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Has your best friend just found out she's pregnant? Are you looking for a fun gift for your kids teacher ?  Do you need a present for a new mum ? Want to get someone a little gift to try out kickboxing?  Or your husband has hinted that he'd like his 6 pack back! Urban Energy's gift vouchers are here! You can purchase them directly and chose the gift you want.  Ask any Urban Energy team member for a Gift voucher to purchase.

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We're having so much fun buillding up this company ! The feedback we have received from everyone is so positive, we really feel we are making a difference in people's  lifestyle habits.  Our goal is to get people to enjoy their workout, to build new friendships and live healthier lives.  We hope to launch new classes  in the future ensuring that we offer a wide variety  of programmes, adapted to everyone.


Laurence & Amy
Wanna try it ? 
baby with trainers
kickboxing free trial !
If you've not tried kickboxing yet, join us on Sunday 28th March at 7.30pm or Wednesday 31st March 7.30pm at Umm Suqueim park.  This is a free trial for all new Urban Kick participants ! Contact Amy directly on 055 369 5664 to register.

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Urban Energy on Dubai 92 radio !

Congrats Julie and daughter Mariah !

Urban Energy hooked up with Julie and her daughter Mariah on Catboy & Geordibird radio programme the Hook Up ! Julie and Mariah will start a series of 10 personal training sessions with Emily and will attend as many classes as they want over the next 2 months... We can't wait to see the results and promise to let you know how they get on ! Today was a good day for Julie and her daughter !

Issue: # 3   Mar 2010
Dear Urban enthusiast
Welcome to Edition 3 of our newsletter.  The month of March has been an exciting one with new classes launched and the arrival of Emily on the Urban Team. Our first Urban baby was born a couple of weeks ago and both mum & baby are doing superbly well.  We'd like to think that's thanks to us!  We are enjoying the last few days of temperate weather, allowing us to hold our classes outdoors.  We have plans for indoor classes covering both the Umm Suqueim Area and the Ranches / motorcity / Victory Heights areas and we will let you know in due course.  In the meantime, we think we still have a few weeks of outdoor life and we are set on enjoying it to the last minute!
Urban Prenatal, storkfit, Kick and Running are now in full bloom and we are looking forward to introducing Urban Boost to all of you... watch this space !
  New Class - Urban Boost !
woman jumping on beach

It's time to get ready for the summer!  Urban Energy is proud to launch it s latest class: Urban Boost, the perfect solution for an all round workout,fun, varied and packed with good stuff for your body.  In a nutshell, Urban Boost is a type of bootcamp without the shouting and the misplaced testosterone ! Urban Boost is the modern version of circuit training, encompassing kettle bells, dumbells, Medicine balls and plenty of other fun toys. It is a great full body workout and guaranteed to boost your energy ! isn't that what we are all about?  Urban boost will run throughout the summer, initially outdoors in Arabian Ranches and in Umm Suqueim park but will move indoors as soon as the weather
is too hot.  Go on, Try it.. you won't regret it ! 

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Emily's Nutrition corner
happy girl
I wish I had a dirham for every time I heard "I skipped breakfast". And if this is you, give me a moment and have a read.

If you finish dinner at 8pm and wake up at 6am (this may be way off for some of you but just go with it!) you have already spent 10 hours fasting (try doing that in the middle of the day and then skipping a meal!) The level of glucose in your blood, or your central nervous system's main energy supply, has dropped dramatically overnight and is in desperate need of replenishing...AKA breakfast!  Without fuel the brain will not function properly, affecting concentration, alertness, reaction time, mood and performance.  Furthermore, in order to conserve energy for the brain and other vital organs, your metabolic rate will slow down until the next meal (which is for some of you lunchtime, and by then you've gone almost 16 hours without eating!).  Eating breakfast will let the body know that it has incoming fuel to burn, and can therefore start working again efficiently. 
Keep this in mind when training, Team Urban, because without energy your body will struggle to adapt to any type of physical activity (no matter how hard you kick or how fast you run) because like anything else, it needs energy to work!

Now I understand some of the reasons behind the lack of breakfast, but as a trainer and as someone who wants to help you get the very best out of your day, PLEASE find a way (or email me and we can work out a solution!)  Give yourself a head start as soon as you roll out of bed, and kick start your brain, your metabolism, your training and your day with the breakfast boost!
Breakfast ideas with time on your side:
-          Muesli, fruit and yogurt
-          Poached eggs on wholegrain toast
-          Porridge with banana and honey
Breakfast in a mad rush (and coffee doesn't count):
-          Pot of yogurt and piece of fruit
-          Toasted bagel/bread (wholegrain) with honey
-          Oatcakes with peanut butter and fruit
It will soon be too hot ... so what's in stock ?  

Urban Running
As soon as the weather becomes too hot for running, Urban Running participants will be able to join the Urban boost class.

Urban Kick
We have arranged indoor locations serving both the Umm Suqeim and the Arabian Ranches / Motorcity / Victory Heights areas.

Urban Prenatal & Storkfit (Postnatal) 
It will soon be too warm outdoors for our mums to be and our little ones.  So it's indoors from the month of April onwards.  Check our website for new location and directions. 

Urban Boost
We will Launch Urban Boost on April 1st - Initially outdoors, we expect to go indoors towards the end of April but will keep an eye on the weather and move indoors earlier if necessary. Check on our website for more information.

So where are we going ?

We are finalising agreements in several locations but we have chosen carefully our venues to ensure cleanliness, convenience, parking availability, toilets and good air conditioning.  You won't be disappointed !
Urban Energy new pricing
 Starting on April 1st, Urban Energy is introducing a new pricing for classes and packages:

Individual class :           AED75.-
1 month, 4 sessions:      AED 280.-
1 month, 8 sessions:      AED 560
1 month, 12 sessions:    AED 800.-  

With package prices, you can chose any combination of class and attend whenever you want, wherever you want.  The packages run for the entire month

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Pregnant, Hip and Fit ! 
Urban Energy partners with Destination Maternity retail stores in Dubai.
Already opened in Mirdiff City Centre, Destination Maternity will open this Sunday in Dubai Mall.  Gorgeous maternity clothes, trendy yet comfortable, and even a range of workout outfits ! We love it and we know you will as well.  The team at Destination Maternity has special offers for all Urban Energy pre and post natal customers.  Send us an email on if you want to benefit from this partnership.

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The Urban Experience
'I am addicted to Urban Kick classes! I Participated in my first class around 3 months ago and now attend on average two a week. Key highlights for me include the outdoor, beach-side location and evening timing - very important for an office-based working mum of 2. The workout is all encompassing - a little cardio, combined with a touch of toning, bundled together with a heap of stress-releasing round-house kicks, jabs, hooks and upper cut punches. I already see changes in my fitness and strength levels and look forward to taking it to the next level.'
Robyn - Urban Kick enthusiast !