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 January 2010 Edition

Welcome to Homeopathic Times, read our next part on how to lose weight and feel great for 2010. How does the thyroid affect our weight loss goals?
Lose Weight, Feel Great!
Part Two: Thyroid Dysfunction

Weight Loss I have been researching the many healthy ways that people can lose weight and keep it off. I will be culminating this research as well my clinical experience into a new book which will be released in the New Year called "Your Drug Free Guide to Healthy Weight Loss".  
In each monthly newsletter each month I will be highlighting the many reasons for weight gain and how we can improve our health so that we can acheive a healthy body weight. Last month we highlighted insulin resistance.
Reason Two: Thyroid Dysfunction, What is It?
The thyroid is one of the largest organs of our hormone system. It is a gland situated along the middle of the external throat.  
 What does it do?   
 The thyroid controls our metabolic rate, the rate at which we convert energy into food, our body temperature, stimulates protein synthesis, increases the use of glucose for energy
assists the liver in releasing cholesterol into bile for excretion.
It also affects our mood, memory and cognitive function.
Some of the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction are:
  •  Weight gain
  • Cold and chilly feeling
  • Dry Hair and nails
  • Water retention
  • Heavy menstrual cycles
  • Depression
  • Fatigue and difficulty being motivated

Risk factors for developing thyroid dysfunction are:
  •  being low in several key nutrients such as iodine, selenium, zinc
  • having too high estrogen
  • having endometriosis
  • use of certain medications
    If you suffer from any of the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction contact the clinic to have a to rule out this disorder. There are a few tests that can be done to determine a sluggish thyroid. If you have a low thyroid there are many dietary and natural supplements that effectively improve this condition.
                      Best of all it will help you lose excess weight.

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