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Nov 2008

Tips and Tricks to Make Life Easier

Giving and Getting for a Peaceful Thanksgiving Season

Hello!  This is a quick monthly tip list provided by Molly Boren of Simplicity Works Organizing Services. With easy ideas for things to do -- and things to STOP doing -- I hope it helps you save time, money, and energy for the most important things.
Remember: if it takes 2 minutes or less, do it now. I.e., read this and then delete it or save in a folder.  I wouldn't want it to become e-clutter...

Do Keep Closets Lean
Place a disposable bag or box in your closet to collect items that, during the course of everyday life, you realize you no longer need. It's the easiest way to purge. A full "donate bag" means it's time to take the whole thing to the Brown Elephant or another great donation spot, and replace the container to start again.

Don't Overstuff
Nip clutter in the bud: decide where you'll store a new item BEFORE you bring it home. No space for that festive new jingle-bell sweater? Make room by tossing an older one into the "donate bag." But if there's no space and nothing you'd give up for it, you probably don't need it.

Get Bargains
There's a 20%-40% off Going Out of Business sale at Linens & Things (in stores and online). Plus, through WED, 11/19 ONLY get 20% off at The Container Store (in stores, by phone, and online) with this coupon from Oprah's website. REMEMBER: buy only things you have space for and will really use or give!

Give to Literacy
Shop for holiday gifts at Barnes & Noble Webster Place (1441 W. Webster, Chicago) on 11/22. Part of all proceeds will go to the awesome literacy non-profit Open Books. And/or volunteer to read with cute kids weekly at lunchtime: an immediate mood booster. See website for one-time volunteer opportunities, too.
Save 10%
First-time clients: save 10% on your first organizing session when you mention this newsletter. What space or system is holding you back? For a free 30-minute consultation or to book your first session, email or call 773-915-3537.

Simplicity Works Home + Office Organizing Services conquers overwhelm by helping clients clear their clutter and implement personalized and efficient new systems for routine tasks.  Time, money, and energy are then free for the things that matter most.

Molly Boren, Professional Organizer 
Yours truly,

Molly Boren
Certified Professional Organizer®
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