director. 


One thing I learned during this internship is that if you do right by people they will do right by you.  I also learned that concepts from classes

taken at Longwood made more sense to me once I was in the business world.  The things I enjoyed most about Dell Services was how my boss was willing to work with me during the internship; how everyone I met was willing to help me and teach me things, especially the culture of the company.  Everything was done as a team effort and everyone had a good sense of humor. 


My internship was probably the best experience I could have asked for and I look forward to starting my career with Dell Services when I graduate this December.  I encourage students to find internships with company's whose values, beliefs, and culture match their own. 

Internship Success 
Stephanie Roddenberry
Stephanie Roddenberry
The Federal Reserve Bank Exceeds Expectations

My internship with the Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) in Richmond, Virginia, met my expectations in some ways, but in other ways it was not what I expected.  My expectation that it is an extremely complex entity was very accurate.  The Fed is a place that is difficult to understand from the outside looking in, which is why I wanted this internship.  It took the entire summer to develop the basic understanding of what the Fed does because there are so many functions.  The culture is not what I expected either, the people take the time to educate and help others.  The environment is friendly and supportive, even to interns.  Opinions are valued and respected, and employees are satisfied, loyal, and enthusiastic about their job. 


The department I worked in was Supervision, Regulation & Credit (SRC) which deals with monetary policy to protect the economy, and supervision and regulation that serves to protect communities and bank customers.  While we did have the free time necessary to work on both group and individual projects at our own pace, we followed a very packed schedule that gave us exposure to many areas and aspects of SRC and of the entire bank.  We had the opportunity to shadow examiners and be exposed to many meetings that make up the exam process.  Going on two exams was the best part of the internship for me.  Not only was I able to experience life on the road, but I was able to experience the job of an examiner first hand.   

The amount of work I completed and the teamwork, time management, and communication skills I developed will be useful in both my school and professional career.  My favorite part of this program was the exams, and specifically the Consumer Affairs (CA) exam.  The work and the people on this exam really stand out to me as a memorable part of the program.  I also enjoyed the boot camps.  These two training sessions gave me the opportunity to assess my own knowledge and skills and to build a foundation for a potential career.


My goal for the summer was to find an internship that would help me with a specific career path.  I wanted to find out how to tie my economics and finance interests together and what I should focus on in school to get the perfect job when I graduate. I was able to accomplish that with my internship with the Federal Reserve Bank.

Our newsletter is designed to keep our internship partner companies, friends, faculty and students informed of the latest happenings in the McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center.  Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. 

Nancy Postans, Editor
Internship Coordinator
McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center