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November 2009 Edition

Enjoy November's edition of Homeopathic Times, learn how the Mediterranean diet helps to prevent disease and extand lifespan, how to prevent the latest flu H1N1 and our view our latest coupons.

Eat a Mediterranean Diet and Extend Your Life!


     I have just returned from a cruise touring some islands of Greece and Italy. I could not help but notice how much energy I felt there. I ate a lot of good food and thought surely I must have eaten enough to sink the ship! However, I was surprised both at how great I felt and that I didn't gain any weight. The diet I chose to eat while I was touring there was the traditional fare of Italy and Greece -- olives, olive oil, seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables.
     Study after study has confirmed that eating a Mediterranean diet extends your lifespan and reduces the incidence of heart disease and cancer. According to studies posted in Life Extension magazine, people 60 years of age and older who adhered most closely to the classic Mediterranean diet clearly live longer. These people experienced a 27% lower rate of mortality and a 31% lower rate of cardiac death. Even the incidence of common cancers were reduced. The Mediterranean diet focuses on the following:
  • Olives and olive oil which contain many health properties due to their polyphenols which contain antioxidants. Polyphenols increase the healthful benefits of vitamin e levels, decrease bad cholesterol and increase glutathione (a natural antioxidant that aids in detoxification of the body and many other beneficial properties). Olives also reduce inflammation and joint pains.
  • Fish and fish oils have numerous health benefits such as preventing cardiovascular disease, reducing inflammation, improving the immune system, maintaining the strength and integrity of the heart, skin, hair and muscles. Fish tends to be a good source of protein and is leaner than other meats like pork and fish. If you take fish oil supplements opt for ones that are molecularly distilled to remove any heavy metal contamination.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables are eaten often. Figs, dates, olives, fresh herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, berries and lemons are eaten regularly. The fresh fruits and vegetables have many health benefits such as being high in antioxidants, rich in vitamins (such as vitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin A) and a source of fibre. Study after study has shown that people who have a diet of a higher number of fruits and vegetables have less incidence of heart disease, cancer and also tend to live longer. Your mother was right! You should eat your vegetables.
     In Europe, people tend to walk most places. They get much more exercise than a lot of us in North America who are tied to our desks for eight hours a day. Italy as a country has a much lower percentage of obesity rates compared to the United States and Canada. Asian countries are also much leaner due to their diet high in fish, fruits and vegetables.
     Of course you don't have to travel the world to adopt those healthy habits and feel more energized, but I highly recommend a Mediterranean cruise if you find yourself needing to be convinced of these lifestyle benefits.

Remember the Bird Flu?  

How to Prevent the Swine Flu H1N1

Many people are concerned about upcoming swine flu virus. It has been promoted over the news as one of the worse pandemics we have had in years. Keep in mind the bird flu was a recent media newsflash that made us all paranoid as well! It never exploded. A few facts have surfaced that may lay to rest people's fears regarding the H1N1 virus.
  1. The people who have died of H1N1 have had other underlying diseases and may have died if they got a regular cold or any other virus for that matter. These people were sick already with a depressed immune system.
  2. The H1N1 virus has already been through a lot of people's homes in Canada and it hasn't been as deadly or severe as once thought. It is much milder than recently publicized.
  3. Statistically more people die per year of the regular flu bug than the swine flu/H1N1.
  4.  The statistics kept in Mexico are not kept up to our standards so the information we are getting is not necessarily a correct representation of the symptoms, mortality and number of people affected by it.
  5. The new vaccine has not had the required study of 10 years or more for regular pharmaceuticals. We do not know that this vaccine is safe. It has been pushed out onto the market by drug companies and the public's growing concern over the swine flu due to the media's hype. Let the buyer beware when using an unstudied drug, injected directly into your bloodstream. There is not a full list of side effects because it has not been studied properly. As a consumer you would have no way to research this drug to make an informed decision. Your doctor, with their best intentions, would not be able to either. According to a recent report by Dr. Norm Shealy, the flu shot still contains toxic heavy metals like mercury and aluminum. There has been research that five or more flu shots in a person's lifetime increases one's susceptibility to alzheimer's disease ten fold compared to those who have not had the vaccine.

If you would like to be prepared for the flu season boost your immune system with vitamin A, C and zinc. Use a good quality multi vitamin and immune boosting herbs. One can use a homeopathic preparation of thymuline and influenzinum. Thymuline stimulates the immune system and influenzinum is a homeopathic preparation of the common strains of the flu. It acts to awaken your immune response to ward off these strains for the flu. However, they don't have any side effects like the regular influenza vaccine. As many of you know, homeopathic remedies are ultra diluted, safe and have no side effects. Anyone can use it once per week to boost their immune system and ward off the flu. 

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