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Vol. 22 January 25, 2010
-Understanding your Soul Languages
-Holistic Education for Your Child
-Cold Season Tips
-Upcoming Community Events


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This Week from Mindful Living NJ

Local Healer Offers You a Window into Your Soul

Do you have a desire to understand yourself better? Figure out why you keep repeating patterns or behaviors? Do you want to connect more to your spirit? Intuitive healer Jennifer Urezzio says the way to do this is to get in touch with your "Soul Languages."
Jennifer UrezzioUrezzio developed Know Soul's Language, a technique she calls a "new paradigm from divine guidance," as a way to help people "understand their own innate insight and voice."
"Soul contains your agenda of why you are here and what you have decided to accomplish," she says. "Soul Language is the way we choose to communicate that agenda."
Urezzio, who is also an author, teacher and speaker, says there are 107 different Soul Languages, and each individual has three Soul Languages that he or she speaks.  "The Soul Language Program is a profound tool that provides individuals the blueprint to become the 'creator' in their own lives," she explains, "instead of being only the 'observer.'" Urezzio says her typical clients are "transformational leaders in business and in community," individuals in life transition, or those who are simply looking to gain important insights on how to achieve goals.
Some companies have used Urezzio's system to understand how to work more cohesively as a unit. This was true for Kathy Smyly Miller, co-founder of Wellness Possibilities, who says it "made us much more effective - individually and as a team."
Soul Language sessions take place over the phone during which Urezzio uses a form of applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, to tap into the energy flow of the individual she's working with.  For more information or to set up an appointment, visit  


NJ School Offers Students Unique Opportunity to Learn and Grow Holistically
Wellspring School
Located in picturesque Gladstone, Wellspring Community School opened in 2006 out of a vision to create an educational alternative to schools which the founding families viewed as more and more focused on tests and standards, and less focused on children.
Instead, says co-founder Heather Laszlo, "we dreamed of a community where children could discover, take chances, make mistakes, run, get dirty, and play while they learned.
Our mission is to empower and inspire our students to become creative, compassionate and conscientious people capable of independent thinking and problem solving."
"Our facilitators draw from a variety of holistic approaches to learning, but most importantly, they start with the child," she says. "Who is this child? What is he or she interested in? This is how learning remains an engaging realm."
Today, Wellspring offers programs from preschool through third grade, and will add one grade per year until eighth grade. In multi-age classes without tests or grades, children are inspired to Wellspring School Yogatake chances, peacefully resolve conflicts and grow as individuals without pressure. 
"In today's world where things like technology and science, educational standards and strategies, even geography change so rapidly, I think it is important to educate our children in the things that never change," says Kelly Coyle DiNorcia, mom to a preschooler at Wellspring. "I send my daughter to Wellspring because of their focus on responsible community membership, independent thinking, self-motivation, conflict resolution, and personal development."  These are as integral, says DiNorcia, as the traditional studies the children learn at Wellspring, such as math and literacy.
For more information, visit or call (908) 470-0004. Wellspring will be sharing information about their school at the 3rd Annual Mindful Living Holistic Health and Wellness Fair. Be sure to visit to learn more!
Cold Season Tip: Getting Rid of That Hack, Drip, and Other Nasty Mucous-Producing Nuisances
Many of us associate winter with colds, flu, and congestion in general. Whether it's from a virus, bacterial infection, or just from sleeping in a dry, over-heated room.
Even if you're cold-free right now, you might still suffer from a runny or stuffy nose during the winter months. If post-nasal drip is persistent, try looking at what you're eating and drinking.
"I always advise people to avoid milk, if possible," says nurse and clinical coordinator of The Whole Child Center, Karen Overgaard. "It increases mucous production, which becomes a particularly difficult symptom in babies and toddlers for whom the only way of ridding mucous build up is to vomit."
Other foods to avoid if mucous is an issue or infection is present include sugars, as they create acids in the body which can cause cold symptoms to linger, says Overgaard, and certain fats, such as those in meats or proceesed foods, since undigested fats contribute to an increase in mucus.
Increase in liquid production is always a good idea in winter, whether you're feeling 100% or not. "Hydration is imperative," she says. Ah, so there's a reason grandma pushes chicken soup and hot tea.

Upcoming Community Events

Balance Your Life! A Wellness Gala in Morristown
Experience mini sessions, workshops and demonstrations by wellness professionals. Includes music, light refreshments, and raffle. Jan. 30, 1 pm. $20/person.
Natural Ways to Balance Hormones
Naturopathic doctor Marda Sussman offers free lecture. Discover how diet and supplements may help you treat hormone imbalance. The Rocking Chair Women's Wellness Center, Englewood, NJ. Feb. 22, 7:30 pm.  
Let's Cook Kids: Cooking Naturally with Mommy and Daddy
Wholesome Kids Cook presents cooking classes for parent and child ages 3-5. February 2010. Class locations in Princeton and Howell. $100/couple (parent + child) for the session. More info at  
Conversations on Holistic Education with Ron Miller
Sat., March 20. Wellspring Community School, Gladstone, NJ. Conference for parents, educators and community members to gather together with Dr. Miller, who is internationally recognized as on the forefront of holistic education in America. Call (908) 470-0004 for info.
Are you planning an upcoming holistic health event? Let us know. Contact Mindful Living NJ at
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