In This Issue
I. ARGUS Chart Data Layer Updated
II. Bradenton Beach Anchorage (Western Florida ICW, St. M. 87)
III. New Vilano Public Dock Opened as of June 2, 2012, AICW Statute Mile 775.5
V. Missing AICW Daybeacon, Little River, SC, Statute Mile 342.3
V. AICW Dismal Swamp Canal Fallen Trees Reprise
VI. The Snow Birds Have Now Departed
VII. Two Western Florida Marinas Garner Praise
VIII. Two South Carolina Marinas Also Receive An Enthusiastic Thumbs Up
IX. Reduced Clearance on SR 312 Bridge, St. Augustine, AICW Statute Mile 780
X. Fort Myers Beach Dining Recommendations (Western Florida Coastline, south of the Caloosahatchee River)
XI. Beach House Marina Closing, Surf City, NC, AICW Statute Mile 260.5
XII. Dinghy Dockage Is Scarce on Silver Lake Harbor (Ocracoke Island, North Carolina Outer Banks)
XIII. ARGUS Seems to Confirm Shoaling Along AICW's Eastern Flank in Creighton Narrows (Georgia AICW. St. M. 642)
XIV. Shifting Sands In St. Augustine Mooring Field, AICW Statute Mile 778
I. ARGUS Chart Data Layer Updated    

On 5/11/12, the Salty Southeast Cruisers' Net proudly announced a tri-partnership with Survice Engineering and EarthNC, which resulted in our web site being the first readily available web portal to display ARGUS sounding data. Suddenly, SSECN users could click a simple checkbox, thereby opening a new ARGUS layer, set over up-to-date images of the NOAA nautical charts. Once selected, the ARGUS layer displays color coded markers which depict the tide corrected solution of soundings gathered by ARGUS cooperative Windmill Point Marina research vessels. ARGUS is another invaluable resource for the Southeastern USA cruising community, helping to make all mariner's time on the water a safer and more enjoyable experience.


Now, we are also very pleased to announce that Survice Engineering has just provided us with a new "solution set," bringing fresher and even more numerous sounding data to our ARGUS chart layer. Our good friend, and EarthNC co-founder, Virgil Zetterlind, has worked through the weekend to implement the new Survice Engineering sounding data, and, as of this morning, 6/4/12, all new information is fully integrated into our system.


If you have not yet tried our new ARGUS layer, or just need a refresher on how to take advantage of this wonderful new capability, please follow this link: 

Spotless Stainless II. Bradenton Beach Anchorage (Western Florida ICW, St. M. 87)  

During this past week we have received a bevy of fresh information about what some might describe as the "controversial" anchorage south of the Cortez Bridge (a few miles south of the Western Florida ICW's southerly entrance into Tampa Bay).  Besides providing a lot of useful information such as entrance route advice and shoreside transportation, this entry has engendered a lively Point Lookout Marina discussion about whether the community of Bradenton Beach is really cruiser friendly, or something very different.  

If your Western Florida ICW cruising will be taking you past Bradenton Beach anytime in the near future, may we be so bold as to strongly suggest you follow this link without delay: 

Vinings Marina III. New Vilano Public Dock Opened as of June 2, 2012, AICW Statute Mile 775.5

The waters immediately north of the city of St. Augustine, Florida and its like name inlet, now feature a new facility for visiting mariners. This past weekend the city of Vilano Beach unveiled a new day/dinghy dock adjacent to the portion of the old swing bridge which has been left in place since this span's replacement, as a fishing pier.


Little Creek Marina This new, free dock lies just south of SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSORS, Inlet Marina and Cammachee Cove Yacht Harbor, and a short hop north of St. Augustine Inlet. Beach's Restaurant (a part of Inlet Marina) is found within a few steps of the new dock, while a new Publix supermarket can be accessed via a two block walk.


THERE ARE RULES AND REGULATIONS concerning the new dock, so please follow this link to learn how and when you may access this very useful addition to Northeastern Florida cruising! Legacy Harbour Marina    

Gulf Harbour Marina IV. Missing AICW Daybeacon, Little River, SC, Statute Mile 342.3

During this past week, SSECN Senior Editor, Captain Larry Dorminy, cherry picked an article from the Local Notice to Mariners, which warns of a missing AICW daybeacon in the Little River, South Carolina section of the Waterway. All those Fort Myers Municipal Marina bound north or south on this North Carolina to South Caroline transitory section of the AICW will want to get the full details at: 
Southwest Florida Yachts V. AICW Dismal Swamp Canal Fallen Trees Reprise 

In our last SSECN Alert, dated 5/25/12, we reported that a tree had fallen over, and another was leaning badly across, the Dismal Swamp Canal. This report was originally passed along to us by Captain Jeffrey Siegel of

St. Petersburg Municipal Marina By the time we heard about this problem, and an article was quickly composed for the SSECN, the trees had been removed, and we assumed that was an end to this story.

Not so! Earlier this week, the Norfolk, VA office of the Army Corps of Engineers passed along a wonderful note from Captain Norman M. Loev, describing the series of events which took place around this fallen/leaning tree incident.

This accounts makes for very interesting reading. As you will see, by following Marina at Factory Bay the link below, very swift action by Captain Loev, the Deep Creek Lockmaster, and the US Army Corps of Engineers, resulted in a "Warp 8" resolution of this situation. The cruising community owes a real debt of gratitude to Captain Loev, Robert, the Deep Creek Lockmaster, and the Norfolk office of the USACOE.

Check out the full details at: 
Port St. Joe Marina VI. The Snow Birds Have Now Departed

It's that time of year when the vast majority of the "Snow Birds," (those who escape old man winter by cruising south), have pretty much departed the waters of the Southeastern USA, on their way to cooler summer climes in northerly waters. Or, maybe some of these cruisers are on a leg of the "Great Loop."

Rivera Dunes Marina So, now it's left to those of you who cruise the waters from southern Virginia, to New Orleans, and everywhere in between, YEAR ROUND, to continue feeding updated cruising information, marina reviews, and anchorage reviews to us here at the Salty Southeast Cruisers' Net.

WE ARE COUNTING ON YOU! Whenever you take a summer cruise, PLEASE take a few moments to send us a paragraph or two, or three describing the anchorages and marinas where you spent time along the way. Did you spot a missing navigational marker? We need to hear about it! Did you have a particularly good (or bad) meal at a restaurant convenient to dockside dining? Please share that information with you fellow cruisers!
Staniel Cay Club
In short, we need ALL Southeastern USA year round cruisers on the Salty  Southeast Cruisers' Net team this summer. You simply cannot send us too much information.

It's easy to do. You can always utilize the colorful, "Click Here to Submit Cruising News" link found on the upper right of all Cruisers' Net pages (except Chart View pages), or you Westland Marina can just e-mail me here at:

Many, many thanks in advance to ALL our summer contributors. We can't wait to hear from you!

Longboat Key Club VII. Two Western Florida Marinas Garner Praise
It's always a real pleasure for all of us here at the Cruisers' Net to receive reports that let us know a marina is going all out to welcome the cruising community. It's even nicer when the marinas in question are both SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS' NET SPONSORS!

Twin Dolphin Marina Well, with no strings pulled, that's exactly what has happened during this past week. We have received very laudatory accounts of Longboat Key Moorings (guarding the western shores of Sarasota Bay, north of the like named city) and Twin Dolphin Marina on the Bradenton waterfront of Manatee River (off Tampa Bay).

If your cruising itinerary will be taking your vessel anywhere near these two facilities in the foreseeable future,  run, don't walk, to:
Harbortown Marina - Merrit Island, FL
Longboat Key Moorings:

Twin Dolphin Marina: 
Osprey Marina VIII. Two South Carolina Marinas Also Receive An Enthusiastic Thumbs Up
While we are on the subject of marinas who are doing a very good job for cruisers, let me also mention two South Carolina facilities, and, yes, again both are SALTY SOUTHEAST CRUISERS NET SPONSORS, who have also been cited for particular praise by fellow cruisers during this past week.

Bucksport Marina The first of these is Osprey Marina (Statute Mile 373), located in an incredibly sheltered dockage basin, joined by a small canal to the AICW, along the northernmost reaches of Waccamaw River. This facility and its exemplary manger, Captain Sherry, are some of the most praised EVER on the Cruisers' Net.

A touch farther to the south, a newly reopened facility, Bucksport Marina, came in for not one, but two praiseworthy reviews this past week.

Check out the full story at:
Coconut Club Yacht Club
Osprey Marian -

Bucksport Marina - and 
Cammachee Cove Marina IX. Reduced Clearance on SR 312 Bridge, St. Augustine, AICW Statute Mile 780

State Road 312 Bridge crosses the AICW at Statute Mile 780, south of the Waterway's intersection with the San Sebastian River, and a short hop south of the primary St. Augustine, Florida waterfront. The reduced clearance, described in the article linked below is the result of a continuing painting project on this span, which began in March, 2012.
Palm Cove Marina
Full details at: 
X. Fort Myers Beach Dining Recommendations (Western Florida Coastline, south of the Caloosahatchee River)

It almost goes without saying, but let's say it anyway, that the community of Fort Myers Beach plays host to one of the most successful mooring fields in all of Florida. These people do it right, including an annual "Cruisers' Appreciation Day" and superb shoreside dinghy dockage, showers and laundry.

Fort Myers Beach Anchorage Now, courtesy of Captain Brian, the Cruisers' Net has just published a very usable summary of Fort Myers Beach dining possibilities. Some of you may have other favorite eateries to include, and we would very much welcome that additional input!

So, if you want to know where to slake a healthy appetite in Fort Myers Beach, don't dare miss:Old Port Cove Marinas  
R. E. Mayo Seafood Docks XI. Beach House Marina Closing, Surf City, NC, AICW Statute Mile 260.5

We are saddened to report that Beach House Marina at Surf City, NC is closing. In a just published report on the SSECN, we have learned that this facility is bank owned, and the financial institution in question has chosen to close the marina, with very little notice to boat owners and the on-site dockmaster.

Vero Beach Municipal Marina The closing of Beach House is a real loss to the cruising community, as this marina offered some of the only transient dockage available on the AICW between New River and Wrightsville Beach. Captains and crew will now have to look to newly reopened Swan Point Marina (Statute Mile 247) and Harbour Village Marina (Statute Mile 266) for their overnight dockage needs along this stretch!

Full details at:New Smyrna Beach Marina

Titusville City Marina XII. Dinghy Dockage Is Scarce on Silver Lake Harbor (Ocracoke Island, North Carolina Outer Banks)

Even though it is located well off the familiar confines of the AICW, and a visit here requires a cruise across often choppy, shoal prone, Pamlico Sound, I dare say that coastal North Carolina's most popular summer port of call is the old piloting village of Ocracoke on Ocracoke Island. This tight knit community still retains Adventure Yacht Harbor some of the character of the old Outer Banks. And, coupled with excellent dining, rich history and easy provisioning, Tar Heel cruisers by the hundreds set their sights on Ocracoke's Silver Lake Harbor every summer.

Two marinas welcome visiting cruisers, but another very popular plan of action has been to anchor in wide, Silver Lake Harbor, and then dinghy ashore to enjoy all the attractions. Well, that strategy is now threatened.

Isle of Hope Marina In yet another example of the embodiment of the Cruisers' Net motto, "Cruisers Helping Cruisers," earlier this week we posed a question authored by "Captain Dale," asking if dinghy dockage in Silver Lake had been restored in the wake of the damage caused by Hurricane Irene last fall.

First, SSECN Senior Editor, Larry Dorminy, attempted to answer the question by telephoning several parties on Ocracoke Island, including the National Park Service. Larry got what I would term ambiguous answers.

Then just two days ago, Captains Chris and Durene, aboard s/v Impetuous, chimed in with the definitive answer. And, the news is not good! Check it out at: 
Jekyll Harbor MarinaXIII. ARGUS Seems to Confirm Shoaling Along AICW's Eastern Flank in Creighton Narrows (Georgia AICW, near St. M. 642)

In yet another example of the wealth of data that Survice Engineering's ARGUS project brings to the Salty Southeast Cruisers' Net, we have been tipped off that the latest ARGUS data has noted shoal water along the Creighton Narrows Hidden Harbor AICW section, on the Georgia coastline.  Now, this isn't exactly a total surprise. Any number of earlier reports from fellow cruisers on the SSECN, have noted less than ideal soundings here.

However, ARGUS lets us know exactly where you might encounter these shallows. Take a look for yourself at: 
Sunbury Crab Company XIV. Shifting Sands In St. Augustine Mooring Field, AICW Statute Mile 778

We were a bit surprised this week to receive reports of shoaling at some of the moorings in the St. Augustine Mooring Field. Our Senior Editor, Captain Larry Dorminy, telephone to confirm this data, and, according to the City Marina spokesperson, the shoaling is continuous and constantly changing. Currently there are moorings with as much as 15 ft and some with 0 ft.

Harbour Town Yacht Basin 2012 Wow, and this is all taking place in a community which has been absolutely insistent on replacing the once ultra popular anchorage on these waters with the mooring fields in question. Hmmmm!

Full details at:

That's all for now, Good luck and good cruising to all!  

Myrtle Beach Yacht Club  

Claiborne S. Young

Salty Southeast Cruisers' Net

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