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Spring 2010Vol 1, Issue 1
Director's Message
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Welcome to the first on-line edition of "The Real World," the quarterly newsletter of the McGaughy Internship and Professional Development Center.
For over 170 years, Longwood University has been a haven for intellectual pursuits in a learning environment that extends far beyond the classroom. The McGaughy Center continues that legacy by supplementing the formal academics of the College of Business & Economics (CBE) with "real world" experiences and opportunities.
Here are some examples of how the McGaughy Center makes a difference:

  • The Center is the hub of all activities surrounding the CBE's required-for-graduation internship program. Students can intern in companies around the world, where they will work while continuing their learning as a supervised experience -- students "practice" entering and participating in the workforce. Internships help students answer the question -- "For what kind of company do I want to work?"
  • The Center helps bridge the gap between Business Communications classes, where students are exposed to the finer points of resume writing, and the actual resumes and cover letters they use to acquire an internship interview.  The Center provides proof-reading oversight and fine-tuning before internship applications are made.
  • The Center supplements the classroom experience by providing a speakers' bureau of private sector business leaders in numerous disciplines.  Learning takes on a new meaning when business people bridge the unknown between textbook and workplace.
  • The Center engages "real-world" employers to conduct spring and fall mock interviews where students apply for hypothetical jobs.  Students are exposed to multiple interview styles and are critiqued by the potential employers and their peers.  First impressions count!
  • The Center exposes students to business etiquette workshops.  How students conduct themselves at a business meal often impacts their job interview outcome.
We welcome your input and encourage your involvement ... together we can create a better tomorrow!
William Baxter
McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center
What's New - Mock Interviews
Working with our Business Communication classes, the McGaughy Center engages "real-world" employers to conduct spring and fall mock interviews where students apply for hypothetical jobs.  Students are exposed to multiple interview styles and are critiqued by the potential employers and their peers. 
Business Communication classes use a round-robin mock interview technique where classes are divided into groups of three students each.  During a 50-minute class period, each group travels to three different interview stations for a 20 minute interview.  Each student in a group is interviewed once, then observes the interviews of the other two group members and participates in feedback sessions with each interviewer.  This means the "real world" employers interview three different students during a class period.  All mock interviews are conducted in various offices on the Longwood campus.  All students are interviewing for the same position and position descriptions, as well as interviewees' resumes, are sent to the "real world" employers in advance.  Employers conduct interviews in their own style.  This is an especially good experience for our students because they participate in and observe three different interview techniques during the course of one class session.
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What's New - Mock Interviews
2009 Rising Star Alumni
CBE Internships
Employer's Corner - Target
Internship Seminar - Company Opportunities
From Intern to Employee
Internship Success

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2009 Rising Star Alumni 


2009 Rising Star Wlumni Award Winner

Blair Lockamy, chairman of the Alumni Advisory Board (left) and Kevin Cox, Chair of the Awards Committee (right), present Dale Baake the 2009 Rising Star Alumni Award.

At a recent Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) meeting, Dale Baake (Class of 2008) received the 2009 Rising Star Alumni Award.  Dale is a financial representative with Northwestern Mutual and has participated in recent Job & Internship Fairs and Student Alumni Networking Events on campus. 
Retired AAB member Kim Green was recognized as the 2009 Distinguished Alumni recipient.  The recipients of these awards are nominated by fellow alumni and selected by the AAB.

CBE Internships
Internships are an important educational requirement for all College of Business and Economics students.  They are carefully monitored and evaluated for academic credit, ensuring that intentional learning objectives are structured into the experience.  In addition, each internship includes opportunities for observation, reflection, evaluation and assessment.
An internship must be at least 80 hours in duration, but may be either a part-time or full-time
experience and may be paid or non-paid. The flexibility of these requirements helps balance the needs of both the student and the internship company.
Employer's Corner - Target

Dean Barrett thanks Gina Shand, Target Store Team Leader, for hitting a CBE "home run."

Target Photo
Gina Shand, Store Team Leader for the Target in Brandermill, Virginia was the featured speaker at a recent internship seminar at the College of Business and Economics (CBE) at Longwood University.  She has been with Target for six years and is responsible for the total operations of a $28 million dollar retail store.
 "There is so
much more to having a career with Target than selling diapers and toothbrushes," comments Shand. "Whatever your background is, you have so many career opportunities with Target.  There are hourly, pharmacy and professional positions as well as jobs for undergraduates and advanced-degree positions.  Target's vision is to be the best company ever by being the best with every guest, every team member, every share holder and every community!"

"For university students, Target offers a paid eight-week internship program," explains Shand.  "The first four weeks are spent learning the different areas of the store and the last four weeks are spent continuing to focus on the Leader on Duty role and developing and completing a project to improve a process within the store.  Based upon the work performance, job offers are made following the completion of the internshipLongwood's CBE internship program is a fantastic way to apply leadership skills acquired through formal education and life experience.  It gives students a true look into their future career."

Internship Seminar - Company Opportunities
Students begin the internship process with a compulsory internship seminar where they learn the details and requirements of the program.  They are also introduced to a featured company whose representative(s) elaborate on internship opportunities. 
Featured company benefits:  There are four Internship Seminars during the academic year -- two in the spring and two in the fall.  We encourage featured companies to present their unique internship opportunities at the Seminars.  We further enrich their Longwood experience with a full, productive and involved day on campus where they:      
  • are given 15-20 minutes in multiple classes to tell their story to CBE students.
  • are given 20 minutes (+/-) to tell their story at the beginning of the afternoon Internship Seminar.  Typically there is a lot of interaction with students at these seminars and company representatives usually leave campus with a number of qualified resumes, both for internships and for actual jobs.
  • go on a student conducted tour of Longwood's Farmville campus (another chance to interact with students).
  • have the benefit of an informal lunch with the business school's student leadership and selected faculty. 
If your company offers internships and would like to participate in one of our seminars, we'd like to hear from you. 
From Intern to Employee 
Jordan Franklin
Jordan Franklin Photo
 Working for Booz Allen Hamilton
I chose to do my internship at Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH) which is headquartered in McLean, Virginia.  BAH is a government consulting firm with locations all over the world.  They are awarded various contracts from the U.S. government and cover every aspect of governmental work from management consulting to information technology.  I was assigned to become an intern member of the Information Technology team as a part of the Personnel and Readiness Information Management (P&R IM) division under the Department of Defense. 
The internship program at BAH was an amazing learning experience.  They offer many opportunities to prove oneself and become a member.  Once you become a member, they offer you the opportunity to move across fields and discover new and exciting challenges.  All of the skills and experience I attained there have been life-changing. 
Internships are a great learning experience on multiple levels for a student's education.  They give a student real world work experience and also a feel for what a full time position will be like within their chosen field and company.  I was very fortunate to find an internship with BAH.  I was also fortunate to experience every aspect of IT and how the BAH office works.  The best part is that my internship led to a job offer and I am now working at BAH as an IT Analyst - Consultant Level 1.  BAH is the best company to intern for and I recommend them to every future intern. 
Internship Success 
Bret Lewis
Bret Lewis Photo
CJW Medical Center Prepared Me for My Career 

My internship was with CJW Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia and it affected me in many ways. The best part was it made me realize that I definitely chose the right field for my future career.  CJW is part of HCA Healthcare and has two campuses, Chippenham and Johnston-Willis.  The two hospitals have over 700 beds combined and their primary goal is to provide excellent health care.  I worked at both facilities throughout my internship.

My responsibilities during my internship had to do with communicating with directors of departments about accounting information and conducting audits inside and outside of finance. During this time, I learned that my strengths are my communication skills, understanding of accounting principles, and time management abilities.  I applied what I learned from my classes at Longwood by dealing with accounts and communicating the importance of certain accounting principles.  I felt prepared and thought my college preparation was more than sufficient.
The internship experience opens the door for students and gives us a taste of what the business world is like. The internship seminar helps as well when various companies come in and present valuable information about internship and career opportunities. The internship process also helps to build your resume with the work experience gained. 
I loved my internship with CJW Medical Center and would highly recommend this company.  It was a great experience and I now feel more prepared for life after college.

Our newsletter is designed to keep our internship partner companies, friends, faculty and students informed of the latest happenings in the McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center.  Please contact me if you have any questions or comments. 
Nancy Postans, Editor
Internship Coordinator
McGaughy Internship & Professional Development Center