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Batten Grant Recipient Christopher Sprigman co-authors new innovation book, The Knockoff Economy >>

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8-9 NOV
Darden Entrepreneurship Conference >>

12 NOV
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Jefferson Innovation Summit for the Commonwealth

More than 60 business, government and higher education leaders from across Virginia gathered to consider how to create a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem at the state and local level.

Setting the Entrepreneur’s Table

In an era of limited public resources, how can government encourage entrepreneurship and innovation? Batten Fellow Aaron Chatterji (left), who has examined this question from multiple perspectives, will work with Michael Lenox, executive director of the Batten Institute, to explore industry-level needs.

Rethinking Business Competitions

Darden’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership offers a trio of competitions that give aspiring entrepreneurs a better sense of how new ideas become businesses.

Creative Risk Reduction

Darden Professor Samuel Bodily uses the tools of quantitative risk analysis to develop low-cost incentives for entrepreneurs and fresh approaches to venture financing.

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