Visionary Dialogues with Julia C. R. Gray

Visionary Dialogues September 1, 2009                                                                                                                                        
   Bubbles 30 X 24   Oil on Canvas
   Original painting available
   Gicleés available
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When I first met Julia she was painting a lot of nature-inspired themes. Even though she has begun to move into more surrealistic images, nature continues to play a prominent role in her work.

Julia says that "Bubbles" the first creation in her "Koi People" series was created "during a period when I wasn't painting. I began having dreams and recurring images of human figures with beautiful frog patterns. Some were floating in water. Some were sitting on rocks or flowers."

The frog goddess of the painting, "Bubbles," wears the colorful pattern of the strawberry poison arrow frog (also known as "dart frogs"). Strawberry poison arrow frogs live in the South American rainforests. Their brightly colored skin helps to warn away predators. In the event that one does try to taste them, the glands emit a strong toxin making the predator sick. South American Indians sometimes use this poison on the tips of their arrows or blow-gun darts.

Fluid and graceful, the frog goddess "Bubbles" floats languidly in a swirling, colorful sea. Seemingly asleep, she is, nevertheless, poised in a position that looks like she could strike out if threatened or attacked, reminding the viewer that In spite of her allure, this frog goddess has a lethal side.

Original oils and gicleés of Julia's "Koi People" paintings are available at Bridge Street Gallery and of her traditional koi paintings at Browns Gallery. See the websites below or contact Julia for more information.

Julia C. R. Gray and Jordan Clary
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 Julia C. R. Gray is most well  known for her large-format oil paintings with environmental themes. Gray paints using multiple layers of transparent oils to create depth and rhythm in these vivid works. Gray first experienced the elation of painting at age five. She began studying oil painting at 13 and was painting murals by 16. She has studied and worked in many art forms but claims oil painting as her first love.

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Jordan Clary is a freelance journalist and photographer.  She lives in northern California.

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Bridge Street Gallery

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