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April, 2009 - Vol 1, Issue 3
In This Issue
Feature Story: Your Favorite Dealer....written by James Nottage
Featured Photo: Pictorial view of Western Americana....featuring Myron Beck
Collector News: Caring for Your Treasures
The Feed Bag: Pink Adobe Apple Pie
Auction Tips #2
Did You Know?: Sage Tips, Tidbits, Trivia and Terminology
In The News: Tyler Crow...We Knew Him When...
Dealer Spotlight: A closer look at Roger and Carolyn Baker (Antiques of the West)
Who's Who at High Noon: A little insight into who makes High Noon happen
Upcoming Events: Don't miss these upcoming Western and Native American events
Feature Story
James Nottage
Your Favorite Dealer

by James H. Nottage

I ran into a dealer friend a while back. He told me about a client he had worked with for years, helping the collector to acquire rare and expensive Western art. It seems the client has no heirs, and that when he died he wanted to just give his collection back to the dealer to sell for his own benefit. Can you imagine such a close relationship between a dealer and a collector? As a further reflection of their friendship, the dealer actually helped the collector to identify a museum that would be pleased to receive the collection.

If you are new to collecting, it can be difficult to know who to trust. You see dealers at shows, you see their ads in magazines, and you hear talk about them within the collecting fraternity. Which dealers are honest and how do you know who might be most helpful to you in developing your collection? Here are a few suggestions that you might keep in mind.

Featured Photo by Myron Beck
Myron Beck Photo
Through his photos, award winning photographer Myron Beck (Los Angeles, CA) inspires us to dream and embrace the beauty that surrounds us in the people we see, the environments in which we thrive and the diverse cultures that enrich our lives.  www.myronbeck.com
Collector News
Caring for Your Treasures

Excerpt from an article by Beverly Perkins that appeared in the Spring, 2009 issue of Points West (a publication by the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, WY)

Conserving collections in a museum includes three basic activities: analysis, treatment, and preservation. Caring for your treasures at home involves the same activities: knowing your collection and its state of health, hiring a conservator if necessary, and creating a safe environment for your paintings, the crazy quilt, the family Bible, and great grandfather's Civil War letters.

Learn more about conserving your treasures on the The American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC) website.

In the March issue of Smoke Signals, The amount of sugar in The Feed Bag Recipe for Cowtown Coleslaw was omitted. It should have read 1/4 cup of sugar.

High Noon Music Box
Ranch & Reata Radio
Recommended Reading
Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susanas
by Jerry England

To learn more about Jerry's book and one in the works, visit www.cowboyup.com

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The Feed Bag
High Noon logo

Pink Adobe Apple Pie
This is a famous dessert served at the Pink Adobe restaurant in Santa Fe. The Pink Adobe is the oldest restaurant in Santa Fe, it opened over 60 years ago. The pie is a delicious blend of apples, spices, nuts and raisins. It's a Santa Fe favorite - don't overlook the sauce.

Submitted by Bill Manns

Pastry for double-crust pie (9 inch double crust)
2 cups all-purpose flour
3/4 cup shortening (the Pink uses lard)
1 teaspoon salt
6-7 tablespoons water

Pie filling
5-7 cooking apples (peeled, cored, and sliced)
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup raisins
1 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1/2 cup pecans or walnuts (chopped)
1/4 cup butter (melted)
1/4 cup water
2 tablespoons milk

1/2 cup butter
1 tablespoon water
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon brandy or rum

Preheat oven to 400 (you'll reduce to 350F.).
Mix flour, shortening, and salt together, until dough resembles course meal.
Add water a little at a time until dough sticks together.
Divide dough in half and roll out and line the bottom of a nine inch pie plate.
Fill with apples and sprinkle with cinnamon, lemon juice, and nutmeg.
Spread 1/2 cup sugar and raisins over apples.
Mix brown sugar with flour and spread over whole mixture.
Sprinkle with nuts and dot with melted butter.
Sprinkle with 1/4 cup water.
Roll out remaining dough and seal edges and flute.
Brush with milk.
Bake at 400 F. for 10 minutes, then reduce to 350 F. and bake for 30 more minutes.
May cover edges with foil if they brown too quickly.

While pie is baking prepare sauce: In a sauce pan melt butter and mix with water.
Remove from heat and mix in sugar and brandy, may add more water if too thick.
Serve sauce over pie.

Help us "Put on the Feed Bag!" Appetize us with your favorite cowboy cuisine. Send us a recipe or culinary creation - keeping the traditions of the American West alive is about the great food too! From ribs to rhubarb, campfire food to a great bowl of chili - we Wild West epicureans want to know.
Submissions welcome at SmokeSignals@highnoon.com.

Auction Tips

Tip #2
Set a limit in your mind for each item of the Auction before the bid calling begins. It is best if you can set the price before the auction begins because once it starts you can't trust you emotions. You can keep these in your notes. Once you set your price list stick to it. If your item goes higher than your price list then let it go, remember there will be other items.

Did You Know?
  1. Turquoise, found in arid regions, is a semi-precious stone used in Indian jewelry with colors ranging from blue to green yellow.
  2. Sometimes cowboys referred to beans as "Deceitful Beans" because they talked behind your back.
  3. Linocut is a relief print taken from a block of linoleum on which a design has been carved
In The News

The BuckarettesTaking The World By Storm With "Cowgirl Serenade"
The Buckarettes release their third and most powerful CD yet!

Soulful, rich harmonies, romantic ballads, and kick-up-your-heels Western swing, the amazing Buckarettes are music to High Noon's ears... It's the collaboration of Katie Gill, Debra Jean Parker, Susan Clark, Amy Blackburn and Gary Roller that bring people to their feet in applause, captivated by their music and vocals. These fabulous gals and token guy Gary who tolerates these kick-a... women rock the High Noon Show and Auction each year and we couldn't imagine an event without them.

We are so proud to announce that they have just released their third and most powerful CD to date. Cowgirl Serenade is filled with reminiscent and "lust in the dust" songs which so strongly illuminates their depth and passion for Western ballads. If you liked them before you're going to love them now!
Dealer Spotlight

Roger and Carolyn Baker
Antiques of the West

High Noon Dealers and Newlyweds!

First, from all of us at High Noon, we want to wish Roger and Carolyn the warmest of congratulations on their wedding! Roger and Carolyn were married in December after nine years of developing a friendship that would last a lifetime.

Roger has been part of our High Noon family since the first show. He admits to being "addicted" to just about everything that represents the history of the Wild West but he tries to limit his selection to the best of the best - sterling silver match safes to cigar cutters with fine spurs in the mix as well.

And Carolyn? Always a lover of history, hanging out with Roger for the past nine years has put the antique bug in her as well. Carolyn's passion lies in music however. She both writes music and plays piano with several recordings in her repertoire.

As for Roger, his reel love is " chasing big fish with small bugs" aka - fly fishing. Whenever you see him at a show he is either coming back from or planning his next fishing expedition, always with a big smile on his face!

Together? They love spoiling their two dogs, Spikey and Hobo.

Congratulations again Roger and Carolyn!

Roger and Carolyn Baker
Antiques of the West
P.O. Box 716, Chicago, Park, CA 95712
(530) 272-3505

Who's Who at High Noon
Each month, Smoke Signals will give a little insight into who makes High Noon happen. This month meet Theresa Verrier - Event Coordinator for High Noon. A look into Theresa reveals she lives her life and embraces everyone in it as the grandest of special events.

Theresa VerrierTheresa Verrier
High Noon Event Coordinator Mom/Grandmother/Wife/Friend Keeper of the Perennial Christmas Tree

Under that ubiquitous, large & beautiful hat lives Theresa Verrier, a small town cowgirl who now resides in Los Angeles.  For all of you who have questions about the show, the patient voice on the High Noon end answers them all with her country charm and big smile.

At each High Noon show, you can find her zipping around in her little mobile, making sure each detail is perfect and every dealer happy.  She takes a break, though to kick up her heels when the Buckarettes begin to play.  Her husband, Danny, smiles whenever he leads her to the dance floor.

Many things make her smile besides High Noon.  Walk into her home on any day of the year to see a majestic, fully decorated Christmas tree each ornament handpicked and perfectly placed -colorful, whimsical - the perfect reflection of who she is. And yes, this masterpiece stays up Grandaughter Ariyear-round. When asked if she dusts each of these ornaments throughout the year?  She looks at you with that cunning look that only Theresa has and says "What, are you crazy darlin'?"

She also has an eight-year-old reason to smile:  Arianna, her precocious and precious granddaughter who lives in Denver.  Two weeks ago Ari (or the "Muffin" as she is fondly nicknamed) participated in the Colorado Ballet's presentation of "A Midnight's Summer's Dream" as a flowergirl.  Grandma Theresa flew to the performance, sitting in the 3rd row with her daughter, mother and sister.  What a beautiful sight that must have been!

And what keeps Theresa busy when she's not High Noon'ing?  Over the past year Theresa has begun to realize and implement perhaps her true calling. She has been training intensively to be an EFT Practitioner. EFT standing for Emotional Freedom Techniques - an extremely powerful method for helping individuals reduce stress in their lives, eliminate fears and get to the root of their happiness. Theresa is adamant about the right for everyone to be emotionally happy and physically healthy. She looks to the day when she gains her certification, to work with Veterans particularly, who have experienced extreme trauma.

Passion, vigor, tenacity and advocate for good life - that's our Theresa Verrier.

Theresa would love to share EFT with all of you. For more information on how she can work with you, email her at lilgreekcowgirl@yahoo.com.

Upcoming Events
Ongoing   Choices & Change- American Indian Artists in Southwest   Heard Museum North
March 27-May 3, 2009  
The Best Western Women Artists all in One Place at One Time   Desert Caballeros Western Museum
April 19, 2009   Indian Pow Wow Dances Workshop    Arizona State University, Tempe AZ
April 22-26, 2009   Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival   Melody Ranch in Santa Clarita
April 23-25, 2009   Gathering of Nations Pow Wow   Albuquerque, NM
Ongoing   Choices & Change- American Indian Artists in Southwest   Heard Museum North
May 12, 2009   NBSSCA Annual Meeting   Loveland, CO
May 16 & 17, 2009
   The Colorado Gun Collectors Show   Denver, CO @ Denver Merchandise Mart
May 23, 2009 - May 25, 2009   35th Annual Phippen Museum Western Art Show and Sale   Prescott, AZ
June 12-13, 2009   Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition and Sale   National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, OK
June 26-28, 2009   Cody Old West Show & Auction   Denver, CO
July 16- July 19, 2009   California Rodeo Salinas   Salinas Sports Complex
August 7-9, 2009   The Great Southwestern Antique Show   State Fairgrounds, Albuquerque, NM
August 8, 2009
   Buckarettes   Alburquerque, NM Expo State Fairgrounds
August 15-17, 2009   Whitehawk's Ethnographic Art Show   Santa Fe, NM
August 18-19, 2009
   Whitehawk's Antique Indian Art Show   Santa Fe, NM
September 10-12, 2009   Western Design Conference   Jackson Hole Wyoming (the Pavillion at Snow King Center)
October 2-25, 2009   5th Annual Heart of the West Art Exhibition and Sale   National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame

Send event submissions to SmokeSignals@highnoon.com

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