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Hooked Up !
Last month, Urban Energy participated in Dubai 92's Hook Up promotion and offered personal training sessions and unlimited classes to Sarah Jane.  Sarah Jane had discovered she suffered Type I Diabetes after the birth of her twins.  She is now enjoying training with Amy and together they monitor her sugar levels both pre and post workout.   This is a lesson to us all that physical activity doesn't have to stop with illness.  With a dedicated and knowledgeable instructor,  any condition can be worked around and exercise will often provide the necessary boost in confidence needed to overcome your health issues. 
If you know anyone who suffers from any condition, encourage them to talk to us to see if we can help !  

Update on classes

boost team  

Urban Prenatal and Storkfit daytime are now a combined class running on sundays at 9.45 indoors in Star International School. 

Sometimes during this month, daytime Boost, Boost light and Kick will also move indoors.

We update our webiste on a daily basis, so please do check on our schedule page for any changes.  
Legal ?

kick boxing woman  

You may have seen in the press recently that the government is clamping down on unlicenced fitness companies and freelancers.   We obviously think it's a good thing as it ultimately protects everyone. 

We have been working closely with the Dubai Sports Council to assist then in setting up standards for the industry that will allow fitness professional to offer services in a legal, safe and regulated manner. 

Urban Energy is fully licenced and insured and will continue to work with other licenced companies to bring fitness to the region.  
Issue: # 16    April 2011
Dear Urban Enthusiast,

baby with trainersApril has come and gone in the blink of an eye and with May comes the start of the dreaded summer... School pick up is starting to be painful and we all spend a little longer trying to find parking spaces with as little walking as possible... Yep, we're in the high 30's already !
It's not all bad news though, and we still have a good couple of months to get in shape before we hit the summer holidays.... Time to get the 'Pippa body' ! Work hard on those push ups, add a few sit ups to your routine and concentrate on the burpees ....  and if you haven't tried yet, get yourself down to one of our classes !

Our instructors are busy day in, day out and it's great to see so many people looking after their health and fitness....  with a few births over the last couple of months, we are looking for a new group of pregnant ladies to join our classes so please make sure to contact us or forward our details if you need information on our prenatal and postnatal programmes. 


Laurence & Amy
health & nutrition corner
The beauty of Berries berries

Berries are one of these universal fruits that will please most palates.  But aside from their taste appeal, they provide an incredible array of health benefits. 

Naturally, berries are a great source of antioxidants. Much of the antioxidant strength comes from the anthocyanin pigments that tint berries red, black, blue and purple; so the darker the berry, the better!!

Antioxidants have proven to be the protective shield that counteracts the negative effects of free radical damage on the human body.

 Countless studies have produced insights into the rewarding effects of antioxidants and their ability to protect the body, maintain well-being and preserve heart health.

In addition, you will often see berries associated with
  • protecting your liver 
  • helping eyesight 
  • improving sexual function and fertility 
  • strengthening muscles  
  • boosting immune function 
  • improving circulation 
  • promoting longevity
Readily available here, make sure you add them to your weekly trolley.  A few blueberries in your cereals in the morning,  some raspberries to snack on, or a berry mix in your blender with some low fat milk will do wonders for your health !  As for kids, they adore them, so make sure you add them to their snack box !  
Women's Health and Fitness April issue !
may WH

We hope you are enjoying your monthly read of WH&F.  In this month's issue of WH&F, you can read about the amzing benefits of a nutty snack,  find out how the pill can extend your life and prevent disease,  learn how to manage the munchies and banish bad eating habits.  

If you wish to follow WH&F, get their tips, and stay abreast of all things fitness in the UAE,  click 'like' on their   WH&F Facebook page.

Make sure you get your complimentary copy from your instructor over the next couple of weeks ! Happy reading ! 
A bit of Zig ?

zig nanoIn 2010, Reebok introduced ZigTech - the brand's most technically advanced running and training technology, which helps reduce muscle activation in the shins. A couple of month ago, Reebok introduced ZigNano, a new lower-profile version of ZigTech technology. The first ZigNano model is ZigFly, a lighter shoe that combines ZigNano's energy return technology with the brand's Premier Running line of footwear. The result is a running shoe for performance runners that sets Reebok apart from the competition.


Both of Reebok's ZigTech technologies, ZigTech and ZigNano, are designed to return energy during running and training. The unique bottom units feature innovative, lightweight foam that is engineered into a dramatic, yet funky geometric, zig-zag shape. This zig-zag shaped sole absorbs the impact of heel strike and sends a wave of energy along the length of the shoe helping to propel the athlete forward with each step.  


Our Instructors all rave about the Zig technology.  If you want to get yourself a pair,  Urban Energy can provide you with a 20% discount on current retail prices.  Ask your instructor for procedure to order your pair.  Happy running !
The 5km Women's run - Register today ...  
... You can register today for either the 5km or the 10km runs.  al you need to do is log on to Run Registration fill in the registration online. 

We have a limited number of free entries in the run this year again and if you are an existing and current customer of Urban Energy we will register you and will take care of the entry fee for you.  Please contact your instructors for your registration.

We currently only run 1 Urban Running class per week but will boost our trainings to 4 or 5 sessions from September onwards. 
In the meantime, join Urban Boost for your cardio fix and getting those legs ready for the runs.