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Team Tom & Dan vs Team Nathalie.  Team Amy vs Team Emily. 22 participants and their radio  leaders. 13 weeks.  Boost, more Boost and Boost again.  From the 26th July for 3 months, they will battle it out, executing Amy and Emily's programmes every week.  Tune in every day from 10am to 2pm or 8pm-midnight to find out how they're doing. Who's giving up, who's cheating, who's eating bad food and who's hanging out in bars.... Anyone is welcome to join the  Dubai92 Boost class.  Check on our website for updates on all their sessions.

 Reebok in the future !  

The team at Urban Energy was lucky enough to have a preview of the new sports technology coming out of Reebok's R&D department in the next few month and it was mindblowing!  We can't wait to show you some of the new shoes coming out. Training, running, jumping, it's all going to get easier and far more fun ! Bright colours, incredible materials and extraordinarly efficient technology ...  We will soon be announcing some product days to allow you to share with us some of the excitement !  

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Class attendance
Remember to let us know as far in advance as possible if you are going to miss a class - we often plan our classes a few days prior and having an understanding of numbers in attendance allows us to prepare the most suitable class.

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Destination Maternity Shopping day!
Our good friends at Destination Maternity have offered to host a couple of shopping mornings (or evenings) for Urban Prenatal customers.  We would like your feedback as to when would be convenient and if you would be interested.  Please email us on Email
to let us know if 1) you are interested in attending, 2) if you would prefer a morning, evening of weekend.

Remember Urban Prenatal customers enjoy a generous discount in both Destination Maternity stores in Mirdiff City Centre and Dubai Mall - their maternity range is so good, it makes you want to be pregnant again !
Issue: # 7    July 2010
Dear Urban Enthusiast,

baby with trainersThere's no denying it, July is a funny month.  Some of our classes have been extremely busy, others have dwindled out to almost nothing... We had to make the difficult decision to cancel our Dubai Sports City classes until the end of the summer. 
After welcoming a few babies last months, we have a new batch of Urban Prenatal participants, all at different stage of pregnancy.  Some of our new mums are coming back to Urban Storkfit. 
It's all been a juggling act.  Emily is back from her travels, Amy's been and gone, Marie's working like a horse, and I have escaped the heat of Dubai and am working  from sunny South of France. 
Our fun news this month is the competition with Dubai 92 Radio.   10 winners have been selected for team Tom and Dan and 10 winners for team Nathalie.  More on this later....
We hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter and look forward to getting everyone back towards the end of August !

Laurence & Amy
Emily's Nutrition corner
happy girl
This is for those of you who work hard during the week and party hard during the weekend - you could be undoing your Boost and Kick classes in one night!
For the beer drinkers: 2 regular beers is equivalent to 1.4 of your favorite cheeseburger (33.5g of fat), or 22 minutes of running.
Wine drinkers: 2 glasses of white wine equals 0.7 cheersburger (18.1g of fat) and an 11 minute run. Red wine was a little higher (18g of fat) and so was Champagne (19g).
Cocktail drinkers: you may as well eat 2.7 cheeseburgers instead of 2 creamy cocktails, which have around 65g of fat and need 42 minutes of running to burn off. Fruity cocktails are slightly better equaling 1.7 cheeseburgers and a 26 minute run.
Spirits: with soft drink, 2 drinks contain 27g of fat and equal 1.1 cheeseburgers and a 17 minute run. If mixing with soda, 2 drinks contain only 15.7g of fat and equal 0.7 of a burger. Pre-mixed drinks are the worst, equaling 48.6g of fat, 2 cheeseburgers or a decent 31 minute run.
Obviously these aren't entirely accurate for every drink, but it gives us a fair idea of how important it is watch our liquid as well as our food intake when trying to lose or maintain weight. And it definitely helps explain the "Fresher 5" phenomenon throughout universities!

 Enjoy the training, and continue to Boost not Booze !
Would you put a price on safety ?   
I have recently attended the most atrocious fitness class.  I am on holiday in France and I thought I would join a Body Pump class. It was cheap, and I needed to burn off the french croissants.  The instructor, a fairly good looking chap, came in and I thought, yeah !  Little did I know...

The poor chap was clueless.  His version of Body Pump was a massacre.  3 newbies in his class had no idea what they were doing and went from scared, to confused to bewildered in a crescendo of emotion and pain.  Others, more used to the drill, still had terrible forms in their squats, back or chest exercises.  He didn't correct them.  I had to muster all my energy to stop myself from giving them advice and correct them. 

In my honest opinion, this guy was not a body pump instructor.  I don't even think he was a fitness instructor at all.  if you hurt yourself in that class, you're on your own.  It angers me.  very often, people comment on the price of our classes feeling they can get it cheaper somewhere else.  What they don't know, is that there are a lot of cowboys in this industry.   Pretending to know what they are doing, but putting you and your health at risk.  Next time you hear about a cheap class or personal trainer, make sure you ask for their certificates, check if they have up to date First Aid training, and in Dubai, check that they work with an appropriate trade licence.  There's a price for that.

Your health, your body, your safety.  
Have no fear.... be Storkfit
During my two pregnancies, I remember clearly being told on countless occasions how 'amazing I looked', how 'blooming', and how pregnancy suited me, blah blah blah... Whilst I never agreed with the statements and constantly felt fat, bloated, or otherwise bothered, it was nice to be on the receiving end of the compliments.  Bubs arrived and all eyes were on them.  Yet, I still felt the same: completely out of shape, still fat with the proverbial Jelly belly.  Going to the gym was an ordeal, and not going wasn't an option...

Urban Storkfit is Urban Energy's answer to that nightmare.  It is a fitness class, but one that you will share with other new mums. No one will look at your jelly bits, as it is likely that everyone there will have them.  Gently but firmly, we will get you back in shape,  and until you are ready to move to more intense workouts such as Urban Boost or Urban Kick.  As an added bonus, Urban babies are all welcome to Storkfit !

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would you Yoga ? 
Earlier this month, the team of instructors at Urban Energy trialed a Yoga class to assess if we could integrate it to our portfolio of classes.  Everyone was very impressed.  We all felt that this would be a fantastic addition to our offering, allowing you all to diversify your workouts. 

Urban Yoga, as we see it, will be an intense session, which will focus on stretching your muscles,  working on your breathing technique, strenghtening your core and clearing your mind.

We would be very keen to hear your feedback.  If you are keen to see a yoga class amongst our classes, please email here

The Urban Experience
'I spent a week in Dubai with Urban Energy on a fantastic and fun-filled fitness holiday. Loved every minute of every class and totally remotivated me to get back into kick boxing on my return to the UK. If only training over here was as much fun and as effective! Even in a week, I noticed a real difference in my fitness levels and came home feeling more toned, relaxed and ready to go that I had done in ages. I'll be back for more!'
Georgia, visiting  Urban Fan !