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I. Lots and Lots of Cruising News
II. Western Florida Cruising News
III. Eastern Florida Cruising News
IV. North Carolina Cruising News
V.Great Fuel Prices in Brunswick, GA
VI. Report from AICW/Little River Inlet/Calabash Creek Intersection near Statute Mile 342
VII. A Pleasant Night at Rodriguez Key Anchorage (Hawk Channel - Key Largo, Florida Keys)
North Palm Beach Marina I. Lots and Lots of Cruising News in This SSECN Alert            
Sometimes, during the summer months here in the Southeastern USA, cruising news can get a bit scarce. Well, just dismiss that thought for this SSECN Alert. There's so much cruising news to send your way, particularly in regards to the Western Florida, Eastern Florida and North Carolina coastlines, that I'm going to deviate from our usual format a bit, and just present some quick coastline summaries below, all supplied with links that will lead you to the various full-length articles.

Coinjock Marina Before pushing on, let me just quickly note that the Salty Southeast Cruisers' Net just closed the books on our most successful June ever. Our site's visitor stats left every June prior to this in the proverbial dust.

Our sincere THANKS to the cruising community for all the support and faith you continue to show for the Cruisers' Net. Your participation is MUCH appreciated.

Longboat Key Club II. Western Florida Cruising News    


A. A short hop south of the Calooshatchee River's/Okeechobee Waterway's westernmost reaches, cruisers can follow a marked channel from the Gulf of Mexico to the popular mooring field behind Estero Island, sponsored by the city of Fort Myers Beach. I should also quickly mention that these good folks are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS NET SPONSOR!


Fort Myers Beach Anchorage Well, a kink seems to have developed in this happy process. According to the USCG, MLW depths of only 3.5 feet can be expected along one portion of the Fort Myers Beach/Mantanzas Pass entrance passage. We urge all Western Florida cruisers to follow the link below, check out the USCG data, AND IF YOU HAVE ANY RECENT KNOWLEDGE OF THIS CHANNEL, PLEASE SHARE THAT WITH YOUR FELLOW CRUISERS BY CLICKING THE ""Comment on This Posting/Marina/Anchorage/Bridge" LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POSTING!


So, if your summer cruising will pass anywhere within shouting distance of Fort Myers Beach, run, don't walk to:


Galley Stores Marina B. North of Anclote Key and Tarpon Springs, the so-called "Big Bend" region of the Western Florida coastline lacks any sort of protected intracoastal waterway. Cruisers must either cut the corner and head straight for Carrabelle, Apalachicola or Panama City, or follow the Big Bend coastline around, staying well offshore to avoid a large shelf of shallows running out from this portion of the WF coastline.


One advantage to this latter strategy is the possibility of visiting some of the rivers which pierce the Big Bend coastline. All of these have long, sometimes tortuous entrance channels, but once inside, most of these streams boast a wealth of eye appeal.


And, arguably the most beautiful of these Big Bend streams is the Withlacoochee River, lying between Crystal River and Cedar Key. Until now, this river's entrance channel was among the deepest and most reliable of the BB rivers.


Well, just this week, we posted not one but two USCG notices which warn of potential hazards in the Withlacoochee's entrance cut. ALL who cruise the often wild Big Bend Waters will want to check out:


Hazard to Navigation: Gulf Entrance Channel to Withlacoochee River


River Dunes Marina Debris in Withlacoochee River Entrance Channel, Western Florida Big Bend Region


C. Crystal River is another of the Big Bend River's, piercing the Western Florida coastline north of the Homosassa River. This stream boasts one marina and some good anchorages. However, another USCG reported navigational "hazard" may Albemarle Plantation Marina be putting a crimp into a visit to these waters.   


Full details at: 

Old Port Cove Marina III. Eastern Florida Cruising News

A. One of the best city owned and managed marinas I've ever reviewed resides in the city of Fort Pierce, Florida. And, I'm not just saying that because these good people are a SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSOR!

Some time ago, the entrance channel to Fort Pierce City Marina was shifted for the second time since I began covering this coastline in the 1980's, this time to a point just south of the Fort Pierce high-rise bridge. And, this new plan has worked, and continues to work, very well.

River Forest Marina Just this past week we reported a small hiccup in the aids to navigation marking this facility's current entrance channel. One of the markers has been temporarily destroyed, though on 7/5/12 Assistant Dockmaster, Anne Maurer, told us that no-one was having too much or a problem due to the missing marker. Nevertheless, prudent cruisers will want to check out the full story at:

McCotters Marina B. Old Port Cove Marina overlooks the western Banks of Lake Worth, hard by the community of North Palm Beach Florida. This fine facility's entrance channel cuts into the AICW just as the Waterway runs south into the northern reaches of Lake Worth.

We are very pleased to report that this long-time, and much valued SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSOR, plans a whole bevy of impressive improvements, all of which are slated to be in place by the fall, 2012 cruising season.

Shores at Spooners Creek Wow, talk about the best of the best getting even better. Check out the full details at:

C. AICW Hazard to Navigation: South of Royal Park Bridge - West Palm Beach, FL, Statute Mile 1022.5

Deep Point Marina D. We have two navigational notes concerning the St. Johns River which are worth the cruising community's attention. Both concern the river's waters as they flow through downtown Jacksonville, FL:

Anchorage Marina Update on Opening Restrictions on Main Street Bridge, St. Johns River, Jacksonville, FL

Change in Marker #82, St. Johns River, Jacksonville, FL
Manteo Waterfront Marina IV. North Carolina Cruising News

A. As part of our continuing partnership with Captains Diana and Mark Doyle, founders and owners of "On The Water ChartGuides," we have just posted two more detailed reports on North Carolina AICW Problem Stretches. Both these articles come complete with screen shots of the Doye's chart sounder/recorder, giving you an up close and personal look at the depths they discovered. Both postings are well worth EVERY AICW CRUISERS' TIME!

Morehead City Yacht Basin AICW/Lockwood Folly Inlet Intersection Problem Stretch - Captains Mark and Diana Report (St. M. 321)

AICW/Shallotte Inlet Intersection Problem Stretch - Captains Mark and Diana Report (St. M. 330)

B. The Salty Southeast Cruisers Net is pleased to announce another strategic partnership, this one with Captain Cathy Gillenwater and her web-site, "East Coast Boating Adventures" ( Captain Cathy has given us carte blanche to copy her articles and photography, both of which are well worth viewing.

To kick off this "win-win" sharing arrangement, Captain Cathy presents three Southport Marina information rich articles on North Carolina Cruising:

An Excellent Visit To Bald Head Island (off the AICW, at the Mouth of North Carolina's Cape Fear River)

A Visit to Oak Island and Blue Water Point Marina (Statute Mile 320)

Belhaven Waterway Marina An Excellent Visit To Bald Head Island (off the AICW, at the Mouth of North Carolina's Cape Fear River)  
Jekyll Harbor MarinaV. Great Fuel Prices at Ocean Petroleum Company on the East River, near AICW Statute Mile 676,  Brunswick, GA

This will probably not be a real news flash to many veteran AICW cruisers, but there's a really good place to full up your fuel tanks in Brunswick, Georgia. And, if you are not already acquainted with Ocean Petroleum Company, follow the link Toucan Grill below to discover exactly where the fuel retailer is to be found. Trust, me, their position is NOT right on the AICW, and, for those who have not previously visited, it can be a bit of a first time challenge to find your way to this company's fuel dock.

Learn all at: 
Dolphin Cove Marina VI. Report from AICW/Little River Inlet/Calabash Creek Intersection near Statute Mile 342

Have you ever heard about AICW shoals disappearing without a dredge darkening the horizon? Me neither, but that's just what may have happened here.

Harbourgate Marina For several years now, the SSECN has had a Navigation Alert established for AICW shoaling where the Waterway moves south from North Carolina to South Carolina, hard by Calabash Creek. Note, just to bash the proverbial nail on the head, we are talking about Waterway shoaling, NOT shallows at the entrance to Calabash Creek and its anchorage.

Well, just this past week, we have posted a message from Captain David Bell which casts doubt on whether the Waterway shallows in question still exist!!!???

Barefoot Marina So, if you have recently cruised through this portion of the AICW, and I'm sure that accurately describes many who are receiving this Alert, PLEASE follow the link below, read what Captain Bell has to say, and then share your own observations with your fellow cruisers by following the "Click Here to Comment on This Posting/Marina/Anchorage" link at the bottom of the posting in question: 

Bucksport Marina VII.  A Pleasant Night at Rodriguez Key Anchorage (Hawk Channel - Key Largo, Florida Keys)

Rodriguez Key Anchorage lies to the north of Rodriguez Key, off Hawk Channel, and northwest of marker #37. This is one of the only anchor down spots on the Hawk Channel side of the Florida Keys north and east of Channel Five.

Harbour Town Yacht Basin 2012 And so, we are pleased to call your attention to a recent report authored by Captain David Ogle concerning a pleasant night swinging on the hook behind Rodriguez Key. All current or wanna-be Florida Keys Cruisers can check out the full story at:


That's all for now, Good luck and good cruising to all!  


Claiborne S. Young   Charleston City Marina

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