NCIA Newsletter Issue #14 (February 2010)
Message from the Executive Director
LaurieHello and welcome to our February newsletter.  I wanted to take a moment to inform you a bit more about NCIA and how we function.
NCIA is directed by a Board that sets priorities for the organization.  The board includes a full-time Executive Director, a volunteer chair and vice-chair, as well as volunteer representatives from each member company of NCIA.  This way, our board fairly represents the full range of our membership.
An Executive Committee (including the Chair) is elected annually and provides direction and support to various industry sub-committees.  Staff from the various member organizations lend their expertise to NCIA's various sub-committees and work with our membership on the key focus areas identified by the Executive Committee and Board.
Each committee focuses on a specific aspect of sustainable industrial growth.  The primary areas of focus for our sub-committees are:
  • Environment
    • Regional Noise Management
    • Regional Groundwater Quality
  • Socio-Economic Impacts
    • Life in the Heartland
  • Public Affairs
  • Education
Each of these sub-committees nominates industry representatives to sit on other external initiatives to represent industry on related issues.   All industry representatives nominated for external committees must first receive endorsement from the Executive Committee and once endorsed represent NCIA on the external committees.
As you can see from the above, NCIA functions by way of volunteered expertise or sweat equity from our member organizations.  In 2008 and 2009, for example, NCIA member companies contributed 8,200 hours of sweat equity to NCIA in order to resource the various internal and external committees that we participate on.  This significant commitment of resources is what makes NCIA function well.
In future issues of our newsletter we will begin to profile staff from member companies that provide their time to help our organization succeed.
Total - Putting Neighbours' Comments into Action
Alleviating the Nuisance
(article submitted by Total)
TotalThrough consultation with near neighbours, Total E&P Canada has heard consistently that there are concerns regarding the nuisance effects of both construction and operation of the Total Upgrader.  These nuisances include light trespass, noise, traffic, odours and off-site visual effects.  Total has undertaken a number of studies over the past couple of years and has come up with some solutions to these nuisances that we hope will alleviate the impacts on our near neighbours. 
The Total Upgrader uses lighting for safety, security and operations.  Light can escape the site and be an issue with residents close to our facility.  It is important to note that just as there are regulations restricting the level of lighting from being too bright, there are also safety regulations that industry must follow to ensure that the level of lighting is sufficient to comply with these safety regulations.  Total is currently undergoing study that will identify methods of reducing the amount of lighting, and the use of shielding and directional lighting to mitigate light trespass.
Noise associated with construction activities is expected to occur during the project construction and decommissioning.  Construction noise will occur during levelling and grading of the site, pile driving, excavation, pouring concrete, and erecting steel and components. The Upgrader has been designed to reduce noise during construction and operations and where practical, construction activity noise will be restricted to daytime hours of 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekends.
The Total Upgrader development will result in additional traffic near the project area, including Highway 15 to the south, Range Road 220 to the west, Range Road 214 to the east and Township Road 554 to the north.  Total is currently working with Strathcona County, Shell and others on a detailed traffic management plan aimed at improving road networks including upgrades to roads and intersections.  Total will look at ways to mitigate speed through signage and communication with contractors.  Busing will be provided to transport construction workers to site.
Total is currently also undergoing a comprehensive landscape plan that will include topsoil berms and planting along the east and southeast side of the site that will reduce the impacts on sightlines and act as a barrier to fugitive light, noise and odours.  This vegetation will be dense enough to attract small animals and birds.  The intent is not to further attract large animals to the site, both for the safety of the animals and the safety of the drivers around the site.  In addition, a 7-foot high fence will be in place around the perimeter of the site on the outside of the berms to further inhibit large animal use of the site.
Often the most effective way to alleviate nuisances to near residents is through communication.  It is Total's intent to communicate any extraordinary activity, to provide information to our residents on our construction schedules, particularly noisy activities, and to ensure that our neighbours are comfortable with the manner in which we operate.  We are proud to be part of the Alberta Industrial Heartland community and a proud member of the Life in the Heartland, communicating to the community initiative.  Total looks forward to being a good neighbour that the local community will respect and value.
FAP discusses 2009 Alberta Environment audit in a Letter to the Editor of the Fort Record
FAPEarlier this month, the Fort Record published an article regarding the Fort Air Partnership (FAP)'s audit report by Alberta Environment (AENV), stating that some of the monitoring equipment was cleaned the morning of a scheduled audit.
FAP was not contacted by the Fort Record to be interviewed for this article and has subsequently submitted a Letter to the Editor to the Record in response.
For more information about this issue, please contact Nadine Blaney, Executive Director for FAP at 780-289-6631 or email at
NCIA to seek public input into its Regional Noise Management Framework in 2010
NCIA will seek public input into its Regional Noise Management Framework late-spring of this year through the various Community Advisory Panels (CAP) in the Heartland region. While other public input methods are also being considered, we certainly welcome any input and feedback that you may have now and encourage you to submit them directly to Laurie Danielson at
NCIA's RNMP is the first initiative of its kind in North America and adopts best practices in noise management. While each member company is responsible for implementing the regional plan independently, annual reporting to the NCIA will be required to ensure overall regional compliance.
Stay tuned for more detail in the coming months! 
About NCIA
pipesThe Northeast Capital Industrial Association (NCIA) is a not-for-profit cooperative representing industry located in Alberta's Industrial Heartland which include the municipalities of StrathconaCounty, SturgeonCounty, the City of Fort Saskatchewan and Lamont County. NCIA member companies range from large integrated global chemical and petro-chemical industries, to industrial service companies. Members directly employ approximately 4,500 people (not including contract employees) and spend approximately $700 million to purchase goods and services in the region, not including utilities and feedstock for their plants. Current industrial investment in manufacturing plants and infrastructure in the region already exceeds $25 billion, and an additional $20 to 40 billion in investment is expected in the next 10-15 years.
Total E&P Hearing Update!
The Total E&P Canada Upgrader ERCB Hearing has been delayed until Mid May.  Particular dates will be released by the ERCB when available.  For more information regarding the Total E&P Canada Upgrader Hearing, please either visit the ERCB or Total E&P Canada.  
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