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Visionary Dialogues August 11, 2009                                                                                                                                        
   Wet Shoe Dream II 60 X 48 Oil on Canvas
   Original painting available
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           Wet Shoe Dream

Culture & Cuisine

Opening Reception: August 18, 2009

Time: 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Where: Currant American Brasserie
             140 West Broadway
             San Diego, CA 92101
Phone:  619-702-6309

Wet Shoe Dream II will be on display as part of a group exhibition at Currant American Brasserie, a San Diego fine dining establishment that offers its customers the unsurpassed combination of fine food and great art. While many restaurants display original artwork in their venues, owner and art connoisseur, Judi Winslow along with general manager Chris Cooke, takes it to a new level by training the staff to explain the nuances of the work and provide some history of the artists to customers. They are also developing tableside portfolios for guests to peruse while dining.Currant's waiters receive a commission on any painting they help to sell--an option that Julia offers to others who sell her work as well.

How, you may ask, does a fish end up in a shoe? While she can't give an explicit answer, Wet Shoe Dream II, like many of Julia's paintings, began as a dream. Koi fish are said to represent prosperity, harmony, marital happiness and reproduction. In dream language, this could easily lead to a red high heel, which as any woman who wears them or any man who admires them can vouch is one of the sexiest accessories around.

Julia promises that no koi were harmed or put in shoes while creating this painting.

So don't miss this opening and the opportunity for a great sensory and sensual experience on many levels.

Julia C. R. Gray & Jordan Clary
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About the Artist
Being Koi Too

 Julia C. R. Gray is most well  known for her large-format oil paintings with environmental themes. Gray paints using multiple layers of transparent oils to create depth and rhythm in these vivid works. Gray first experienced the elation of painting at age five. She began studying oil painting at 13 and was painting murals by 16. She has studied and worked in many art forms but claims oil painting as her first love.

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Jordan Clary is a freelance journalist and photographer who lives in northern California.

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