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having just visited the Reebok warehouse, we can't wait to share with you the new technology. As usual,  our instructors will be sporting the latest trend in fitness gear and will test it all out for you.  Remember, you can purchase Reebok equipment (large and small), apparel and shoes with a great discount when going through Urban Energy.  Ask your instructors for information.
Dubai 92 vs What's on.  it's War !
We're a week away from the start of World War 92.  The participants have been picked but they don't yet know what's in stock for them....

If you wish to attend either the Sunday night or the Tuesday night World War 92 as a guest, please contact us and we will organize a place with one of the teams.  Places are limited and the cost is the same as a regular class. 

The 5km Women's run - Register today ...  
... You can register today for either the 5km or the 10km runs.  al you need to do is log on to Run Registration fill in the registration online. 

We have a limited number of free entries in the run this year again and if you are an existing and current customer of Urban Energy we will register you and will take care of the entry fee for you.  Please contact your instructors for your registration.

We currently only run 1 Urban Running class per week but will boost our trainings to 4 or 5 sessions from September onwards. 
In the meantime, join Urban Boost for your cardio fix and getting those legs ready for the runs. 

The Urban Experience 
"My friend and I have been with Marie for about five months now and our sessions are at 5.30am; What a great way to start the day with someone as dedicated as Marie! Marie makes the sessions fun and interesting so that no work-out is the same. I have received many compliments about the change in my body and can honestly say it is thanks to Marie as I had hit a plateau and nothing was shifting those extra kilos! I have not only lost those crucial kilos but they have stayed off and I am toned and fit, losing fat and gaining muscle, thus trimming my contours. I highly recommend Marie to anyone."

Andrea, dedicated Urban Enthusiast.  

Urban Running still going !

Many congratulations to the brave Urban Running participants who are continuing to pound the pavement on a weekly basis, despite the heat and the humidity!   


Our pace is a little slower but we are still getting the miles under our feet and it feels great to get out there.... if you also want to continue running in a friendly group, with no pressure and a good laugh every week, feel free to join us!   


Well done Amanda, Nikki, Kim and Sarah Jane for the hard work every week!


Issue: # 18      June 2011
Dear Urban Enthusiast,

baby with trainers 

The month of June has to be one of the most hectic months of the year.  For some reason, it seems like everyone is trying to cram as many activities as possible before the start of the official summer months.  final reports, end of school year parties and various last minute attempts at getting the all-elusive 'bikini body' before heading off to cooler climes!  


Needless to say, it's been a manic month for us at Urban Energy.   It's been busy for our mums as well as we welcomed Urban Babies Oscar and Henry who are doing super well.   Our gorgeous first set of Urban Twins Amelia and Evelyn are back in Dubai after spending their first few months in Oz and we welcomed our second set of Urban Twins, Tarek and Walid a few weeks ago.  


If you have already left Dubai, we hope you a great holiday with friends and family.  If you are shortly heading off, we wish you safe travels and if you are staying here, we hope  you will continue to look after your health and fitness with us !  


Laurence & Amy
health & nutrition corner
Get back to basics : top 5 nutrition tips :


Creating  the perfect nutrition plan to meet your needs is just a series of simple steps. The perfect nutrition plan will keep you fuelled, keep you at the weight you need to be at to perform optimally and keep you feeling great at all phases of your training.
If you can ensure that you follow these "5 rules to live by" day in day out, you will build a solid nutrition foundation:


1. Come Back To Earth. 

This simply means choosing the least processed forms of foods (specifically carbohydrates) when building the majority of your meals. Typically, the less processed the foods the closer the food that you are eating is to its natural state, the better it will be for your body.


2. Eat a Rainbow Often.

The vitamins and minerals that our bodies need come naturally from the foods that we eat, and especially from fruits and vegetables. Eating a variety of fruit and veg in a multitude of colours will help to ensure that you are getting the variety of nutrients that you need, resulting in enhanced recovery, improved energy production and immunity.

3. The Fewer Legs The Better. 

Protein is a critical part of the diet for athletes, specifically the type and the amount. When focusing on the type of protein, typically the fewer legs the animal has before you actually consume the protein it produces, the better the source. Fish, turkey and chicken rank high.


4. Eat Fats That Give Something Back. 

It is recommended that 20 - 30% of the total calories come from fat. The best types of fat to include are raw nuts, nut butter, and fatty fish. The forgotten fats are the essential fatty acids. These fats decrease inflammation but, due to their essential nature, must come from the diet.


5. Three for Three.

Eating consistently maintains energy levels (blood glucose), keeps the body in a fed state, and prevents mood swings and bingeing. Combining the three main nutrients (carbs, protein and fat) every three hours will prevent extreme hunger, which will make healthier food selection easier.

courtesy of 

Update on classes

boost team  

With most of you gone on holidays, morning classes are cancelled for both July and August. We are running a couple of private group classes in July in the Umm Suqueim area so if you are in town and interested in joining, please let us know and we will arrange for you to join the groups.

Evening Pre and post natal classes on Sunday and Wednesdays are now 6pm.

Monday evening is now a kickboxing class and Wednesday evening is a Boost class.  They still take place at 7.30pm at Star International School.

Urban Running in Arabian ranches is still going on and we run about 3-5 km depending on the humidity and heat.  It keeps us fit and will make it easier when the running season starts again.

Women's Health and Fitness July issue !
July cover

We hope you are enjoying your monthly read of WH&F.  Here are some of the topics in this month's issue of WH&F :   


Take the pressure down
Reduce your risk of hypertension

Smart choices
How to decide what's best for your health

The smartest ways to diet
The pros and cons of popular weight loss plans

Metabolism booster
Rev your body's engine

The right kind of diet
Know the pitffalls of fad dieting

If you wish to follow WH&F, get their tips, and stay abreast of all things fitness in the UAE,  click 'like' on their   WH&F Facebook page.

Make sure you get your complimentary copy from your instructor over the next couple of weeks ! Happy reading ! 
New partner for Urban Energy: Hercules Gym 

studio herculesladies gym hercules 


We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with a new facility to provide our personal training clients with a fully equipped gym to work out during the summer month.   


Urban Energy is committed to bringing fitness outdoors as long as possible but even we have to recognize that a bit of indoor training in July and August is needed.   


We welcome the Hercules Gym at Safa Park to the list of accredited partners of Urban Energy.  Located inside the Bowling center in Al Quoz, exactly opposite Safa park, the Hercules gym offers a full facility with the latest cardio and weight equipment as well as a completely separate ladies only facilities for those who prefer that option.   


With a total of 4 studios, Urban Energy will also be running their World War 92 competition out of there for the whole summer.  If you wish to train with your personal trainer in Hercules Gym, we have negotiated a AED50.- entry fee only.   We encourage you all to have a look a the facility or to talk to your fitness instructor if you have any questions.