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July 2008
Dear Colleague

The National High Field NMR Centre (NANUC) is excited and enthusiastic about becoming a more supportive and active member of the University of Alberta and Canadian research community.  Through our new regular newsletter we will spotlight our resources and personnel as well as those in other NMR facilities at the University of Alberta and throughout Canada.  NMR research activities, opportunities and highlights at the University of Alberta and Canada will also be reviewed. 

By promoting increased awareness of local and national NMR research activities and advancements NANUC hopes to foster a more collaborative research environment.  This will bring together investigators from many different disciplines and introduce them to experts in the field of NMR, the most versatile and informative sample observation system in science today.

Please forward this email to any who may be interested.  If you would like to contribute articles, events or opportunities to our newsletter please contact us.

National High Field NMR Centre (NANUC)
University of Alberta

Dr. Ryan McKay
Dr. Lewis Kay visits NANUC
Dr. Forman-Kay visits NANUC
NMR Events
NMR Opportunities
The NANUC 800MHz
The Nanuc 800 MHz was brought online in 2000.

18.8T 63mm Oxford magnet (2.2K)

Varian INOVA console
X, Y, Z gradients
4 complete channels with waveform generators
1000 W amplifier for 13C (channel #2)
1000 W amplifier for 15N (channel #3)
400 W amplifier for 2H (channel #4)


5mm HCN - xyz gradient
3mm HCN z-gradient (High Salt)
5mm Broad Band z-gradient
5mm HCN Cold Probe
MAS T3 HX Balum Solids

Computer & Power
SUN Blade 1500 with Dual 18"-monitor
8.0 kVa UPS for magnet pumps
8.0 kVa UPS for console
HONDA generator for extended power failure
 The NANUC 800MHz has performed a wide range of NMR experiments ranging from simple small molecule quality control samples to imaging nerve fibers.  The majority of samples on the 800MHz system are observed with the 5mm HCN cold probe.  With a signal to noise of over 3000 to 1 with water samples, the NANUC 800 MHz system is second to none when observing biomacromolecules in solution.
Dr. Ryan McKay
Ryan_1Present Position:
Scientific Director
National High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Centre    (NANUC)

Post Doctoral Fellow   April 2000 - February 2001    University of Calgary
Post Doctoral Fellow   March 1999 - 2000                University of Minneapolis
Ph.D. Degree              April 16, 1999                        University of Alberta
Ph.D. Candidacy        Jan. 1996                               University of Alberta
M.Sc.                          Sept. 1993                             University of Alberta
B.Sc. Biochemistry     (1989-1993)                           University of Lethbridge

Scientific Contributions:
Since 2001, I have been the Scientific Director of the National High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Centre (NANUC) housed on the University of Alberta campus in Edmonton, Alberta.  During that period, I have collected spectra and participated in research projects involving more than 400 samples, 40 research groups, and 80 facility users from across Canada, and the world.  In addition, I have published peer reviewed articles, presented and assisted with conference posters and presentations, contributed many articles to online NMR/educational forums and instructed/advised undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral fellows, research associates and primary investigators in methods of organic, biomolecular, and small molecule NMR spectroscopy.  Lastly, I have been invited to present at international training courses, and presented at, hosted, and organized six annual Canadian national NMR training courses.

Contact Information:

Rm. 105 NANUC Bldg.    Email:
University of Alberta        Office Phone:(780) 492-2700
Edmonton, Alberta          Mobile Phone:(780) 920-8871
Canada, T5T2H3  
Dr. Lewis Kay visits NANUC
LewisThank you to Dr. Lewis Kay for his visit to NANUC this past week.  He spoke about his new paper in this month's issue of Journal of Biomolecular NMR, Using relaxation dispersion NMR spectroscopy to determine structures of excited, invisible protein states. (J Biomol NMR (2008) 41:113-120)


Currently the main focus of structural biology is the determination of static three-dimensional representations of biomolecules that for the most part correspond to
low energy (ground state) conformations. However, it is becoming increasingly well recognized that higher energy structures often play important roles in function as well.  Because these conformers are populated to only low levels and are often only transiently formed their study is not amenable to many of the tools of structural biology. In this perspective we discuss the role of CPMG-based relaxation dispersion NMR spectroscopy in characterizing these low populated, invisible states. It is shown that robust methods for measuring both backbone chemical shifts and residual anisotropic interactions in the excited state are in place and that these data provide valuable restraints for structural studies of invisible conformers.

For more information on Dr. Kay's research please checkout his website.
Dr. Julie Forman-Kay at NANUC
We would like to thank Dr. Julie Forman-Kay for presenting her talk, 'Characterization of intrinsically disordered protein ensembles and their interactions in biological regulation.'

Dr. Forman-Kay's lab at the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto is committed to the study of protein interactions and dynamics in solution.  More specifically the movement and structure of the binding domains.  The study of such interactions will can shed light on regulatory mechanisms for certain proteins as well as increase the understanding of the thermodynamics of protein-protein interactions.

For more information on Dr. Forman-Kay's research checkout her website.

The presentations by Dr. Kay and Dr. Forman-Kay are the first of a new NANUC seminar series to showcase modern developments in NMR.
June 1-6       NMRFAM Protein Structure Determination Workshop            NMRFAM, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
June 4-6       EUROMAR 2008                                                                    Parma, Italy
July 13-17      9th Int'l. Bologna Conference on MR in Porous Media               St. Petersburg, Russia
July 20-25     Gordon Research Conference In Vivo Magnetic Resonance      Andover, New Hampshire, USA
July 21-23     Meeting on NMR sample preparation                                          Wolfson College Oxford, UK
July 27-31     Rocky Mountain Solids NMR Workshop                             Beaver Run Resort, Breckenridge, Colorado, USA
July 27-Aug. 2      2008 NANUC BootCamp                                          UConn Helath Center, Farmington, Connecticut, USA
Aug. 17-21     Structure Determination of Biological Macromolecules by Solution NMR     Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Aug. 24-29     23rd ICMRBS                                                                                                San Diego, California, USA
Sept. 7-10       SMASH 2008, Small Molecule NMR Conference                              Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Sept. 8-15       Structure determination of bio macromolecules by solution NMR     Beijing NMR Center Beijing, China
Sept. 10-13     38th National Congress on Magnetic Resonance                             Bressanone / Brixen, Italy
Sept. 15-20     9th International Workshop on Magnetic Resonance                        Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Sept. 21-24    Reunión Bienal del GERMN / Reunión Ibérica de RMN                     Sevilla, Spain
Oct. 4-5                  21st Annual MOOT NMR Symposium                                                Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Nov. 12-14             47th Annual Meeting of the NMR Society of Japan                            University of Tsukuba, Japan
March, 2009
March 29-Apr 3     50th ENC, Asilomar                                                                             Pacific Grove, CA, USA
April, 2009
April 18-24             17th ISMRM Meeting                                                                          Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
April 21-22             2nd Int'l. Meeting on NMR & Quant. Analysis                                     Stockholm, Sweden

If you know of an upcoming NMR related event or are hosting one please send us the information and we'll post it.
Institution                             Position                         Location                     Contact / Link
Varian                                  Field Service Representative            Toronto, ON                           Varian NMR Canada
Varian                                  Research and Development              Palo Alto, CA                            Varian NMR
Varian                                 Technical Support Engineer               Walnut Creek, CA                      Varian NMR
Bruker                                 Field Service/Systems Engineer        Huston, TX                              Bruker Biospin
University of Guelph           Post Doctoral Fellow                          Guelph, ON                                 L. Brown
Structural Proteomics         Post Doctoral Fellow                          Toronto, ON                                M. Deeton
University of Western Ontario     Post Doctoral Fellow                  London, ON                                G. Shaw
University of Western Ontario     Post Doctoral Fellow                  London, ON                                 J. Choy

If you have an NMR related position available please contact us and we'll post it.
NANUC staff are available for questions regarding NMR experiments, procedures, and support infrastructure.  If you have any questions regarding NMR and what it can do for you please contact us.  Collaboration opportunities are always available.

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