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Summer is finally here and PSE has new ways to help make your business more successful. Our Green Power Rewards card is now available for businesses throughout PSE's service area. If you are looking for ways to attract environmentally-conscious customers, or to identify yourself as a "green" business, the Green Power Rewards program can help.

Put PSE's Green Power Rewards Program to Work for
Your Business


GP rewards card

Looking to attract environmentally-conscious customers? PSE's Green Power Rewards Program could be just what your business needs. Starting this month, PSE is offering the program to all residential electric customers, and inviting all commercial electric customers to participate and reach these residential customers. This extended offering comes on the heels of a successful program launch in May 2010 in Thurston County.


How does it work?

Green Power customers will receive a Rewards Card in the mail, and will be patronizing local businesses that also participate in PSE's Green Power Program. Participating businesses receive a Green Power Rewards window decal to display in their store fronts. Residential Green Power customers will receive ongoing discounts at participating local businesses, simply by presenting their rewards card at the time of purchase. 


PSE currently has more than 28,300 residential Green Power participants, and nearly 900 commercial participants. Businesses participating in Green Power Rewards include retail, dining, personal care, home and garden, and sporting goods stores. They all purchase Green Power for their businesses and have encouraged others to do the same.


If your business is in PSE's electric service territory, enroll in the Green Power Program today, participate in the Rewards Card program, and welcome more like-minded customers! Already participating in PSE's Green Power Program? Find out more about the Rewards Card by visiting PSE.com/GreenPowerRewards or calling a PSE Energy Advisor at

1-800-562-1482, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Participation in PSE's Green Power Program is voluntary, enabling customers to guarantee the amount of energy they use is matched in the grid with electricity from wind, solar, biomass and other Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy sources. The amount paid by each business customer typically ranges from $20 to $500 per month, and goes to support the local development of renewable energy that is in addition to - and separate from - the renewable energy facilities built by PSE, the nation's second-largest utility producer of wind power.


Turn Off the T12 lights!  T12 comparison 


Wondering if you're still using inefficient T12 lighting? Use this handy graphic to find out.


As the graphic demonstrates, T12 lamps are 12/8or 1 1/2 inches in diameter while T8 lamps are 8/8 or one inch in diameter. You can also check the end of the tube for lamp size included in the code - you may see something like this F40T12CW/ES.


If you are still using T12 lighting, and are a PSE schedule 24 or schedule 8 electric customer, you can receive funding for T12 to T8 conversions through PSE's smallbusiness lighting program. Larger businesses and other nonresidential customers can receive funding through the utility's custom grant program.


For more information, visit PSE.com/ForYourBusiness or contact a PSE Energy Advisor at 1-800-562-1482.

Powerful Business Conference - A Hit for Utility Customers and Trade Allies

Keynote Speakers and Sessions Wow Attendees


Jason McLennan


The Electric League of the Pacific Northwest hit a home run last month with the Powerful Business Conference, held in Bellevue. High-quality sessions, inspiring keynote speakers and valuable networking made the one-day conference a great event. Josh Henretig from Microsoft got the day started with news about new technology and methods for reducing the carbon footprint associated with our modern high-technology lives. Jason McLennan from the Cascadia Green Building Council encouraged us to look at our energy picture as "not just doing things that are less bad" but finding ways to create more good and more ways of embracing efficiency. Session topics ranged from Alternative Fuel Vehicles to Engaging Employees in Energy Efficiency and Green Innovations with Tenant Improvements. Attendees left with new information on how to optimize energy efficiency in their facilities, and how to make the case for energy efficiency in their organizations.

Michael Lane Joins PSE's Small Business Lighting Group

Michael Lane

Michael Lane


Michael Lane, formerly with Lighting Design Lab (LDL), has joined PSE's Small Business Lighting group, a team that focuses on energy-saving lighting solutions for thousands of businesses in the Puget Sound Region.


Michael's 29 years of experience in lighting design have taught him that education is the key to providing effective energy-efficiency solutions for commercial customers. Contractor training on new lighting technologies, as well as customer communication are two ways he has previously provided this education, and he plans to expand these efforts at PSE as well.


In addition to educating contractors and customers on lighting design, Michael will provide leadership to the Small Business Lighting team, helping to create new programs that allow them to obtain more savings from lighting projects. Some of you may already be benefitting from the expertise he's gained by authoring the Advanced Energy Design Guides and numerous other papers and publications, available at www.ashrae.org/aedg.


Michael has a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies and a Bachelor of Architecture, both from Washington State University. Since earning his degrees, he has held various lighting design positions, including running his own lighting design business, Lane Lighting Design, for nearly a decade. He has also taught Interior Design 191 at Bellevue Community College. Michael worked as Senior Lighting Specialist at LDL for 18 years, and subsequently ran the Lab as the Project Manager from October 2007 before joining PSE in May 2011. He is also the Vice-Chair of ASHRAE SSPC90.1 National Committee on Energy Standards for Buildings Except Low Rise Residential Buildings and the Illumination Engineering Society of North America Outdoor Environmental Lighting Committee.


Upcoming Events


Washington School Nutrition Association Annual Conference

PSE will be present and exhibiting at the 50th annual event.


Date: Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time: 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Location: Clark County Event Center

                  Ridgefield, WA


Click here for more information or to register.

We hope that this issue has provided you with some ideas and resources to improve energy efficiency at your business. Let us know if you have ideas for future articles. Please look for our next issue in October 2011.

Thanks for using energy wisely,
Your energy specialists at Puget Sound Energy