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September, 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 8
In This Issue
Feature Story: First Scalp for Custer
Featured Photo: Pictorial view of Western Americana....featuring Myron Beck
Recommended Reading: Restoring Vintage Western Saddles by Alain Eon
Did You Know?: Tidbits, Trivia and Terminology
The Feed Bag: Linda's Smokey Tomato Soup with Range Bacon
In the News: High Noon Launches New Website
Dealer Spotlight: Mary Schmitt...Cowgirl, Collector...and Conservationist
Who's Who at High Noon: A little insight into who makes High Noon happen
Bits & Pieces: Information and Updates for High Noon Show Dealers
Upcoming Events: Don't miss these upcoming Western and Native American events
Feature Story

Ron Soodalter
First Scalp for Custer
The Buffalo Bill - Yellow Hand Fight
July 17, 1876

by Ron Soodalter

It happened like this:

Custer and most of his command have been dead three weeks. Some eight hundred Cheyenne have jumped the reservation at Fort Robinson, and several companies of the Fifth Cavalry under General Wesley Merritt - around 400 to 500 men in all - are on a mission to keep them from joining Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull. Along either Hat or Warbonnet Creek, in the broken hill country that defines the Wyoming/Nebraska border, the army's scouts spy some thirty of the Cheyenne waiting in ambush for two unsuspecting army couriers. William F. Cody, one of the scouts, volunteers to take a half dozen or so troopers and warn the couriers, just as a handful of Indians breaks from their group and advances. From his hilltop vantage point, trooper Chris Madsen - acting as signalman and possessed of a powerful telescope - witnesses what follows:.

Featured Photo by Myron Beck

Myron Beck Horses Standing Photograph
Through his photos, award winning photographer Myron Beck (Los Angeles, CA) inspires us to dream and embrace the beauty that surrounds us in the people we see, the environments in which we thrive and the diverse cultures that enrich our lives.

Recommended Reading

Photos of Restoring Vintage Western Saddles BookRestoring Vintage Western Saddles
by Alain Eon

Alain Eon's passion for old saddles was born in 1969 at the CM Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming, where he began cleaning old saddles. His passion was sparked by the art of saddle makers of the past century, which he has generously shared with us. His visual, step by step narrative gives us every tool necessary to bring a beautiful saddle back and become useful and/or valuable once again.  Alain begins with taking the saddle apart, preparing it, cleaning, replacing, repair and re-assembling. Descriptive pictures illustrate each indispensable step with explicit, simple techniques complete with all necessary information with warnings about what mistakes to avoid. He goes on to show magnificent photographs of saddles from famous saddleries, with examples of both before and after. The book is sure to spark a discussion and major  controversy about the use of Lexol compared to other products. For those who wish to undertake restoration themselves, this is the book to read!

Restoring Vintage Western Saddles by Alain Eon
68 pages with more than 340 photographs show restoration step by step, plus 15 old time saddles presented.
Price: $45 plus shipping cost $15
Email for payment methods available.
ALAIN EON - 168, rue Maurice Arnoux - 92120 Montrouge - France
E-Mail: alain.eon@free.fr

Calling all Cowboys and Cowgirls!

High Noon celebrates 20 years - join the fun!

If you have any photo(s) of yourself or your friends from the last 20 years taken at one of our High Noon shows, please send it on to us.  Show us how young you were or how much dark hair, actually how much more hair you had! Mail them (and we will scan and return to you) or email us at info@highnoon.com (4x6, 300 dpi, jpg). Be a part of our 20 years of memories!!!!.

Did You Know?
  1. Henry Wells, of the famous Wells Fargo and Company freight line never lived any further West than Buffalo, New York.
  2. A process using advanced technology to create a lustrous, continuous-tone digital print that meets or exceeds the quantity of traditional lithography and screen-printing is called Giclee. Organic, water-based four-color inks, applied to the surface of archival papers, form tiny jets one-tenth the diameter of human hair. (Also referred to as inkjet-based digital prints used as fine art.)
  3. One of the oldest continually inhabited "cities" in North America, Acoma is a New Mexican Pueblo famous for white pottery, most of which is painted with fine geometric lines.
High Noon Music Box
Ranch & Reata Radio

Empty Saddle

Sonny Tuttle
Lakota Sioux traditional
painter and dancer

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The Feed Bag
High Noon logo
Linda's Smokey Tomato Soup with Range Bacon

The bright flavors of tomato and smoked paprika make this soup perfect for the end of summer. It's delicious chilled or hot. Serves 4. Be sure to continue tasting this soup while making it and give it your level of piquante!

8 slices of thick cut smoked bacon (8 ounces)
2 T light brown sugar
c olive oil (you may add 2 T butter for more flavor)
1 medium onion, finely chopped
3 large garlic cloves, minced
1.5 T tomato paste
3 T brown sugar
1 tsp smoked paprika
1 tsp grated orange zest
tsp powdered hot pepper to your taste
Kosher salt and freshly group pepper
cup dry white wine
Two 15 oz cans chopped tomatoes
2 cups water
cup fresh orange juice (optional)
4 T lowfat sour cream

Cook the bacon either in a pan on the stove or in a 400-degree oven on parchment paper. Either way, cook for about 8 minutes; drain the oil, sprinkle with the 2 T brown sugar and cook again for another 8 minutes until it is glazed and crispy. Cool.

Meanwhile in a saucepan, melt the butter and/or olive oil and soften the onions, about 5 minutes. Add the garlic, then the tomato paste for another 2 minutes. Stir in sugar, paprika, orange zest, hot pepper, salt & pepper, then wine and bring to a boil. Add the tomatoes with their juices, the water, orange juice and bring to a simmer. Remove from heat. Serve hot or cold.

You may choose to puree the soup until smooth, but I prefer it chunky. Serve in bowls or mugs, season with more salt and pepper if necessary, add broken bits of the bacon and a dollop of sour cream on the top.


Help us "Put on the Feed Bag!" Appetize us with your favorite cowboy cuisine. Send us a recipe or culinary creation - keeping the traditions of the American West alive is about the great food too! From ribs to rhubarb, campfire food to a great bowl of chili - we Wild West epicureans want to know.
Submissions welcome at SmokeSignals@highnoon.com.

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In The News

High Noon launches their new Website
Your Window to the Western World
Lovely To Look At Easy To Use

Website Image
Our goal is to be your window to everything that encompasses the world of Western Lifestyle. We hope that you will take advantage of all the new features, links and information that is now at your fingertips. We also hope some of the kitschy little nuances we've added will make you smile! On each page, take a minute to enjoy the ever changing photos of our High Noon family and events - you might even see yourself!

HAVE A WEBSITE? JOIN THE HIGH NOON WEB DIRECTORY! For those of you who have a website, we invite you to submit your web address for our ever growing Directory of Western Lifestyle. Let High Noon help you reach people you may not have reached before. With so much daily traffic to our site, your exposure will greatly increase. In return, we ask that you put www.highnoon.com on your website. To submit your web address for the directory, email: info@highnoon.com. Subject line: submission for Web Directory.

COMING SOON! - THE WORLD OF SOCIAL NETWORKING! Every day, the social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube become more critical in our marketing and outreach to the world. With links to all of these sites right on our website, you can expand your outreach by networking with us reaching a world previously impossible to reach.

We have had fun creating our new website and we hope you enjoy it! Check back frequently as more and more changes are yet to come.

Consignments Wanted

High Noon Western Americana Auction is accepting high quality consignments for our January 30, 2010 Auction. We already have an exciting line-up of material, including dynamic pieces from the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum, plus Emperor Maximilian's imperial saddle. January will be here before you know it!  

Or email us photos of your treasures:

Dealer Spotlight

Mary and Barbara SchmittMary Schmitt
Cayuse Western Americana,
Jackson Hole, WY

Cowgirl, Collector and Conservationist

Each month Smoke Signals gives special focus to one of our High Noon dealers in our Dealer Spotlight feature. In our Inner Cowgirl column, we take a look at the women who help drive the energy of our Western world. Well, this month, we feature someone who fits both. If you believe in past lives, you can be assured that Mary Schmitt was one of those daring and dedicated women who, along side their cowboy counterparts, helped tame the Wild West in the 1800s.

Southern California born and raised to parents who were antique aficionados, Mary was no stranger to collecting. She attributes her passion for history and antiques to her mother Barbara (who we all know from the shows) and her father Jim (whom few have ever seen and most believe really doesn't exist - Mary assures us he does).

Mary lived the corporate lifestyle working for high tech companies as a marketing executive for several years. Funny, she reflects, that by day she was part of creating products that would be obsolete in 6 months but on the weekends, she spent her time passionately searching flea markets and antique shows in the quest for treasures that have endured the years.

The beauty of Western Wyoming was always in her dreams. She and her family would vacation often in Jackson Hole and she knew, somehow, some day, that would be her home. Her parents had that same dream and they moved there in the late 1980s.

So how do you make the switch from high tech exec to cowgirl extraordinaire? Out antiquing in L A one day with her mom in the 80's, they stumbled upon a spectacular vintage cowgirl skirt. It was love at first sight and her career in cowgirl, cowboy and American Indian collecting began.

She started by buying and selling and educating herself on the weekends at markets in and around Southern California - embracing the history and amassing all the knowledge she could about this collecting genre. And then it happened, as it does to most of us, she couldn't live the "double life" anymore and new it was time to live her dream.

Who's Who at High Noon

Each month, Smoke Signals will give a little insight into who makes High Noon happen.
This month we introduce you to Lynda Greene, our bookkeeper extraordinaire.

Lynda Greene and her son Brian LasloLynda Greene
High Noon Bookkeeper
(through whom all cash flows)

Most people perceive those involved with finances and bookkeeping to be rather dry, dull personality types whose lives revolve around spreadsheets and Excel docs. Leave it to High Noon to find the one who can be found up to five nights a week dancing her shoes off at the Hacienda Hotel (one of her favorite L A spots) - West Coast Swing, Country Western, The Hustle and Line Dancing - she's there, she's good and she's tireless. Dancing's her first passion but she also loves the movies. Keeping tone with her insatiable and dry sense of humor, Weekend at Bernie's, Overboard and Grease are her faves. Again, it's that wacky personality that keeps all of us smiling whenever Lynda's around.

A born and raised L A Valley girl, Lynda actually was once very reserved and shy, beginning her bookkeeping career in the finance office in high school. Graduating college with a focus in accounting, Lynda was then a wife and mother and living the serious life. It was at the age of 28 she recalls, when she decided to change things up a bit - live those teenage years she didn't when she was younger. And we are so glad she did! Yes, she's crack at her profession but spend time with her in the staff office in Phoenix and soon tears are rolling down your cheeks from laughing so hard. Lynda is a ray of sunshine with just a hint of sarcasm thrown in.

Lynda's life is filled with friends and family. She has three younger sisters with whom she is close and son Brian, who at 33, is the apple of her eye. With no grandchildren yet, her special nephews and nieces and now great nephews and great nieces fill the grandchildren role just perfectly. She lives her life as the "queen of her castle" and when asked, "Do you have any pets?" In typical Lynda style, her response is, "Nothing with four legs lives in this house unless they're uninvited or dead."

When Lynda's not out dancing or working her pencil to the nub in finance, she spends time with her "adopted grandson, Gustavo," the 10 year old son of friends who adds such joy to her life. Special to her for many reasons and born to Spanish-only speaking parents, her role as mentor, teacher and friend is something she cherishes.

Bits & Pieces

Photos of TheresaHigh Noon 2010 Dealer Update
from "T"

Dear High Noon Dealers,
Well, the contracts have finally been sent & within minutes after hitting the "send" button on the computer, the rumors were flying!
The first rumor I heard was that we're not going to have any booths at the show...isn't that silly? Well, our floor plan was just approved by our new Mesa fire marshal (yippee!), & we're good to go. The show is going to be stunning...and yes, there will be booths!
You can find a copy of the new 2010 floor plan on our NEW website that actually debuts today! Be one of the first to take a peek. You can find the floor plan on the dealer info page. While you're poking around, check out the other goodies we have there for you.
Once you've downloaded a copy of your floor plan, take my arm & we'll take a virtual "walk-through" of the show together...not too fast, I'm wearing my boots!
Here we go...are you ready?
The one and only public entrance to the show is closest to the Palo Verde Ballroom. The last time we were in Mesa, the entrance was at the lobby by the Main Hall. I'm hoping you'll like this a lot better.
Let's visit the Palo Verde Ballroom first. You may notice that it's bigger than it was the last time we were here. That's because we only used two-thirds of it. Remember, we used the other third for our auction preview? The auction & the preview have moved across the way to the ballroom at the Phoenix Marriott Mesa, so we don't have to share the space anymore.
As you can see, the entire perimeter of the PVB, with the exception of a few doorways, will be booths, and tables will fill the center of the room.
The public will have three doors to choose from when entering the Palo Verde Ballroom, and no matter which door they pick, they will have a beautiful view of the room. Poke your head in and take a look. Nice, huh?
Where to next? Well let's follow the signs & see where they lead us. Oh, it's the Gallery! The Gallery is the only walkway between the rooms. As you can see, there are 23 tables lined up against the two walls. I think the table dealers & the public will really like the natural light in here. It has a warm, comfy atmosphere.
Let's keep walking. Hey, there's another sign. We're heading into the Mesa room. Isn't it beautiful? The room is well lit from all of the track lighting from the booths along the 3-wall perimeter. Oh, there's a bank of tables in here, too. Looks great!
What is that yummy smell? Coffee! Let's go to the concession stand! My treat today!
Wow! We're in the Main Hall! I like that! It feels like the Mesa Room & the Main Hall are one big room. The Main Hall looks a lot like it used to. Booths line the two big walls, with banks of tables & booths in between. It's a showstopper!
I hope you've enjoyed taking this virtual tour with me. My goal in laying out the show this way & moving the "flow" of traffic through a little differently is so everyone will feel included.
Truly, there is no "bad" spot in the show. I hope you're as excited as I am, and that you're having troubles deciding which room you'd like to be in. If you are, then I've done my job!
For those who did not receive a contract, please know that you have not been forgotten, you are still part of our High Noon family, and you are on the waiting list. I'll contact you as soon as space becomes available.
If you've been with High Noon for many years, including our years in Phoenix, and did not receive a contract, or if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me. #310-202-9010 or Theresa@highnoon.com
We'll see you down the trail,

Upcoming Events
September 10-20, 2009  
25th Annual Jackson Hole Fall Arts Festival   Jackson Hole, WY
September 11-12, 2009
   Quest for the West Art Show & Auction   Eiteljorg Museum
September 17-20, 2009   Will James Society Gathering   Hardin, MT
September 18-20, 2009   Rocky Mountain Horse Expo   Ignacio, CO
September 18-20, 2009   Montrose Antique, Gun and Western Show   Montrose, CO
September 18-20, 2009  
The FINAL Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Roundup   Branson, MO
September 19, 2009  
Views & Visions: Prints of the American West 1820-1970   Amon Carter Museum, Fort Worth, TX
September 19, 2009  
Boots 'N Bling Annual Benefit   Fort Worth, TX
September 22-26, 2009
  Cody High Style: Designing The West   Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, WY
September 25-26, 2009   21st Annual Kansas Championship Ranch Rodeo   Medicine Lodge, KS
September 26, 2009  
Traditional Cowboy Arts Association (TCAA) Exhibit and Sale   National Cowboy Museum, Oklahoma City, OK
September 26, 2009  
Buffalo Bill Historical Center Patrons Ball   Cody, WY
October 1-4, 2009  
Durango Cowboy Poetry Gathering   Historic Strater Hotel in downtown Durango, CO
October 9-11, 2009  
The Lone Pine Film Festival 20 Year Retrospective   Lone Pine, CA
October 10-11, 2009  
The Golden California Antiques Show   Glendale, CA
October 10, 2009 - January 10, 2010  
Trappings of the American West   Museum of Northern Arizona, Flagstaff, AZ
October 12-14, 2009  
Arizona Festival or Horses   West World, Scottsdale, AZ
October 12-15, 2009  
The Cowpoke Fall Gathering 15th Annual Cowboy Poetry & Music   Loomis, CA
October 2-25, 2009
   5th Annual Heart of the West Art Exhibition and Sale   National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame
October 16-17, 2009   44th Annual Cowboy Artists of America Exhibition & Sale   Phoenix Art Museum
October 16-18, 2009  
5th Annual Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-off 2009   Badu Park, TX
November - December, 2009  
Gary Fillmore, Cormany Collection, Marjorie Reed   Woolaroc Museum, Bartlesville, OK
November 3-8, 2009
   15th Annual Cowboy Poetry Gathering & Buckaroo Fair   Heber City, UT
December 3-12, 2009   2009 Cowboy Christmas Gift Show   Las Vegas, NV
December 5-7, 2009  
20th Annual Cowboy Christmas Poetry Gathering   Wickenburg, AZ
December 11, 12 & 13, 2009
   11th Annual Monterey Cowboy Poetry & Music Festival and Christmas Art & Gear Show   Monterey Conference Center, Monterey, CA
January 30-31, 2010   20th Annual High Noon Show & Auction   Mesa, AZ
February 25-28th, 2010   10th Annual Saddle Up! (Western Musicians & Cowboy Poetry)   Pigeon Forge, TN
Continuous   Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Museum Authentic Western Cowboy Music   Branson, MO

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