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Dubai 92 vs What's on.  it's War !
Tune into Dubai 92 this month and you may well be in with a chance to win a place on the Dubai 92 team to battle the What's On team on the ultimate battle of fitness. 

Or get the June issue of What's on Mag and get yourself a place on the magazine's team !

2 teams,  30 participants, 12 weeks of classes offered by Urban Energy, the ultimate fitness and weightloss challenge.  Be in the winning team and enjoy a further 2 months worth of classes ! 

Move over Lara Croft....

The 5km Women's run - Register today ...  
... You can register today for either the 5km or the 10km runs.  al you need to do is log on to Run Registration fill in the registration online. 

We have a limited number of free entries in the run this year again and if you are an existing and current customer of Urban Energy we will register you and will take care of the entry fee for you.  Please contact your instructors for your registration.

We currently only run 1 Urban Running class per week but will boost our trainings to 4 or 5 sessions from September onwards. 
In the meantime, join Urban Boost for your cardio fix and getting those legs ready for the runs. 

Personal training this summer

kick boxing woman  

Our instructors are so busy it is often difficult for them to find suitable schedules for new clients. 

Throughout the month of July and August, a few of our regular clients will take a break and go home for a few weeks leaving a handful of precious slots available for 6 to 8 weeks.  if you are keen to boost your fitness schedule over the summer, please let us know and we will happily check for suitable times for you. 
Issue: # 17     May 2011
Dear Urban Enthusiast,

baby with trainersHaving just realised we are already hitting the Mid Year point,  we reflect on the last 5 months of 2011. We've welcomed a score of new bubs and new mums,   have conducted over 400 classes, and provided in excess 1400 personal training sessions !  What a year already ! And whilst the summer is always a bit 'touch and go', we know that comes September, we will welcome back all the summer escapees into the world of fitness....

Long and disjointed hours, lots of driving around,  tricky logistics and heaps of preparation work make the job tough and demanding.  But it is rewarding to see the changes in our clients every day.  Weight loss, better posture, ability to conceive,  enhance flexibility, or just simply happier moods !  We love it.  So to all of you who share with us your successes,  thanks for making us part of the changes in your life.   


Laurence & Amy
health & nutrition corner

Juicing for health !

Having just come back from a fasting Detox where fresh juices (2 per day) were the only pleasurable things coming through my palate for 7 days, I have become a bit of a real afficionado of fresh fruits and vegetable juices.  Whilst fresh juices don't always have the same benefits as having a whole fruit, in that they miss out on the healthy fibers often present in the whole fruits, they are particularly good for many reasons:

1. There is an unlimited number of variations from fruits only, to veg only, to a mix of 2, 3, 4 or more ingredients... the only thing that matters is your taste.

2. Juicing is kind on your stomach, giving you an opportunity to have your 5 a day without putting too much strain on your digestive system.

3. It is now well known that a diet high in fruits and vegs will prevent or cure a large array of ailments.

4. Fresh juices, because they are made of raw fruits and veggies, are full of rich enzimes.  Enzymes are critical for most of the metabolic activities taking place in your body, every second of every day.

So get the juicer out of the cupboard, get the kids to help out and try your hand at these amazings concoctions :

carrot - orange - pineapple
Apple - ginger - orange
cucumber - pineapple - celery
and our all time favorite :
mango - pineapple - capscicum - carrot 

Here's to a healthier and fitter you ! 

Update on classes

boost team  

All morning classes are now indoors.  Location may change but will always be up to date on our website.

Evening classes will remain outdoors for the month of June.

Morning classes will be cancelled for the month of August.  
Women's Health and Fitness June issue !

We hope you are enjoying your monthly read of WH&F.  Here are some of the topics in this month's issue of WH&F :   


Bust out of your rut
Inject variety into your exercise routine

5 ways to boost your behind

Look hot in your favourite pair of skinny jeans

Problem solvers

Tips and tricks for your dietary requirements

Eat your way to a better brain

Memory boosting foods

Health from within

The amazing benefits of probiotics   

If you wish to follow WH&F, get their tips, and stay abreast of all things fitness in the UAE,  click 'like' on their   WH&F Facebook page.

Make sure you get your complimentary copy from your instructor over the next couple of weeks ! Happy reading ! 
Bumble Box - pure goodness in a box ! 



Urban Energy fully supports the work of Becky and Sonia, the girls behind Bumble box and their great initiative to provide residents of Dubai with tasty, fresh, organic and LOCAL fruit and vegetables at affordable prices, whilst supporting local farms in the regions.

Bumble Box was established to promote healthy eating by giving easy access to fresh produce. The fruit and vegetables in each bumble box will vary each week...You will enjoy the seasonal variety and will most certainly get inspired to try some new recipes!

Bumble Box also has a delivery service, directly directly to your door.

Bumble Box Weekly Market

The team holds a Bumble Box Market at the Dubai Garden Centre every Saturday from 9:30am - 1pm where you can meet and chat to the whole team.  The market also features a number of other local food businesses who will sell their tasty treats! For families there is a wonderful children's play area, delicious food and the best coffee in Dubai!