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August 16, 2010 
Local Author and Healer Suggests Answer to Anxiety May Be Found Within
For those who want to deal with anxiety long term without therapists or drugs, there is a magic bullet, says Maria Tabone, NJ healer and author of "The Holistic Root to Managing Anxiety." 
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"Personal Growth Doesn't Have to Be Work," Says Local Wellness Expert. "It Can Be Fun!"
"Many of us were brought up to focus more on duty and obligation, rather than on what we want" says Christine Clifton of Health-e-Motion in Denville. She says she's created an event that will remind us that "following our joy is the path to fulfilling personal growth."
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Mindful Living NJ Insider: Do You Have the Healing Touch? Upcoming Workshops Offer Training Opportunities  
This fall, many local practitioners and organizations will be offering certification programs in the healing arts: From Reiki to birth coaching to Pranic Healing. Are you ready to learn something new?
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Upcoming Events 
If you are planning a free NJ wellness event, we will list it here for free (availability may be limited). Email us your wellness events or inquire as to how to get your listings in our monthly calendar.
 Sleeping Better for Optimal Health
Tuesday, August 17, 6:30 - 7 pm
Learn why your sleep patterns impact your health and what you can do to set yourself up for better sleep...and optimal wellness. FREE. Chiropractic Wellness Center of Clifton. www.drmagwood.com
 Screening of "The Evolution of Dad" + Director Q&A
Wednesday, September 15, 7 pm
Mindful Living NJ is a proud sponsor of a screening of the documentary film, "The Evolution of Dad," which will be followed by a question and answer discussion with the film's director, Dana H. Glazer, who is also a parenting columnist for the Huffington Post. $5. GAS Gallery & Studio. Maplewood. RSVP or more info by emailing liduggan65@yahoo.com    
 Vibrant Health Makes it All Possible: Raising the Standards of Nutrition and Health in the Latino Community 
Friday, September 18, 9 am - 12 pm
Organic Hispanic Health presents this conferences as a way for health counselors from around the country to discuss ideas for creating a new paradigm for Latinos. Speakers, workshops, food, and lots of conversation. NYC. More info at organichispanichealth.com
 Mini Holistic Pregnancy and Baby Fair
Friday, October 1, 3 - 7 pm
Are you pregnant or looking to get pregnant in the near future? Are you interested in a holistic pregnancy? In keeping healthy and fit before, during and after pregnancy? Meet with a nutrition counselor, lactation consultant, doula, prenatal yoga instructor, pilates master, chiropractor, and midwife to learn more about your options. Workshops, demos, and healthy food. FREE. Chiropractic Wellness Center of Clifton. Clifton. Join us on Facebook
 Open House and Children's Respiratory Health Event
Sunday, October 3, 12 - 4 pm
Asthma rates in kids are rising. The typical protocol in the doctor's office is steroids that have potentially harmful side effects. Are you interested in a less invasive, more preventative approach to your child's asthma? Respira Salt Wellness Center in Berkeley Heights presents a FREE open house and educational event on Children's Respiratory Health. Learn how yoga, reiki, chiropractic, nutrition and salt therapy may prevent future attacks. www.respirasalt.com  
article1Local Author and Healer Suggests That Answer to Anxiety May Be Found Within 
Holistic Root Book"For those who want to get to the bottom of their anxiety, and deal with it long term without therapists or drugs, there is a magic bullet," writes Maplewood-based healer Maria Tabone in the introduction to her new book "The Holistic Root to Managing Anxiety."
This is a surprising statement from someone who practices health from a holistic point a view. But Tabone is not recommending a specific medicine or even a specific herb. What she encourages her readers and her clients do instead is "figure out the root of your anxiety."
"Self awareness is the best tool," says Tabone.
She speaks from experience. A full chapter of Tabone's book is devoted to describing her own struggle with debilitating anxiety that led to bouts of vertigo and shortness of breath. The root of her anxiety was a toxic work situation, Tabone explains. "I had a boss who was a real bully," she says. "The situation was so bad, but I needed my job. I didn't think I could choose to leave." At the same time, Tabone's mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The two stressors made a cocktail for disaster. She knew she needed help.
A fortuitous meeting with a compassionate and holistic-minded doctor led Tabone to realize how her life was "spinning out of control." This was the first doctor who asked her to talk about her life, recalls Tabone, and he actually listened. 
"The epiphany for me was the realization that I needed to change. I started taking yoga, classes on herbs, spirituality, eating healthy and the mind-body connection," she says. Now, with a Master's Degree in Experiential Health and Healing and certification as a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Tabone wants to help others.
"I don't want people to suffer or feel sad or pain," she says. "I wrote this book to give readers good, solid information in a concise way about simple steps they can take to improve their life. Sometimes too much information can be overwhelming, but if you break things down in a way that is easy to understand and apply, especially for people who are new to alternative and complementary therapy, you can really help change lives."
For more information about Tabone's book and services, visit http://theholisticroot.blogspot.com 

article2Health-e-Motion Offers Women Opportunities to "Remember Joy"

Like many individuals who have found their way to a holistic lifestyle, Christine Clifton's transformation began after years of trying to find solutions to her pain that turned out to be symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.
Christine Clifton
Christine Clifton
"After bumbling from doctor to doctor and trying many holistic options," Clifton says, "I created a personal regimen that harmonizes spirit, mind, emotion and body; and I healed my conditions."
In February 2010, with a goal of helping others create their own personal healing regimen, Clifton founded a school of "total well-being" for men and women in Denville, NJ, called Health-e-Motion (the name born from combining the words Health, Motion, Healthy, and Emotion).
"I believe that natural health should be accessible and affordable to everyone," she says. "At Health-e-Motion, you can participate in and educate yourself in natural health options that include movement classes, total well-being workshops, and personal & business growth groups - and choose what works for you.  Offerings range from free, to $15 and up."
To showcase the school's offerings and to help women remember the fun and pleasures of life, Clifton is hosting "Remembering Joy - A Girl's Night Out." On August 21, Clifton will present, along with other Health-E-Motion faculty, interactive sessions on nutrition, dance, self-healing, creativity, intuition and personal growth.
"I believe that personal growth doesn't have to be drudgery or work," Clifton says. "We often formulate an idea in our heads that it's a somber, deep, introspective process.  Many of us were brought up to focus more on duty and obligation, rather than what we want or desire.  This event is called 'Remembering Joy' because following our joy is the path to fulfilling personal growth."
Click here more information about Health-e-Motion and to register for "Remembering Joy."  Cost is $77 per person if you register today.  $97 by 8/19.

Article3This Month from Mindful Living NJ Insider: Got the Healing Touch? Try One of These Upcoming Certification Classes and Workshops
It's an easy transition for many people: To go from enjoying a massage or practicing yoga to wanting to become a master. If you're interested in making a difference in someone else's life through the healing arts, here are a few opportunities for you to study in NJ this fall.
Support and love a woman through her birth process by being her doula. Register for To Labor's Birth Doula Training Workshop, that will take place Oct. 8 - 10 at Core Therapies Holistic Health Center in Livingston. Contact Chris Waters for more info.
Become attuned to the healing powers of Reiki. Level 1 Certification Class will be offered by Reiki Master Teacher Tatyana Sierant Sept. 17 -18 in Berkeley Heights. www.thejoyofbalance.com  
Learn the basics of pranic healing to heal yourself and others on Sept. 18 and 19 in Maplewood. Contact Ginevra for more info.
Do you want to promote your upcoming certification class in the next issue of Mindful Living NJ Magazine? Drop us a line at info@mindfullivingnj.com.
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