June 2012

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Notes From the CEO

Don Gillispie suit




It has been a few months since our last newsletter and in that time a great deal has occurred in the world of AEHI and I believe the future is an exciting one for the company, although there are still many hurdles to cross.


As you may know, much of our focus for the past year-and-a-half has been on the Securities and Exchange Commission and its investigation into allegations, which we believe were initiated primarily by our Idaho opponents. Our message has never changed and we continue to defend the message that the company and I are innocent of these charges. That said, we have a job to do. First and foremost that job is to continue our efforts to build a nuclear power plant in Idaho, while promoting and selling products related to Green World Water and Energy Neutral.


Despite what many of our detractors would like you to think, AEHI is still operational. We still open our doors every day, we still answer the phones, our employees still come to work, and we are still working towards our goal of building a plant. The work continues.


Additional funding is a priority, and we are working hard to achieve it.


In the meantime, we have taken some measures to ensure that when more funding arrives we are ready to move. You will see in our recent news that we began making improvements on the nuclear site in Idaho. We believe this will make the transition with ENERCON much easier. ENERCON is the engineering firm with whom we contracted to handle our application with the federal government.


We also added a few new faces to our Board of Directors, which I firmly believe will be a tremendous asset as we move forward. The Board is now more diverse than ever, while maintaining a broad base of backgrounds including nuclear, business, financial, and legal.


Further, we settled a class action suit that simply repeated the SEC allegations, which I believe contained very little support of its own.  The settlement was the proper economic decision rather than to continue expending resources on the matter; and clearly we did not do it as an admission of any wrongdoing,


In a nutshell, I believe our ducks are lining up and our challenges, while distracting, also have the ability to make us stronger.


I am so grateful for my faith during this time and for such dedicated shareholders, who not only have the company's best interest at heart, but who proved their dedication by staying with us. Even now, AEHI maintains an overwhelming majority of its original stockholders, which speaks volumes about their faith in this company and its mission.


So now we look forward to the future and while the work may be daunting, I welcome it with the greatest of enthusiasm.


God Bless,



Don Gillispie, AEHI CEO
Interesting Facts

Nuclear Power Reactors
Nationally: 104
Globally: 439 in 31 countries
In Idaho: 50 at one point now down to several at INL in Idaho Falls
Being built: 48 in 15 countries
Proposed: Over 1,000 in 65 countries
Most per capita: France 59 
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Recent Company News 

AEHI Completes Initial Improvements at Proposed Nuclear Power Plant Site

Idaho Energy Complex Prepares for Federal Process 


BOISE, IDAHO - March 28, 2012: Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTC:AEHI.PK; www.aehipower.com)
today announced the company has completed initial site improvements prior to beginning an extensive environmental study, which is expected to begin in the 2nd quarter of this year. ENERCON Services, Inc., one of the nation's leading nuclear engineering firms, was contracted to perform the study as part of the larger Combined Operating License Application (COLA) that will be prepared and submitted to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. 
Some of the site improvements included the installation of a roadway culvert, a recessed entrance gate, a gravel driveway with parking pad, a construction office trailer and additional signage. 
IEC site mediumWhen the environmental study begins, the site will also maintain a secure storage container for geotechnical samples and a meteorological tower among other activities. The tower will be used to track and analyze weather data. During that time ENERCON will also perform a number of core borings and other sophisticated geological studies to determine the seismic and geological stability of the site. 
"Based on existing data compiled to date the site appears to be an excellent location for a nuclear power plant, but we must perform a more detailed environmental study to ensure it is fully adequate and to complete the necessary requirements with the NRC," said Don Gillispie. 
"As we begin this process, it is comforting to know that the NRC has already seen fit to approve two new reactors in Georgia with Southern Company and likely two more will be on the near horizon in South Carolina. News of this magnitude is critical to companies like ours in moving forward," Gillispie said.

AEHI Elects Howard Butcher, IV to Board of Directors


BOISE, IDAHO - March 13, 2012: Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTC:AEHI.PK; www.aehipower.com)

announced today that the company elected Howard Butcher IV to the Board of Directors.


Mr. Butcher is a private investor who was a general partner in the predecessor firm to Butcher & Company, Inc. Butcher & Company owned Butcher & Singer, Inc., which was the leading Philadelphia-based investment banking and brokerage firm headquartered in Pennsylvania prior to its merger in 1988 with WFS Financial.


He has 54 years of experience as an advisor or principal, in corporate finance, brokerage, venture capital and investment, corporate management, and asset management. A member of a family which has been active in protecting the environment, Butcher currently serves as secretary and a director of Butcher Energy, Inc., working in the wind, solar and other alternative energy businesses in addition to oil and gas exploration and development. Butcher Energy has completed one large wind farm and one sizeable solar installation and has others in its pipeline of projects. He believes that nuclear and natural gas are among the most promising solutions to the major future needs of this country and the world for new power generation facilities and the replacement of old ones. Mr. Butcher sees the interests of those who are keenly protective of the environment and those who support sensible energy solutions as sharing common objectives.


Mr. Butcher graduated from The Hill School and attended the University of Pennsylvania, of which he is a former Associate Trustee. He has served or serves on numerous boards of schools and colleges, cultural institutions, his church, and other charitable organizations.


"Having known and come to admire Don Gillispie, his vision, high energy, and highest level of personal and business integrity for five years now, not to mention his world class standing in the nuclear business around the globe, I consider it a great privilege to be asked to join the AEHI Board," said Butcher, "I believe the long term prospects for the company in making important contributions to assuring future energy security for America and around the world are real. I believe the potential benefits of AEHI's success in Idaho alone are major in terms of new and continuing good job creation for the state. Success of AEHI projects in Idaho could contribute substantially to improving the condition of its economy and the prosperity of its citizens. Gillispie and AEHI deserve every bit of support they can muster from those who live in this wonderful part of the world."


"I am very grateful to see Howard Butcher join the AEHI Board of Directors. His background in the world of finance and energy should prove invaluable. He has a tremendous reputation, which should enhance AEHI's credibility. Mr. Butcher is a very welcome addition to our board, which has been blessed with the addition of no less than three very distinguished new directors in the past year. The board is much more diverse now and I believe it will only enrich the background of this company and its potential in the nuclear industry," said Don Gillispie, AEHI President and CEO.


Mr. Butcher has been a paid consultant to Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. since 2010, but the contract ended in February 2012.


He replaces Michael Sellman, who has been a member of the Board for the past three years. Mr. Sellman has been a highly valued Director and his presence will be missed on the Board.

AEHI Elects Retired Navy Rear Admiral and Payette Businessman to Serve on the Board of Directors

BOISE, IDAHO - February 22, 2012: Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTC:AEHI.PK; www.aehipower.com) announced today that the company elected Rear Admiral Michael T. Coyle (Ret) and James Ryan Holt to the Board of Directors.

Both men are highly qualified in regards to their respective expertise. They also live in Idaho and therefore bring a local perspective to the Board.


RADM Michael T. Coyle (Ret) had a 33-year career as a United States Naval Officer, achieving the rank of Rear Admiral. He also has extensive experience in operations, engineering and maintenance of nuclear and conventional power systems. Coyle has maintained executive positions at Hanford Waste Treatment Plant, Exelon Nuclear, Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) and Nuclear Management Company (NMC), just to name a few. He has 11 years as a senior manager and executive in commercial nuclear power and nearly 3 years as a Department of Energy (DOE) contractor.

James Ryana Holt is a well-respected businessman in Payette County, Idaho and has been a long-time supporter of AEHI's plans to build a nuclear power plant in Payette County. He comes from a lengthy sales-oriented background, in which he largely worked in the telecommunications industry for company's like MCI Communications, McCaw Communications, and Cellular One. Holt has since transitioned into the insurance industry and maintains his own practice in Fruitland, Idaho.

"I am very excited to see these two men accept invitations to the Board of Directors. They have a great deal of experience that I believe can only help AEHI grow. It was also very important that we bring a local flavor to the Board, which I believe these men accomplish. They are well known and highly respected in the community and should prove to be invaluable additions to our already stellar Board of Directors," said Don Gillispie, AEHI President and CEO.

Coyle and Holt replace John Franz and Ralph Beedle, who retired after more than five years of service with the company.

"Franz and Beedle will be greatly missed. Their service has been invaluable in guiding AEHI and helping to accomplish some remarkable goals, which includes an historic local approval to build a nuclear power plant in Idaho. We wish them the best in their future endeavors," said Gillispie.


About Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc. (http://www.AlternateEnergyHoldings.com) -- Alternate Energy Holdings develops and markets innovative clean energy sources. The company is the nation's only independent nuclear power plant developer seeking to build new power plants in multiple non-nuclear states. Other projects include Energy Neutral(TM), which removes energy demands from homes and businesses (http://www.EnergyNeutralinc.com) Colorado Energy Park (nuclear and solar generation), and Green World Water(TM), which assists developing countries with nuclear reactors for power generation (http://www.GreenWorld-H2O.com), production of potable water and other suitable applications. AEHI China, headquartered in Beijing, develops joint ventures to produce nuclear plant components and consults on nuclear power. 
Safe Harbor Statement: Statements in this newsletter which are not purely historical, including statements regarding Alternative Energy Holdings', intentions, hopes, beliefs, expectations, representations, projections, plans or predictions of the future are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. As such, they are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause our results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Risks include possible delays of the COLA process, denial of COLA application and insufficient capital to pay costs and expenses incurred during the COLA. You should also carefully review the reports that we file with the SEC. We assume no obligation, and do not intend, to update these forward-looking statements, except as required by law.