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Your Genes are Not to Blame; Even if They Don`t Fit
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"Your Drug Free Guide to Digestive Health masterfully negotiates the needs of both practitioner and patient. This book contains a treasure of reliable information delivered in a smart and easy to use format. Bravo Heather!"

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April 2009 Edition

Welcome to Homeopathic Times, our new email newsletter from Caruso Homeopathic Clinic.
Your Genes are Not to Blame; Even if They Don`t Fit

Family BondingMany of us have family health issues that are cause for concern. We tend to blame our genetic programming for weight gain, cholesterol levels, depression and many other health concerns. Very few conditions are hard wired into our genes.

In most instances, our genes have gotten a bad rap. Many people are unaware that if you do have a genetic predisposition to something you can change the way your genes are expressed. You can turn on or off their expression through the choices you make. I hope you will learn herein that you have more control and responsibility for your path to lead to health. For the great majority of your choices, you can chart a course to wellness.

Here are some scenarios that may help you to see how lifestyle plays a huge role in our health. 

1. The proverbial "fat gene"
2. "High cholesterol runs in the family"
3. "Cancer runs in families"

Many Spring Gifts For You
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